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Aged Care provides quality at-home
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Hospice Care

Hospice care assists end of life patients who are not expected to survive their illness. Quality of life and dignity are essential elements to hospice care.

With Home Caring you can select an in-home Care Plan tailored to an individual’s needs and rely on the specially trained team of carers and nurses for aged care support and dementia care who understand this special circumstance.

Hospice Care

24 Hour Care Plan with Home Caring means comprehensive approach to patient care within familiar surroundings and may include things like accurate and monitored pain management, improving the comfort of the patient, and caring for end-of-life.

Our carers and nurses are specially trained to ensure they provide a professional, sensitive, and understanding approach to this very difficult period for everyone involved. This involves additional palliative care training at leading organisations, mouth care, pressure management and manual handling to ensure receipt receives as much comfort as possible.

carers and nurses

Supporting a primary care-giver in this way can give the family and friends of a hospice patient important and irreplaceable time together, providing less stress during the final stages of life. We also specialised in palliative care, respite care and overnight care services across Sydney.