High Care

High Care

Around-the-clock residential care for those who cannot live independently

High care is a special kind of care service designed for very frail people who require around-the-clock attention. Unlike regular care setups, high-level residential care offers continual support for the affected person, dealing with a range of profound health issues, including dementia, heart trouble, and multiple interacting conditions.

High care was formerly called nursing home care. It is reserved for ACAT-assessed people with the highest needs with their personal lives and includes accommodation, meal services, laundry, personal care and room cleaning. It is a type of service, therefore, for people who cannot live independently. The nursing staff at the care home manage the client’s medical needs full-time.

The Benefits Of High Care 

If you or your loved one needs around-the-clock support, then high care is the ideal solution. It is perfect for those who require full-time nursing, personal care, and mobility assistance.

Here are some of the benefits of using this type of service:

Seamless Integration With Other Healthcare Professionals

When individuals need high care, they often need care and medical attention from a wide variety of professionals with different specialists. High care aged care is a special type of residential service that brings a range of people in the medical profession together to provide care.

High care carers, for instance, liaise with doctors, nurses, and specialists, like oncologists and gerontologists, to learn more about a patient’s condition and their care needs. High care services from Home Caring, therefore, are based on extended periods of consultation that allow the individual to receive the highest quality of care possible.

Around-the-clock Nursing Care

Individuals with profound needs require around-the-clock nursing care, providing everything from medication to meal preparation to personal care. Finding this level of service in standard home care packages, however, is not always possible. Carers come and go, often leaving individuals alone in their dwellings for hours at a time.

High care provides around-the-clock cover to people in a professional setting. It is ideal for people who struggle to manage by themselves and require the assistance of a certified professional at all times. Importantly, it provides peace of mind to loved ones when domiciliary care may not.

High-Level Dementia Care

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often require continual attention, stimulation, and management. Those with more advanced forms of these conditions often can’t be left by themselves for long periods of time. It is too much of a danger to their health.

High-level dementia care, therefore, is a great service that you can use to improve the quality of life of your loved ones with advanced cognitive decline and keep them safe. At Home Caring, our fully-trained care professionals understand the difficulties of managing dementia and implement strategies that ensure a decent quality of life for the affected person. They offer their support 24-hours a day, giving you peace of mind.

Eating And Diet Assistance


Those who are frail or have conditions that affect their ability to eat often need special eating and diet assistance. High care provides ongoing support throughout the day and at mealtimes to ensure that you or your loved ones receive adequate nutrition.

At Home Caring, our carers prepare meals, provide assistance with eating and clear up afterwards. We ensure that you or your loved one receives a balanced diet, suitable for their level of activity and nutrient requirements. We always work with our clients to ensure that the food they eat is both enjoyable and nourishing.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Many of those who require high care are at risk of experiencing a medical emergency. With regular domiciliary home care services, care professionals may not be present if you or your loved one suddenly falls ill. But with high care, the situation is very different. At Home Caring’s nursing home, there is always someone present in residence should you or your loved one require rapid medical intervention. Care professionals, doctors and emergency staff can be on the scene within minutes.

Assistance With Exercise And Rehabilitation

Many people who require high care stand a good chance of making a strong recovery. To get there, though, they need assistance with exercise and rehabilitation.

With Home Caring’s high care services, that’s precisely what you get. Our highly trained staff offer regular assistance helping people regain motor function, exercise performance, and recovering from injuries.

Social Activities

When you use regular domiciliary care, it is often difficult to organise social activities outside the home. Usually, there’s too little time during visits to do all the daily care work and then meet with friends also.

This increased interaction with others, however, is a significant benefit of high care. Care professionals have more time to organise various outings, trips, and social engagements than they do if they have to rush off to the next client on their list. Those who use high care services, therefore, can enjoy a fuller, more vibrant life, with the assistance of the team here at Home Caring.

Home Caring Offers High Care Services You’ll Love

At Home Caring, we understand that people who require around-the-clock support in a nursing home have the most profound needs. For us, though, that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of enjoying a meaningful and fulfilling life: far from it.

Home caring ensures that every person who uses our high care services can enjoy a pleasant environment with plenty of things to do. Take a look at some of the things that we offer our residents:

  • Delicious Hot Meals. At Home Caring, we understand the benefits of delicious, hot food for body and mind. That’s why our care staff and caterers provide balanced, traditional meals for residents throughout the day. We understand that some individuals require soft meals. That’s why we work closely with suppliers to ensure that our entire menu, including soft foods, are delicious.
  • Mobility Options And Days Out. At Home Caring, we recognise the importance of a life full of new and varied activities. That’s why we offer organised day trips and transportation services, including facilities for wheelchair users. Residents who stay with us can look forward to enjoying plenty of fun things to do, both inside the nursing home, and outside too.
  • On-Site Hairdresser. Our on-site hairdresser avoids the need for you or your loved one to travel to the barbers.
  • Entertainment Options. Home Caring provides residents with a variety of entertainment options, including TV and the internet. The ultimate goal is to improve the resident’s sense of wellbeing and, if possible, provide complete rehabilitation.

High Care Respite Care

If you currently care for a loved one but would like a break, then respite high care services from Home Caring can help. We provide the person you care for with all the assistance and support they need in our nursing home, freeing you up to take a break from your role.

At Home Caring, we believe that it is essential for voluntary carers to take a break from their regular care duties from time to time. Our residential respite high care provides your loved one with an exceptional level of care, allowing you some time to yourself to do the things in life that you want to do.

Many voluntary carers, for instance, use our high-end care services so that they can go away on holiday for a couple of weeks and explore the world. Others use the time to explore a new hobby, go out with friends, or just rest and recover from the demands of care work.

At Home Caring, we will meet all the needs of your loved one and provide them with a safe environment in which they’ll thrive. Our dedicated staff not only liaise with trained medical professionals but also organise a range of activities designed to help your loved on enjoy a productive and fulfilling life while you take time out.

Choose Home Caring Today

Are you considering high care, either for yourself or a loved one? If so, then you’ll love what we have to offer here at Home Caring. Our specially-trained carer and support staff provide a pleasant atmosphere for all residents during their stay, no matter what their condition. With our team of professional carers and medical support, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best care possible in the area.

At Home Caring, we focus our approach to nursing home care around three pillars. Here is a summary:

  • We prioritise the physical comfort of all people in our care and work to help patients achieve freedom of movement, enhancing their independence and reducing pain.
  • We take a holistic approach, focusing both on a resident’s physical as well as their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.
  • We ensure that all residents remain connected to the community around them, have opportunities for social interactions and can enjoy regular activities.

Are you interested in finding out more about the high care services offered by Home Caring? If so, then get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about what we do.

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