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Not everyone who requires care necessarily needs to move to a care home. For some people with less profound needs, assisted living is the best option. Here at Home Caring, we provide you with supported living accommodation, allowing you or your loved one the independence and space that they need to live a fulfilling and dignified life.

What Is Assisted Living?

Adult assisted living is where people who require care live in serviced communities, often groups of apartments designated “serviced apartments” or “assisted living units.” The idea here is to provide residents with private space – just as with a regular dwelling, but ensure that support is nearby, should they need it. Assisted living units provide a level of care that is above that offered for older people who live in “self-care units” but below that of a nursing home. Many people choose to go into assisted living for safety reasons. If there is an emergency, care professionals and medical staff can be on the scene within minutes instead of having to travel across town.

Importantly, assisted living is different from living in a nursing home. Each person or couple in assisted living accommodation has a self-contained living area which includes all the facilities that they need for their daily lives. They do not share any of their household amenities with other residents of the assisted living community. While there are shared outdoor spaces and public buildings, daily organised activities, and plenty of opportunities for social interaction, assisted living accommodation does not arrange people into wards, like a nursing home. It is very much like living in a regular community, just with a little extra support!

What Are The Benefits Of Home Caring Affordable Assisted Living? 

Assisted living in Australia offers all kinds of benefits and support to residents. Here’s what you get with our assisted living care:

  • Meals Delivered Daily. At Home Caring, we provide daily meal delivery for all our residents living in the community. We prepare the meals fresh on-site in our kitchens and then take to residents’ addresses. Residents are also free to eat their meals with others in our dining rooms.
  • Cleaning Services. People who require assisted living services often cannot do household chores, such as cleaning. Home Caring offers a complete cleaning service for all residents, helping to reduce the burden of independent living and make life more enjoyable.
  • Transportation. While senior assisted living offers all kinds of on-site activities, you sometimes need to get out of the care environment. At Home Caring, we provide a full range of transportation services, allowing residents to make trips into town, get their hair cut, do their banking or go on a fun adventure.
  • Round-the-Clock Security. When residents move into assisted living, they want to know that they are going to be safe. Home Caring, therefore, offers round-the-clock security and an emergency support call system, allowing residents to signal their need for assistance, should they get into trouble.
  • Specialist Support For People Living With Disabilities. Our assisted living for disabled residents offers a range of enhanced services, designed to improve mobility.
  • Medication Management. Managing medications can be a challenge, especially if the regime is complex and timings are important. Here at Home Caring, we provide all our residents with the option of getting assistance with taking their medications.
  • Social And Recreational Activities. Living in assisted living isn’t just about receiving excellent care and support: it should also be about living life to the full. At Home Care, we believe that social and recreational activities are a vital component of successful senior assisted living. That’s why we arrange a host of activities for residents and provide plenty of amenities to allow them to live their lives to the full. We don’t believe in keeping people indoors watching TV if their health allows them to continue enjoying the best parts of life.
  • Personal Care Assistance. Elderly assisted living still offers a high level of support. Just as in a nursing home, residents get help with things like dressing and going to the bathroom. Professional care staff from Home Caring provide tailored assistance, depending on the level of need.

What constitutes an assisted living unit is regulated by the government and state legislation. The government does not subsidise assisted living costs. However, you may still be able to access some independent assisted living under a subsidy arrangement, even if you live in a serviced apartment.

Would Residential Assisted Living Suit You? 

At Home Caring, we think of assisted living as offering an intermediate level of care between the full support that you would receive in a nursing home and the intermittent assistance of regular domiciliary care. Just like with a nursing home, you get around-the-clock medical support and emergency assistance (as well as all the other benefits we discussed above), but you also enjoy your own private living accommodation. It is ideal, therefore, for people who still have some independence but want the security which comes with being a part of a caring community.

So who might benefit from senior care assisted living?

Assisted Living For Couples

With Home Caring, you don’t have to move into assisted living alone: you can do it together as a couple with either your spouse or partner. Each unit comes with all the facilities that you enjoy at your current address, but you get around-the-clock support from helpful, trained professionals. Often, couples that live in assisted living accommodation find that they have more time to enjoy together and a better social life. It is much easier to meet and form relationships with new people when you’re a part of a large community.

Assisted Living For Disabled Adults

If you live with a disability, even simple matters, such as transportation, can become a burden.

Assisted living for disabled adults gives those with disabilities the opportunity to get a better quality of life. Home Caring provides on-site transportation services, personal care, and assistance in moving around the site complex.

If you are an adult living with a disability right now, you might find it challenging to get around. It is both costly and inconvenient to have to arrange transport every time you wish to leave the house. In a Home Caring assisted living community, you get access to suitable transport whenever you need it.

Assisted Living For Mentally Disabled Adults

For those living with mental disabilities, assisted living is ideal. It caters for people living with dementia, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s or learning disabilities and means that they can get all of the support that they need from trained and qualified care staff.

At Home Caring, we take a holistic approach to caring for people in assisted living who have mental disabilities. Not only do we focus on safety and medical treatment, but we also work to provide the affected person with an exciting and stimulating environment. Our care workers ensure that all people coming into our, whether they have mental disabilities or not, can live out their lives to the full, in whatever way is best for them. Assisted living options for seniors should be just as good as ordinary living, if not better.

Dementia Assisted Living

People living with dementia often have complex needs. Many people with this progressive condition can do some things for themselves but can’t live wholly independently.

Home Caring provides carers trained in managing residents with dementia and providing them with a level of care suitable for the condition. We provide personal care, food prep, and help with getting around. We also encourage residents living with dementia to engage with the rest of the community, take part in social events, and try new activities.

Mental Health Assisted Living

Assisted living is an ideal setup for people living with mental health issues. In mental health assisted living, residents have the counselling and community support that they need to manage their conditions. They also have trained staff on-call, should they find themselves in a crisis and in need of help.

At Home Caring, we prioritise the mental health of all residents. Our staff work towards ensuring that all residents with mental health issues have their needs met and can go on to live full and happy lives.

When To Choose Assisted Living

Sometimes it can be challenging to know whether you should choose assisted living services or not. Here are some questions that you might like to consider:

  • Do you currently find it challenging to maintain your home, and do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry?
  • Are family members currently struggling to provide you with the care and assistance that you need?
  • Would you feel more comfortable knowing that emergency medical assistance was available, whenever you need it?
  • Do you feel lonely and isolated at home and feel you would benefit from being a part of a larger community?
  • Do you find getting around difficult and would benefit from transportation services?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then assisted living might be the best option for you. Assisted living provided by Home Caring allows you to retain your independence while getting the support services that you need. For many people, it also leads to a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. Not only do you get help with day to day chores, but you become a part of a vibrant and friendly community of people, all with unique interests and personalities. At Home Caring, we believe that assisted living is a step forward for many residents and leads to a much higher quality of life.

Choose Home Caring For Assisted Living Today

Here at Home Caring, we firmly believe that assisted living is an excellent way for older adults to live their lives. We provide all the support that the people in our community need, from food delivery to personal care.

Assisted living through us provides residents with independent living that is very different from being in a nursing home. If you use one of our units, you get the best of both worlds: a private space as well as a community of friendly, like-minded people.

We believe that assisted living is a step up, not a step backwards. If you or your loved one moves to supported living accommodation, you can deal with loneliness, get household chores done, and have transport ready to use on-site.

If you would like to find out more about assisted living, get in touch with the friendly Home Caring team today to find out more.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.