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Chăm sóc cao

High care is for people who require more intensive levels of support than what standard levels of care can offer – whether due to disability, a chronic health condition or frailty in old age. This covers a wide range of supports, but can include things like help with dressing and having a shower, respiratory care, stoma care, home modifications to help you move freely in your space or behaviour management support.

Organising high level care for yourself or a loved one can feel overwhelming, but government-subsidised services are available through the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) and if you are elderly, Home Care Packages and residential care facilities. Accessing these services can enable you to be safe, supported and cared for, and enhance your ability to be independent and enjoy quality of life.

If you would like assistance accessing high care support, or aren’t sure where to start, please get in touch.

NDIS high care support

NDIS High Intensity Support is available for people who have high care needs, so they can live their lives as independently as possible.

These supports are provided by specialised support workers or clinicians with the advanced qualifications and experience required to safely provide high quality care. It can include supports such as:

  • Complex bowel care and stoma care
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (PEG) feeding
  • Tracheostomy care and ventilation
  • Daily catheter maintenance
  • Administering medication via injections
  • Diabetes management
  • Seizure monitoring
  • Wound care and pressure care
  • Mealtime management
  • Support to manage challenging behaviour
  • Assistance with personal care tasks such as showering
  • social activities and community engagement

Home Caring provides High Intensity Supports for NDIS participants.  We deliver high quality care from qualified and experienced staff, to the highest standards and with attention to every detail. We also recognise the intensely personal nature of certain high care supports. We value each of our client’s consent and choice, and treat everyone with respect.

We can also help you apply for NDIS High Intensity funding if you are just at the beginning of your care journey. For more information, please get in touch for a free consultation.

NDIS high care accommodation (SDA)

In some cases, it may be more helpful to live in a home that is purpose-built to provide high care support, especially if you require high level care or round the clock supervision.

The NDIS provides Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA): a range of housing designed for NDIS participants who have extreme function impairment or very high support needs. These homes are designed to provide high level residential care in a home environment which helps you live independently while feeling safe and secure. They include accessibility features such as:

  • Structural provision for ceiling hoists
  • Assistive technology
  • Household communication technology
  • Emergency power solutions in case of blackout
  • Wide doors to accommodate for wheelchairs
  • Extra safety features

SDA accommodation is designed to be a home, not a high care facility. Residents can personalise spaces to their taste, invite friends and family over, and receive support that connects them to the community

Home Caring provides High Physical Support SDA accommodation for NDIS participants who require Complex Care or High Intensity Supports. Our brand new SDA apartments, located throughout Sydney, offer support, community engagement and luxury-style living.

For more information on SDA High Physical support, please see our Schofield Gardens and Merrylands SDA accommodation projects.

High care for elderly people

Seniors who require high levels of care can receive support from nursing staff at a residential aged care facility. Previously known as ‘nursing home care’, this type of high level care provides complete assistance with everyday tasks such as eating, showering, toileting and transferring safely in and out of bed.

For those who do not want to go to an aged care home but require high level care, a Home Care Package may be an alternative. This enables you to receive support at home, so you can continue staying in an environment you feel comfortable with.

Home Care Packages go from levels 1 to 4, with 4 offering intensive support for people with high care needs. This includes assistance with a range of tasks, such as:

  • Personal care (e.g. showering, toileting, dressing)
  • Trợ giúp trong nước
  • Stoma care, PEG feeding and other daily care needs
  • Mobility aids and appliances
  • Chuẩn bị bữa ăn và cho ăn
  • Quản lý thuốc
  • Clinical and nursing care
  • Allied Health care (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
  • Support with conditions such as Dementia
  • social activities
  • 24-hour nursing care

Home Caring’s experienced team provides compassionate high care services, with expertise in Dementia care, palliative care and 24/7 care needed for a medical condition. Our staff are attentive and experienced, while focussing on treating each of our clients with dignity and respect. Our care approach is outcomes-focussed, which means we do our best to ensure you enjoy quality of life.

High Care Sydney

Home Caring provides NIDS high intensity support in Sydney suburbs. If you’re living with a disability and need high levels of support, such as help with mobility, transfers, epilepsy assistance, wound and pressure care, nutrition support and diabetes management, our qualified and experienced local teams are here to assist.

High Care Melbourne

Home Caring provides high level care in Melbourne, so people with disability can enjoy quality of life. Our experienced teams of healthcare professionals and support workers are available 24/7 to provide support for a wide range of health conditions, individualised to your personal needs.

High Care Brisbane

At Home Caring we specialise in providing high support in Brisbane, ensuring that people with disability can experience a high quality of life. We offer tailored support for a diverse range of health conditions, catering to your specific requirements and preferences.

High Care Perth

Home Caring provides high-level care in Perth that helps people with disability live independently in the community. Our SDA and SIL supports are designed around your needs, and uniquely tailored to help you meet your personal goals. Get in touch for a free consultation.

High Care Adelaide

Home Caring’s local teams in Adelaide support NDIS participants with high care needs, including SDA high physical support, SIL (Supported Independent Living) Medium Term Accommodation and Short Term Accommodation or respite care. For more information, please get in touch for a free consultation.

High Care Canberra

Home Caring Canberra provides high physical support that helps people with disability live independently in their own homes. Our highly experienced local teams and healthcare professionals deliver one-on-one support that makes a genuine difference to your life.

High Care Gold Coast

Home Caring provides high care support on the Gold Coast, so people with disability can lead happy, healthy lives. Our NDIS services include SIL, SDA, Medium Term Accommodation and high intensity supports that provide 24/7 assistance for daily needs.

High Care Newcastle

Home Caring Newcastle provides comprehensive support services designed to help people maintain their independence within the comfort of their own homes. Our teams of highly skilled support workers in the local area are dedicated to providing personalised one-on-one assistance that enhances your quality of life.

High Care Sunshine Coast

Home Caring provides personalised high care support on the Sunshine Coast. We are committed to making a meaningful impact and helping you thrive with one-on-one support for a wide range of medical needs. We’ll work with you and your family to create a support plan that works for you.

High Care Central Coast

Home Caring is dedicated to delivering individualised high care support services on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our primary focus is to make a positive and significant difference in your life by providing one-on-one support for high care needs.

For more information on how we can help, please get in touch.

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