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Home Caring Surfers Paradise provides professional home care services to people living in Surfers Paradise and suburbs across the Gold Coast. We specialise in providing personalised care for families and members of the community for all their home care services needs.

The professional team in our care sector is ready and prepared to accommodate all your care needs to help you get your independence back. We work closely with you, developing packages to suit your circumstances.

Palliative Care in Surfers Paradise

At Home Caring, we offer palliative care services for people approaching the last days of their life. Palliative care is crafted to provide all services a person needs if they have received a terminal illness.

The care encompasses all aspects of life, from pain relief and medication support to spiritual support and comfort support. With us by their side, the families of the person receiving care can focus on enjoying their time and creating fun-filled memories with them instead of providing care.

Dementia Care in Surfers Paradise

Dementia can make it incredibly tough for people to achieve independence. Most of the time, it affects people over 65 years of age but younger people can also experience it.

Our aged care service at Home Caring have trained dementia carers who are experts at helping people achieve independence and a good life with dementia, no matter how severe their condition is.

We are committed to providing an optimal care experience, including preparing meals, ensuring the house is clean, offering conversational and emotional support, and providing medication management so you don’t need to worry about missed medication.

Disability Care in Surfers Paradise

Taking care of somebody experiencing a disability can be a major challenge for both you and your entire family. There are unique issues that require the need of specialists carers with specific sets of skills. Which is where the team at Home Caring comes in.

We can provide everything you and your loved one require to maintain their independence and achieve a better life. We can also discuss NDIS funding with you and and help you select the correct living option for you. No matter the challenge, our mission is to provide the best family care we can.

Bespoke Aged Care Options 

Finding the right senior care programs in Surfers Paradise can be difficult. However, our care packages are specifically designed around the needs of the individual customer. We are committed to providing the respite care you need to help you care for your loved one in all aspects of their lives.

This includes preparing meals, helping with personal care such as grooming, companionship, dressing assistance, overnight care, transport and mobility assistance. We can also provide transitional care for patients after they’ve experienced some time hospital.

Access Government-Funded Services

We understand that disability care in Australia is expensive, and the average cost can often be too much to bear. We can help you with your financial planning and help you discover whether you can receive NDIS support. We also help you throughout all stages of your application.

Why use Home Caring?

Our fantastic care team here at Home Caring is committed to delivering a high quality of care to all our customers in Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. We’re an approved NDIS and aged care provider with 250 trained support staff, armed with the skills and passion required to provide an excellent service and positive experience for you and your loved ones.

So if you’re looking for a care support service that can take care of you and your in-home needs, please get in touch with our team today to discover all the care types we look after. We want to help you and your loved ones in their current position, live life and create meaningful memories with one another.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.