Guyanese Support Workers

At Home Caring, we provide quality at-home care services for those who are disabled or elderly across Australia. But our exceptional care, compassion and dedication isn’t the only reason why so many opt for our services. We also have a team of experienced multilingual support workers.

With an ability to connect and communicate efficiently with Guyanese clients, you will receive the care that you need, whilst knowing that there is no language or cultural barriers. We want everyone to feel included and that their voice is being heard, which is why we only employ the most experienced and amiable support workers.

Each Guyanese home support worker will take the time to get to know you for you – not placing you in a ‘box’ based on your condition or abilities. A time in which they will provide you with care and social interaction, you can continue to live your life the way you want with a compassionate home support worker by your side

Guyanese Disability Support Worker

Each of our Guyanese disability support workers takes a personalised and comprehensive approach to each of our client’s needs. Whether you are in need of visiting or in-home care, our support workers will be on hand to assist you whenever you require it. As we understand the importance of both physical and mental support, we create a bespoke Home Care Plan for each of our clients when they begin using our services.

Within this plan, we will correctly address your exact requirements which will help us to provide you with the specialist disability care that you need. Working seamlessly with your demands and lifestyle choices, the plan will be flexible so that it aligns directly with you. Not taking a one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll receive exactly what you need, rather than care that isn’t suitable for you.

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Guyanese Home Care Support Worker

In-Home Disability Care

Are you looking for high-quality in-home care support? Then our Guyanese home care support workers are here to help. Caring for those with disabilities – whether it’s mental or physical, permanent or temporary, you’ll be able to remain in the comfort of your own home whilst a home support worker gives you as little or as much assistance as you require.

Each of our Guyanese support workers is there to provide you with everything you need, from lending a hand with daily tasks to accompanying you on a shopping trip. Helping you to live the fullest and best life possible, each of our warm and experienced caregivers can help you with the following:

  • Daily support within the home or externally
  • Flexible home care plans
  • 24/7 services that align with your exact requirements
  • Palliative care – for those needing assistance with medication, continence care, preparation with meals, etc.
  • NDIS funding
  • Dịch vụ dọn phòng chung
  • Assistance with domestic services

In-Home Dementia Care

Living with Dementia or Alzheimers is incredibly difficult. At Home Caring, we understand how incredibly frustrating it can be – both for the client and their family. That’s why we provide at-home Dementia Care services for people that are living with the debilitating condition.

Our team of Guyanese support workers are on hand to provide clients with 24/7 care. Helping you with everything from household tasks to assistance with medication, our fully qualified and trained team are experts in the field. Ensuring that all bases are covered, we help to lessen the burden of demands outside of the home.

Giving your family some time for themselves, these services will work seamlessly with both of your lifestyles.

Guyanese NDIS Support Worker

We’re proud to say that Home Caring is a Registered NDIS Service Provider. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is ideal for those who need support with funds whilst receiving care. Making the process as simple as possible, each of our services is designed to maximise the funds that you receive from the scheme.

As we are a registered provider, we’re able to offer services based solely on the needs of each individual – whether it’s with their health & wellbeing, with education, employment, social interaction, mobility equipment or with daily living. Helping each of our clients to achieve independence, each NDIS support worker is dedicated to giving everyone the support that they need.

To find out more about our NDIS services and whether you are eligible for the support, get in contact with one of our professional managers today.

Guyanese Personal Support Worker

At Home Caring, we have Guyanese personal support workers on hand to help – no matter what it’s with. Making all of the difference to your daily routine, our in-home personal carers take into consideration your individual health requirements. Respectful and compassionate, each personal support worker ensures that the services are carried out privately so that you maintain your dignity throughout the process.

As personal care is so subjective, we take the time to get to know you and understand what service suits your personal needs. Working around your schedule and concerns, you won’t have to worry about receiving unsuitable care.

Through our bespoke home-care packages, we’ll also make sure that your budget is considered, only offering services that align with the funding you’re receiving.

What Services Does This Include?

Home Caring provides an array of services within our personal care packages. To give you a taster, here are some examples. If you’re seeking additional services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

  • Assistance with showering and cleaning – each of our support workers is here to help you to stay safe when you’re in your cubicle. Ensuring that your dignity is preserved, we understand that it’s a very private thing that requires sensitivity.
  • Help with toileting – similarly, our personal carers are on hand to help when needed.
  • Assistance with mobility – whether it’s moving downstairs from your bedroom or around the house.
  • Assistance with personal grooming – helping you to apply makeup, shave, brush your hair, etc.
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing – helping to minimise the frustration and stress that comes with an inability to get dressed at the start of the day or undressed in the evening.

Each of our personal care services can be tailored to a variety of different durations – from live-in care to daily or weekly care, overnight care and casual care. To find out more information about our personal support services, including the specifics about the durations, check out our personal care page.

Guyanese Aged Care Support Worker

We’re proud to say that we have over 250 home care workers across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria – a large selection of which are from Guyana. Helping over 900 people, we have a variety of home care options to choose from.
We know that care homes are incredibly expensive and that they aren’t accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer aged care support services that can fit easily into every budget. Providing each of our clients with professional and thorough services, you’ll be able to live within the comfort of your own home for longer – without the worry of having to go into a care home.
Not only is our aged care services comprehensive, but many opt for them because they are able to maintain their daily routine and stay within close proximity of their family and friends. A more affordable option, it’s something to consider if you need assistance with your daily tasks.

What Services Does This Include?

Each of our Guyanese aged care support workers is passionate and motivated in the services that they provide. Fully qualified, experienced and trained, they can assist you with a variety of different aged care support services, including but not limited to:

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • Chăm sóc respite
  • Chăm sóc tại nhà
  • Chăm sóc giảm nhẹ
  • Chăm sóc qua đêm
  • Nghỉ ngơi qua đêm
  • Chăm sóc hồi sức

To find out more about our aged care services, get in contact with us today. Alternatively, take a look at our dedicated page for more information.

Guyanese Mental Health Support Worker

Are you or a loved one suffering from a mental health condition? At Home Caring, we know that you require a specific type of support to manage your condition. However, we also know that there’s no reason as to why you can’t keep living independently. This is where a mental health support worker from Home Caring comes in.

A solution that many around the world are now turning to, you will be able to stay in control throughout the process, whilst receiving the mental health care that you need. A Guyanese mental health support worker can help by offering you the practical and emotional support that you require.

We understand the stress and frustration that comes with dealing with a mental illness. That’s why a dedicated mental health support worker will help you to cope with the emotions that you are feeling, reinforcing that you aren’t alone.

Enabling you to be yourself and improve the overall quality of your life, the care assistance aligns with your tailored needs.

Similarly, we offer a wide range of social support services. Our Guyanese social support services give clients assistance with physical and mental health. Practical help and support, these invaluable services are suitable for a wide range of conditions. To discover more about our social support services, give us a call today via the number below.

Guyanese Behaviour Support Worker

Sometimes, it can be difficult to retain positive behaviour – especially when you’re suffering from a physical or mental condition. This is where a Guyanese behaviour support worker can come in. Assessing your social and physical environment, they will develop a plan to help improve your quality of life.

Giving you someone to talk things through, each meeting with you will be spent understanding what support you need. Throughout the plan, we’ll talk things through and keep you informed about how you are doing, as well as ways in which we will assist continual improvement.

Contact us Today

Do you want to find out more about our home care services? Whether it’s a support worker, disability support worker, aged care support worker or a behaviour support worker that you require, Home Caring is your first port of call every time.

Get in contact with one of our team today by either calling us on 1300 875 377 or by email on We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

Alongside Guyanese support workers, we also have other multilingual carers – from Greek to Italian and Vietnamese. For more information about this, call or email us via the number or address above.

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