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Home Caring has been providing top-quality home care services in Australia since 2015. We’re committed to helping those in need by offering them access to a range of exceptional services built around all their needs.

It’s common to assume that providing home care is easy. Surely all you have to do is look after people for a few hours – how hard is that? In reality, the best home care is far more thoughtful than this. We take everything into account when caring for each individual, ensuring that all their requirements are met and that they retain their dignity. The way we see it, home care should be about making people feel more comfortable and confident at home. They should still have a sense of independence and not feel as though they’re all on their own. With our innovative approach, we’ve brought smiles to over 900 faces in just a few years.

Our Background

Home Caring was launched in 2015 with a vision of providing exceptional at-home care that is all about the client and their needs. While we are still a young company, we have some vastly experienced heads at the helm. Michaela Brown, our Group Operations Manager, has well over 10 years experience in the caring industry and a detailed knowledge of home care. She provides our company with strategic goals to ensure our services are of the highest standard.

Michaela is supported by a dedicated and passionate team of highly qualified support coordinators, case managers, health practitioners, support workers and carers who are committed to putting the client first This means all our clients can feel confident that they’re being looked after by people who have all the skills needed to handle every task. We place great emphasis on training and experience, so we can deliver the very best caring professionals in Australia.

The Home Caring Mission

Our mission is very straightforward; we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable care and support services to all clients.

What does this mean?

It means that everything we do is focused on this mission statement. All of our services and home care packages are designed to be as professional and reliable as can be. No matter who the client is – or what problems they might have – we are always going to be there to help, and there will always be professional support from trained specialist carers.

We believe that too many home care services in Australia are set up to make money. Of course, a business needs to make a profit, but this shouldn’t be the sole aim of a home care company. With us, we always put the client first. We listen to your needs, we listen to all your problems, and we develop Home Care Plans to suit them. As a result, it means they everyone only pays for a plan that suits them. You never have to pay for things you don’t need, making our services affordable and accessible. Care and support for clients come first, above everything else!

The Home Caring Values

To achieve our mission, we quickly found that specific values needed to be set out. We realised that if we adhered to these values, then everything fell into place and resulted in the best home care services in Sydney, and throughout Australia.

There are four values in total, and here they are:

  • Care: The way we deliver care is entirely focused on the client. This is our core value as we believe they should be at the centre of it all. With a client in the middle, we can address everything else around them that helps shape their care plan. It’s vital that we listen to our clients and respond to all of their feedback.
  • Quality: To ensure that our service was better than the rest, we had to focus on the quality. This is something we hold very close to us as we believe that Home Caring delivers an extremely high-quality service. When families come to us and want home care for an elderly relative, we want them to know that their family member is in safe hands. The only way we can do this is by ensuring that all of our services are of the highest standards imaginable – and the same goes for our carers; they’re top-quality.
  • Innovation: When we started our business, we found that the home caring industry was stuck in a rut. Everyone was doing the same thing and providing the same services. So, we wanted to be innovative. Innovation is a core value of ours as we love coming up with new ways to meet our client’s requirements. It links to our value of quality in that our innovation leads to higher quality service!
  • Excellence: Lastly, we want our clients to be blown away by everything we do for them. Excellence is something we continuously strive for – we want people to expect a certain level from us, then completely raise the bar from this perception. To do this, we put a lot of time and attention on our customer service along with the actual care services themselves.

Our Main Service Areas

The home care services we provide are diverse and tackle different things. Here are the main areas we focus on:

  • Aged Care: This care service is for anyone over the age of 65 that’s struggling to handle certain things in their daily lives. We offer care and support to make senior citizens feel more confident and independent while improving their quality of life in and outside the home.
  • Disability Care: A service that’s specifically for anyone with a disability, be it mental or physical. We develop Disability Care Plans to make life more comfortable for individuals with disabilities.
  • Dementia Care: Dementia is a common condition in many elderly people. With this service, we provide care that’s designed for people with dementia.
  • Palliative Care: This service provides people and families with care and support when someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Our carers will be on-hand to make their life as comfortable as can be while allowing them to enjoy the time they have left.

Naturally, we offer individual services for each area as well. This includes overnight care, respite care, and so on. For more details on our services, we recommend checking out the relevant pages for all the essential information you need.

Why Choose Us?

It’s the million dollar question; why choose Home Caring? We’re confident that you won’t find another home care service provider that can match our quality. By using innovative solutions and listening to our clients, it allows us to develop care plans that actually work. If you still aren’t sure whether or not we’re the right choice, then here are a few more things to convince you:

  • Complimentary Consultation: It’s impossible to provide the perfect home care if you don’t know anything about your clients. This is why we don’t just sell you an overall home care package – we tailor them to your needs. What’s more, it all starts with a free consultation. By giving you this, we can talk to each other about your needs, budget, and so on. From here, you will have an extensive Home Care Plan that’s made especially for you!
  • Industry Experience: Yes, our company might be young, but the people behind it certainly aren’t. We have decades of combined experience working in this industry, so we’re more than capable of handling any type of client. No matter how complex or rare your problems might be, we’ve got the experience and skills to find the ideal solutions to make your life better.
  • Registered NDIS Service Provider: We’re registered with the NDIS, which is a government scheme designed to make disability care more accessible and affordable. As such, a lot of our care and support is covered by NDIS funds.
  • Fantastic Value: Finally, you should choose us because we offer fantastic value. When you take into consideration the quality of our home care and the experience of our individual carers, it means you get exceptional value for your money. Every dollar will be put to good use, ensuring that all of our clients are totally satisfied and happy with the care.

Contact Us

Now that you know a bit more about us, feel free to give us a call whenever you want. Contact us today, and we can get started with your complimentary consultation. If you have any additional questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask. Home Caring is always here to help – it’s what we’re best at!


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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.

Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.