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The cost of aged care in Australia in care homes is undeniably expensive. That is why many people have started to consider in-home care. More affordable than a care home, the demand for at home aged care has also been steadily growing in demand throughout the years. To help with this demand, thousands of home care packages have been created.

Making the decision to move a family member into an aged care facility is an daunting and emotional time and it is good to be aware of all the aged care services that are available nearby so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you opt for aged care services at home. It is good to consider the price of the aged care services that are available, what they can offer your loved one, the level of expertise that they have and the conditions that they support. Home Caring’s commitment to you is to provide professional and comprehensive home care services that will help your loved ones live at their own home for longer. Home Caring does not want your relative to feel as though they have lost all sense of independence. Instead, the aged care assistance at home will ensure that they are still doing what they want, with the support of a trained carer by their side.

Focusing on four core values: quality, care, excellence and innovation, Home Caring offer aged care services that put the clients first. One of Australia’s leading home care specialists, Home Caring provides a range of in-home aged care and support services designed to maximise the comfort and familiarity of the family home. Home Caring wants to make the transition easier and will support you fully, whether you want to receive aged care assistance at home or move into the aged care facility. We provide specialist care to individuals, assisted outings and grocery shopping – meaning that not only is your loved one is taken care of but they can still lead a fulfilling life. Life won’t stop when they get aged care support and having a helping hand to assist in their daily tasks is a wonderful way to remain comfortable within their home.

Why Choose Home Caring Above Other Aged Care Support Services?

With years of experience in the field and offering the flexibility needed in order to provide high-quality aged care assistance at home, Home Caring is your first port of call for aged care in Australia. Hiring only the most dedicated care professionals, following a home caring mission, using innovative solutions and offering fantastic value for money, you won’t find aged care support services that will compare.

What’s the application process for Home Caring like? Following an initial consultation with our expert home care specialist, a comprehensive Aged Care Plan will be carefully designed to suit the needs and requirements of the individual and their home.

Our carers are chosen to ensure the right fit from the outset and our Care Plans are specifically designed to reduce isolation and encourage involvement with the local community. Home Caring’s aged care packages are suitable for those of all budgets. They can be adjusted to fit your needs and the fees for the aged care assistance can be altered with ease. No one should have to compromise on quality for the price – especially for aged care support services. Home Caring’s ability to offer flexible packages is just one of the reasons why it stands out from the crowd. Operating throughout Brisbane and Sydney (as well as other locations across the area), you are guaranteed to find the perfect aged care help for your loved one.

Each of the expert carers has to undergo a rigorous employment process in order to be able to care for elderly individuals. From personal, face-to-face interviews to thorough identity checks, Home Caring guarantees that the carers are of a high-quality and will keep your loved one’s safety the priority from the get-go. Home Caring knows that everyone is different and our dedicated nursing and care specialists make sure that each individual receives trustworthy, compassionate, and reliable services which are constantly monitored and assessed for any changes in the recipient’s circumstances or needs. We welcome feedback and strive to deliver the very highest standards of personalised home care. Home Caring consistently assess the services we provide to ensure that these standards are constantly met.

Our Aged Care Support Services

Our fully qualified team of carers and nurses always attend to their duties with compassion and understanding. Passionate about their roles, they are specially trained to assist with aged care and support needs, including:

  • Specialised Dementia and Alzheimer’s care.
  • Respite care.
  • Home care Sydney.
  • Dementia Care.
  • Palliative care.
  • Aged care.
  • Overnight respite.
  • Overnight care.
  • Convalescence care.
  • Nursing, wound care, and rehabilitation.
  • Medication monitoring and management.
  • Overnight care.

Home Caring knows that certain conditions such as Dementia might make the world seem a little confusing at times. The dedicated carers will give your relative all the support that they need in their everyday life to keep their mind active as well as ensuring that they are comfortable with the level of care Home Caring is providing. Growing older might not seem like fun, especially when you are facing a medical or mental illness or even mobility issues. But Home Caring will be there to help keep you company and ensure that you are given the medication you require.

For at home dementia care, Home Caring will send the fully-trained home care specialist out who will take you through an initial consultation. You will then have a detailed and fully comprehensive Overnight Respite & Palliative Care Plan. This gives the carers a better idea of how to tailor the treatment/care to suit your needs.

Home Caring’s Palliative Care Services will make your loved one feel comfortable within their home towards the end of their life. There are many memories associated with a house, therefore by taking them away from that for their last days sometimes isn’t the best choice. The Palliative Care Services at home will make them feel more at ease as they are within a place that they have always been happy in and will give it a sense of normality. It will also make them feel more comfortable in terms of giving them any medication that they need, ensuring that they are receiving the correct doses. At the end of the day, palliative care is never an easy thing to face. But to give your loved one the decision to stay within their home, they will retain their dignity and independence.

Similarly, Home Caring’s Cancer Care Services will give them the treatments that the individual needs, whilst having the benefit of giving them the decision to stay at home. The services care for them from the initial diagnosis. Managing the treatments and care, it will be tailored to suit the illness that they are facing. Creating a comprehensive care plan, the services support the patient by offering personal care support and specialist carers who are fully trained with dealing with the type of cancer. Cancer is a horrific disease that can be incredibly stressful to handle. Home Caring will give them the support they need throughout the treatment and through the recovery process.

Home Caring has over 250 home carers that can help to provide aged care assistance at home. Helping over 900 people throughout the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, there is an abundance of home care options to choose from. No one wants to be stuck inside all day and Home Caring’s bespoke treatment allows your relative to live their life to the full whilst ensuring that they are kept safe.

An NDIS accredited & Aged Care Approved Provider aged care agency, Home Caring only wants to provide individuals with the highest standard of care. The carers will keep in touch with your loved one regularly and will make sure that the individual is taken care of and all their needs are met. If you are living far away from them and can’t often visit, the carers will visit them and ensure they are looked after without compromising their independence.

So what aged care packages are available?

Well, there are four levels that Home Caring has that offers a range of personal care that are suitable. Ranging from basic care to the highest level of care, there is a care package that will suit your loved one’s needs and requirements – whether it be in terms of medical, physical or mental.

Firstly, Level One. Perfect for those that just need to minimal amount of care (perhaps they have an illness or injury), Level One includes a carer that will transport your loved one to and from the shops or to a social event, they will go around the shops with them to buy groceries, cook meals when they want help with them and will clean around their home. This basic level of care allows your loved one to still be independent but the carer will still be on hand when they need them.

Secondly, Level Two. Very similar to the above level, it is perfect for those that need basic help but can mostly look after themselves. In this level, instead of the carer visiting once a week, they would come to visit three to four times a week. They will help with all that are listed above and will keep your loved one company throughout their time at the house. Living alone can undeniably be lonely, therefore having a carer visit their home regularly will be a comfort to them. No one wants to be isolated away from the outside world – no matter what your age. Aged care assistance at home is the solution to this.

Thirdly, Level Three. This is far more advanced than the above level. This is because it is more suitable for those who need full medical support, assistance with preparing meals throughout the day and other help such as gardening or with other allied services. On the higher end in terms of costs and the level of care, they will be visited most days of the week. This is perfect for those looking for the perfect balance between independence and assistance.

And lastly, Level Four. A fully comprehensive package, this level is at the highest end of the spectrum for the level of care. For those that need constant monitoring and care, the carers will visit the individuals every day. Ideal for those with conditions such as dementia, this tier option is the most expensive due to the level of care that they receive. Carers will make sure that those that require specialised care are looked after appropriately, that their minds are kept stimulated and that they manage the taking of medications.

Want to find out more about the Home Caring’s aged care packages?

We believe in providing consistent and reliable aged care services and products that help people have a better life. So please call us before making any decision, we’re here to help. You can also book a free consultation online, by filling out your contact information on the homepage in the easy-to-use application box. After taking you through the initial consultation, as mentioned above, a fully comprehensive Aged Care Plan will be designed for you, taking into consideration the needs and requirements. They will also determine what level of care you need and talk you through the cost of each of them and what they each include. A more stress-free and relaxed process, it will make the decision to have aged care services at home easier and show you the benefits in comparison to choosing a care home.

Similarly, if you already are on a care package but want to change to a different aged care agency, you can do so through Home Caring’s website or by calling. Guiding you through the transition process, Home Caring will also inform you about the government funding that is available. From NDIS to privately paid services, Home Caring is happy to help.

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