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Palliative Care

Home Caring has a specialist team of carers who are trained to supplement the care provided by the hospice team to improve the quality of life for a person in the final stage of an illness.

Palliative Care

Home Caring provides personal care, emotional support, companionship and works closely with the palliative care team of multi-disciplinary health professionals including doctors and nurses. Home Caring supports the expert palliative care team who collectively aim to:

  • support & help the person with daily living
  • provide relief from pain, attend to the care requirements of the person and provide comfort.
  • provide assistance with household functions including housekeeping and meal preparation.
  • provide respite and suport to family members caring for the person.

We believe in providing the highest possible care for people during their final stages of an illness. The Home Caring team are professional and attentive care workers that provide additional support and work as part of the existing specialist team under their direction and specialist advice. Home Caring can provide the person and their family with invaluable support.

Our professional team of care givers are carefully selected and receive specialised training in end of life home care support to ensure the best possible assistance is provided to the person and their family. This type of service requires a specialised carer who has the qualifications, experience, and people skills to help people during this emotional time.

care givers

Home Caring is proud to have been chosen to work with organisations who are leaders in delivering these types of specialist services.

Contact us to discuss how we can work with your palliative care team in providing compassionate and quality of life care.