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Do you have a family member that needs in home care services? Perhaps they’re falling victim to the usual troubles that old age brings, or maybe they have a condition that requires extra care and support? Either way, you need to find professional home care services that give them all the assistance they require.

However, what if your family member only speaks Italian? Or, maybe they speak a little bit of English, but they’d much prefer to have an Italian speaking support worker? Well, the team at Home Caring can help you out by providing you with Italian speaking home care support workers. They will come to your home and communicate in fluent Italian with you and your family. If you think this is a better option than having English speaking support workers, then give us a call, and we can talk things through with you.

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Why Choose An Italian Speaking Home Care Support Worker?

Even if you and your family speak English, it can be beneficial to have an Italian speaking support worker looking after you. If Italian is your first language, then you’ll know how much easier it is to communicate in it. There’s no need to constantly translate things in your head before you say them, and it prevents times where certain things might be misinterpreted. When communication is improved, it leads to a better standard of care for your loved one.

Similarly, if the person receiving treatment doesn’t speak English, then it’s usually up to you to translate between them and the carer. Naturally, this means you have to be around whenever the carer is present, which might not be possible. So, an Italian speaking personal support worker comes in very handy here. There’s no need for any translators, and your loved one can have direct contact with their carer – which improves the relationship they have!

Lastly, we find that a lot of people feel more at ease when they’re around people that share and relate to their culture. An Italian support worker can share experiences with you and talk about things that an English speaking carer won’t understand. It makes the service feel even more personal and will further improve the working relationship you have.

What Home Care Services Are Available In Italian?

We’re pleased to announce that all of our different home care services are available with an Italian speaking home care support worker. You will still receive the same top-level service that everyone else gets, but the difference is that your support workers are Italian speakers. If you want to know what services we offer, then check them out down below:

Home Care Services

Home care services take place in your home. They’re also called residential care services, and the idea is that your loved one gets help and support without needing to move out of their home. We find that lots of people are very reluctant to get support if it means moving to a care home. This can make them lose all sense of independence, and they don’t want to leave a family home full of memories and sentimental items.

With our service, you get Italian speaking home care support workers that visit your home and care for your loved one. This is totally flexible, so they might only be around for a couple of hours per day. Alternatively, your loved one might need 24/7 support. In this case, we offer Italian speaking support workers that can stay with your loved one for the entire day. No matter what degree of support is required, we’ve got a solution to help you out.

Dịch vụ chăm sóc tuổi

As people get older, normal tasks get a lot harder. Something as simple as getting out of bed can become very troublesome. With our aged care services, we provide elderly individuals with a comprehensive home care package that’s tailored to their needs. This includes giving you an Italian speaking aged care support worker to handle all the different tasks.

We can help with lots of different things, such as:

  • Shopping
  • Help getting in and out of bed
  • Personal hygiene support
  • Cooking meals
  • Taking care of pets
  • Looking after the garden
  • Cleaning the home
  • Offering emotional support

The list is almost endless. Put it this way, if your elderly relative needs help with anything, our Italian speaking home care support workers will be there to assist them.

Dementia Care & Other Medical Conditions

Home Caring offers specialist dementia care services that are available with an Italian speaking home support worker. Here, the services provided are similar to the standard aged care packages, but with an emphasis on dementia. We have care workers that can help your loved one cope with this condition. They use a variety of games and exercises to help stimulate the patient’s mind and delay the progression of dementia. There’s sadly no cure for this condition, but the symptoms can be controlled or delayed with proper care.

Furthermore, we can treat lots of other conditions as well:

  • Arthritis
  • Tự kỷ
  • Ung thư
  • Tiểu đường
  • Heart conditions
  • Bệnh Huntington
  • Bệnh Parkinson
  • Stroke
  • Mất cảm giác
  • Motor Neurone Disease

If you need support for a condition that’s not listed here, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send our team an email detailing the condition in question. There’s every chance we can still provide support for it, so it’s worth asking.

NDIS Support Services & Disability Care

As a registered NDIS support provider, we offer a plethora of excellent disability care services. You can work with an Italian speaking disability support worker who will look after you or your loved one. Regardless of the disability, we have the means to provide as much support as possible.

We offer general disability support to help you or your loved one cope with your disability. But, we can also provide accessibility services too. This means we come to your home and make it more suitable for someone with a disability – provided your disability restricts your movement. It will make your life a lot easier and ensure you can do things by yourself.

You can also get an Italian speaking disability care worker to help with rehabilitation as well. Some people are left with temporary disabilities following injuries, accidents, or surgeries. In these scenarios, we can help you get back to your best and recover fully.

Hỗ trợ sức khỏe tâm thần

Home Caring takes mental health very seriously. Therefore, we offer professional mental health services. We have lots of Italian speaking mental health support workers that will be there to support any mental health issues you might have. This applies to both the people undergoing care and their family members.

Looking after someone with a disability or any other condition can be very stressful. A lot of our clients are almost working as full-time carers for their family members. So, part of our mental health support includes respite care services. Respite care is where we take the load off your shoulders for a period. Our team of Italian speaking home care support workers will look after your loved one while you take some time to rest and recover. Likewise, if your loved ones are struggling with any mental health issues, then we offer support as part of our care packages.

Why Choose Us For Home Care Services?

At Home Caring, we pride ourselves on offering a service like no other. So, if you’re thinking about paying for professional home care services, then here are some compelling reasons to use us:

  • Italian Speaking Support Workers: Of course, one of the top reasons to choose us is that we offer multilingual support workers. If Italian is your first language, then you will benefit from having a carer that can speak fluently with you.
  • Registered NDIS Support Provider: We’re registered to the NDIS, which means our disability care services are eligible for NDIS payments. You can save money, and we help you with the entire application process. Our Italian speaking NDIS support workers can translate everything for you and guide you through the application. As a result, this gives you a better chance of your application being approved, and you can get the maximum NDIS funds.
  • Experienced & Professional Care Workers: Are you worried about the standard of care workers looking after your loved ones? You should be, and we are too. That’s why we have an intense selection process when bringing carers onto our team. Everyone gets vetted and put through a long background check before they’re hired. We want the best and most trustworthy individuals working for us and looking after our clients.
  • Care Packages Tailored To Your Needs: Unlike other care providers, we don’t offer stock packages. We know that home care services can differ depending on who needs them. So, our care packages are tailored to your requirements. Tell us about the person that needs support, and we’ll devise a plan that meets their specific needs.
  • Government Funded: Home Caring is funded by the government, which should give you peace of mind. This means there’s no worry of us going bust or running out of money to provide a top-level of care.
  • Expert Support For Multiple Conditions: As well as general home care services, we provide expert and professional support for lots of different conditions. So, if your loved one has a disease or medical condition that requires extra attention, then we’re perfectly positioned to deal with it.

Contact Us For Italian Speaking Home Care Support Workers

There are lots of reasons you might look for Italian speaking support workers. We know that some care service providers can sometimes be unreasonable when you make specific requests for carers from a certain place or that speak a specific language. However, we do our best to accommodate your requests wherever possible. This is why we offer multilingual home care support services for anyone that needs them. We will provide you with the best Italian speaking home care support workers around.

Not only will they offer excellent support for you and your loved one, but they do so while making you feel at ease. You can rest easy knowing that there’s no language barrier involved. The relationship a carer develops with their patients is crucial to the success of the support services. It’s much easier for everyone in involved when both parties get along. By speaking your language and understanding Italian culture, the chances of a successful relationship increase!

So, if you’re looking for Italian speaking support workers, then please contact us today. We will provide more information on this topic, and our team can answer any additional questions you might have.

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