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Trung Đông

Middle Eastern Support Workers

There is so much to discuss when crafting a home care service for the elderly or disabled. As an independent person, your loved ones want a plan that is always there for them without taking away their independence. Whether that means including a support worker for disabilities, behavioral support, or general home care, we believe in going the extra mile for our patients.

That’s why our services are tailored to the specific person, and that isn’t an empty promise. Here at Home Caring, we believe in making people feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we have developed our cultural support worker program.

Is your loved one from the Middle East, or do they have Middle Eastern heritage? Would they prefer an atmosphere that closely resembles that of their culture? We offer a range of options, from Middle Eastern aged care support worker plans to Middle Eastern home care services that aim to give them the features they want in their old age.

To find out more about this program, contact a member of our customer service team now. We’re dedicated and passionate about helping others, so you’ll always have access to a friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable advisor.

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If you need any advice, we are only a phone call away. Alternatively, you can make inquiries via our website and book a consultation. So, whatever your preference, get in touch now!

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What We Provide

Our standard home plans are already very comprehensive, so all we have to do is make a few tweaks. However, it’s often the little things that make the biggest differences. Check out how we cover all the bases by taking a look at the information below.

Multilingual Staff

The first port of call is our patient’s mother tongue. To offer a cultural service without being able to speak the language is pointless, which is why we are well-traveled regarding languages. From Arabic to Hebrew and Persian and Farsi, there are as many as 50 official languages of the Middle East, so we strive to master as many of them as possible.

Often, our employees have a similar cultural background to your family too. So, with us, you get a support worker who not only speaks your language but understands the area. Culturally, we believe this makes the bond between our employees and your loved ones even stronger. Also, it means there is less confusion and fewer foreign concepts as there is no communication barrier.

Arabic is one of the languages we offer, but we can provide Hindi and Urdu if that’s preferable. Call us now to speak to an advisor and learn more.


Food is an excellent example of how our Middle Eastern service aims to add comfort to our patients. As part of our home support worker solution, we provide meals if the patient is unable to cook for themselves. And, because we understand that food is a link to a person’s heritage, we are glad to try and maintain that connection for as long as possible.

At your request, we will prepare Middle Eastern dishes that your loved ones are familiar with and enjoy. For your part, you merely need to provide a list of the food your family members love and we will do the rest. Although it’s only a small gesture, there is no reason for a person with health problems to make massive changes. Plus, we know how fine details can aid in the transition process.

With our cooks, it will be completely seamless so that there is almost zero hassle or stress.

Home Environment

Not everyone who requires a personal support worker in the home is incapable of taking care of their well being. In lots of instances, family members get in touch with us because they need a professional service that will compliment their loved ones’ daily routine. In short, your parents might only need a little help during the day to help them with groceries or cleaning. Or they could want a friendly face to speak to if they are lonely.

Thanks to our multilingual staff, there is no reason to hire a support worker who only speaks English. Maybe your parents’ English is rusty, or perhaps they find it challenging to juggle languages when they are stressed or in pain. Some people prefer to speak their mother tongue so as not to forget their past. Regardless, our aged care support specialists won’t have a problem chewing the fat in any language from the region.

Before long, a member of our Home Caring team will become a cherished friend as well as an essential helper.

The Services We Offer

Home care is a massive part of what we do because we want to help those who require assistance. However, it’s not the only service that is included within our Middle Eastern program. When you choose Home Caring Lifestyle and Health, you get access to high-quality services that treat many conditions.

Lối vào cho người Khuyết tật

There are lots of things to consider when applying for disability support access at home. From the start, our coordinators gather information for your meeting with a local area coordinator. Also, we will review your plan to ensure you’re getting the most out of the deal, all while providing care until you are eligible for government-funded services.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to everyone from the sufferer to the families and their carers. We firmly believe that you should pick a provider that is NDIS-certified, and for that reason, we give you access to a management team. With their advice, you can make sure that your loved one is getting the appropriate care relative to their care plan goals.

Phục hồi

Our goal is to make the lives of our patients more enjoyable. To do that, our coordinators are experts in a broad range of care solutions that focus on rehabilitation. By dealing with physical, neurological, and psychological conditions, we make the daily routine of our patients less stressful. As usual, we tailor our approach and offerings to suit the needs of the individual and enhance their lifestyle.

How It Works

There are five steps you need to follow if you want to secure home care for an elderly parent or relative.

  • Assessment: Firstly, it’s vital to assess the needs of the person and others around them. Not only does their home care requirements impact them, but it also affects you as you have to pick up the slack. Although it’s a tough step to take, it’s probably the most important step in the entire process. The key is to look for signs that they can no longer operate as before. Usually, these are warnings that show they need help.
  • My Aged Care registration: Secondly, you should register with My Aged Care as it’s the starting point for all Government-funded services in Australia. As such, you will need them to ensure you get the relevant approval.
  • ACAT assessment: Next, a team will visit your home to perform an Aged Care Assessment. By doing this, they can quantify what level of care you require and whether you’re eligible for government funding. Once you’re accepted, you’ll go in a queue and be informed when a package becomes available.
  • Provider research: As it can take up to twelve months to hear back about a home care package, it’s vital to use the time wisely to research providers in your area. When you do this, you can be happy that your loved one has the best possible service for their needs. Customers that pick us will be informed of how much each package costs so that you can compare it against the benefits received.
  • Make a decision: Lastly, it’s time to make a decision. However, it doesn’t have to be a mad rush because you get nearly three months to decide. And, if you choose Home Caring, your package doesn’t begin for a further two weeks. We do this to allow you a grace period in which you can speak to an advisor and talk about goals and needs, as well as budget planning.

Why We Go The Extra Mile

Of course, our patients are our number one priority and the main reason we want to go the extra mile. Our mission statement is very simple: we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable care and support services to all clients. Going the extra mile allows us to hit this target consistently.

There is another reason we are dedicated to doing more: complacency. Over the years, we have seen home care providers go through the motions as each one offers the same thing to its patients. Why do they do this? For money. Although we are a business and want to make a profit, we don’t believe it should come at the expense of the people we help. By going the extra mile, it ensures we don’t value the company’s bottom line above everything else.

As a result, we can offer accessible and affordable services that are flexible.
Why Should You Choose Home Caring Lifestyle And Health Solutions?

Lots of care providers focus their answers to this question on things such as experience and qualifications, but we’re different. Of course, both are essential, which is why we have years of experience to fall back on and an NDIS certification to boast. However, these features aren’t what set us out from the rest.

To give you and your loved ones a perfect package, we learn as much about you as possible. That way, we can tweak each solution so that it is unique and covers the relevant bases. Whereas other providers hand out generic packages regardless, we ensure ours fits everything from your goals to your budget. To do this, we have a complimentary consultation that lets us gain an insight into our patients. We leave no stone unturned, discussing topics such as the patient’s condition, mobility, and medication and routine.

As well as listening and understanding our patients’ requirements, we offer one of the most affordable services on the market. To determine this, we factor in the initial price as well as what is included, such as home care features. Also, you get peace of mind knowing that an experienced coordinator is in charge. When health and well being are involved, that truly is fantastic value!

Finally, we emphasise fun and enjoyment. A person’s golden years shouldn’t be boring and monotonous. Thanks to us, there’s no need to accept anything less than exciting for your relatives.

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