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Aged Care provides quality at-home
services to seniors and the elderly

Convalescent Care

Ensure your recovery is stress-free and complete with Home Caring’s convalescent care packages.

Convalescent care assists a patient following any serious illness or injury. It’s important that while convalescing a patient has access to appropriate 24 hour care support services, effective pain and medication management, and regains their strength with nutritional foods and regular, monitored eating plans.

Home Caring offer convalescent care options to assist speedy recovery and get you back to your fighting weight. Our team of qualified health professionals include nurses trained to provide medication management, wound care, and other clinical services, as well as a range of other trained personnel who can assist with home and health management while you concentrate on your recovery.

Convalescent care

Our Services

We specialise in personal care personnel and plans with might include things like assistance with personal grooming and hygiene. Our team of aged care and dementia care is trained to provide sensitive and discrete assistance with:

  • Showering/bathing
  • Dressing
  • Assistance in the bathroom
  • Assistance with mobility machines and equipment

Convalescent care is all about making a fast, but more importantly a full, recovery. Home Caring not only assist with your rehabilitation as a patient but we can take the stress out of home management and general duties which can build up during recovery time. We can help make the transition back into your life and lifestyle a little bit easier.

Home Caring offer flexible home care services to match rehabilitation respite care programs and overnight respite plans. We can assist with:

  • Housekeeping
    • Cleaning
    • Laundry
    • Gardening
  • House duties and chores
    • Home Maintenance
    • Meal preparations and grocery shopping