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When changing careers brings its own rewards

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There are many reasons why people switch careers late in life: travel, new challenges, the desire to start something new. For Minh Pham, it was a chance encounter with a stranger in Brisbane’s Market Place six years ago that inspired a change. Minh, who was working in logistics and construction at the time, met an elderly gentleman who had no family, spoke very little English and struggled with mental health issues. “His landlord was charging him $150 to live outside under his house,” says Minh. “It showed me how people could be taken advantage of because of their age, situation…

How to have a dementia friendly gathering

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How to have a dementia-friendly family gathering Family gatherings can be lots of fun, especially in the warmer months as we creep closer to Christmas and the smell of backyard barbeques fill the air. For people living with dementia, though, being in a large group of people can be difficult –  and it can be hard for loved ones to know how to help them feel comfortable. Here are 6 tips from us at Home Caring to help you throw a dementia-friendly family gathering. Be mindful of the person’s routine Changing routine can be stressful for a person living with…

We need more workers in the caring industry

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We need more workers in the caring industry Australia is facing a worrying shortage of workers in the care industry. As our population ages at an unprecedented rate, we will need to triple our aged care workforce over the next 30 years to meet growing health demands. To give you a quick snapshot of what this looks like, a PwC report estimated that an extra 85,000 nurses and 180,000 aged-care workers will be needed over the next seven years. Additionally, the NDIS will require 90,000 extra full-time workers across Australia by 2023 – almost double the current disability workforce. No…

Meet Luu: a case manager with heart

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Whether he’s spending time with client, enjoying a spot of fishing with friends or hanging out with his family, Luu is always up for a good chat. This is why he loves his job so much. As a case manager and registered nurse for Australian home care agency Home Caring, Luu has time to get to know the people he’s helping. We asked him a few questions to find out what this looks like on a daily basis. What led you to pursue a career in the caring industry? I’ve always liked to help people. When I see a change…

In Home Support Services – What funding is available?

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Do you need in-home support services? This could be specifically for you and your needs or that of a loved one. When considering this option one of the first factors that you will need to think about is funding. If you can’t afford to fund your home support out of your own pocket, you will also need to think specifically about government funding. There are options available to you here that you should be aware of.  Why Do You Need In-Home Support? As individuals become older, they tend to lose their independence. This could be due to either a cognitive…

Applying for Home Care Packages? What to expect in the ACAT assessment

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At Home Caring, we are an approved provider of in home care, dementia care, disability care, and respite care services on Home Care Packages.. As such, we regularly work with those who need financial assistance in ensuring their loved ones get the standard of care that they deserve.  Your Aged Care Assessment Team (or ACAT) will carry out a full assessment to help you see what kind of financial assistance could be available to you. However, there are many who aren’t certain of what to expect from their assessment, so we’re going to boil down what’s involved.  Here, we’re going…

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