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To satisfy the thirst for knowledge about the conditions and process of aging and what it means to someone who is considered an elderly, I interviewed a man who was approaching his seventy-fifth birthday in August.  To maintain privacy and respect fo...

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Most of us take listening to music for granted. We have access practically whenever we want, through our computers, radios and phones, music is only a touch away.

But for elderly people, particularly those faced with dementia, music is but a luxury ra...

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The specific type of dementia therapy, known as goal oriented therapy, has over the past few months been looked into by researchers located in England.

This week, the results of their work were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Co...

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A new book that aims to give an in-depth look and insight into the home care sector has revealed a workforce that often feels underappreciated and undervalued.

The book, which is largely based on interviews with home care staff workers, was put togeth...

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There are many proposed ways of how best to reduce the risk and delay the onset of dementia, but many of these techniques are often under researched to give conclusive results.

Last month, however, in a landmark study, researchers from the Committee o...

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When we refer to dementia, it commonly refers to one of three types; Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia or frontotemporal dementia.

The issue with these three types of dementia is that some symptoms are shared, while others are not. As a result, d...

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If you were to enter a care home, respite centre or the like, you often wouldn’t be too surprised to find the vast majority of staff being female.

Many men tend not pursue careers in the industry, which is often attributed to a number of social and ec...

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They say word puzzles help keep the brain active in our later years, but researchers at the University College London and Kings College London have found compelling evidence that our daily crossword may have more benefits than previously thought.


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Many Australians, including the elderly, identify as LGTBI; people who are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex.

While it is often believed only a very small number of elderly people are LGBTI, The Department of Health reports th...

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Tasmania will soon be home to what is known as a dementia village; a specially designed village exclusively for people living with dementia.

The $25 million project will be built upon an old derelict site located at Glenorchy in Hobart’s North. The vi...

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