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How Creative Writing Could Help Those with Dementia

There are many ways to help engage those with dementia to help combat its harmful effects, but one care home in Blantyre, Scotland, is trying something different: Creative writing. Initial Ideas Retired nurse Jeanette Laird-Measures initially proposed the idea of allowing residents to express themselves creatively through writing back in

Delay The Onset Of Dementia

Bilingualism Could Help Delay the Onset of Dementia

New research from Edinburgh University has provided more evidence to suggest that learning an additional language could help delay the onset of dementia. Five hours a day Thomas Bak, a neuroscientist at the university, found that even attempting to learn a second language for as little as five hours a

Your Home To Fund Home Care

Downsizing Your Home to Fund Home Care

Ensuring you have enough money to pay for your care is often a worry many people face, whether they are looking into home care or moving into an aged care home. But one way that is becoming increasingly common for people to help raise the cash is through downsizing; selling

Dementia Therapy Home Care

Enhancing The Senses – Dementia Therapy

Dementia therapy often relies on stimulating the brain and the bodies senses to help lessen the negative impact can have on the brain and therefore skills such as memory and speech. Countries around the world are always developing new ways to combat the condition. While the creation of many new

Needing Care In Rural Areas

The Trouble for Those Needing Care in Rural Areas

Thousands of elderly Australians use some form of respite care every year, but these services can sometimes be more difficult to access for those living in rural areas compared to those living in more urban environments. In 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 40% of Australian in the

Combat Isolation For Those With Dementia

Care Home ‘Cocktail Parties’ help Combat Isolation For Those With Dementia

Becoming isolated from others is a worry that many who suffer from dementia fear. Loneliness can creep in, providing fewer opportunities to socialise which can end up leaving those with the condition depressed. It can be even worse for those with living in care homes or who require frequent visits

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