Senior Care

Senior Care

Homecaring Lifestyle and Health Solutions is one of Australia’s leading providers of non nursing services and private community care. It is our goal to deliver in home senior care to support the needs of Australians that are disabled, suffer from an ailment, or are unable to take care of themselves adequately due to aging. Whether you are experiencing ailments as you age, or you are looking for the best care, we know how difficult it can be to get a care programme that is just right.

Ultimately, it is something we all want for our loved ones; peace of mind and the best possible care for our parents, grandparents, or close friends is something that we would want for ourselves as we get older. Here at Homecaring Lifestyle and Health Solutions, we provide exceptional service to our clients.  

As we are determined to provide senior assistance services in all the possible methods, we realise that everybody’s individual needs are very specific. Our qualified and experienced carers and nurses will help you or your loved one to live better day to day, and make sure that you live your life to the best of your ability. We provide the following services for you or your loved ones, and many more:

Personal care

Because personal care encompasses so many different aspects, from showering to hygiene, dressing to toileting, as well as grooming, it is important that you have dignity when undergoing these essential daily practices. Our staff can ensure that every aspect of personal care is done with dignity. Something like going to the bathroom is an incredibly private thing, which nobody wants to do in the company of others, but it is important that personal hygiene becomes a priority during these difficult moments. It also ensures that you are looking your best. If you look good, by having someone help you with grooming, you will feel better as a result.


Our staff are highly trained, and are able to deal with every aspect of senior care. From assisting you with taking your medication to arranging prescriptions, the day to day dealings are catered for. In addition to this, if you are going through a pre-operation process or have recently had surgery, tending to the wounds forms a key part of our skills. And if you have the misfortune to suffer an injury in your own home, rest assured that our staff will be able to attend to the injury with the utmost care and consideration.


We understand the difficulty in maintaining a neat and orderly home. Keeping a house running is not an easy task at the best of times, and when we have difficulty getting around the pride we have in our home can subside. Our staff can take care of the cleaning, assist with the laundry, as well as the everyday essentials like shopping and paying bills. Our staff can also help to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. As it becomes difficult to cook a meal from scratch, and we become reliant on ready meals, this is where our senior home caregivers can make it easier for you to have a balanced diet.


One of the most frustrating parts of senior living is being unable to maintain some aspects of your independence. Driving, for many, is the very definition of independence, and once this is taken away, this can mean we have to rely on public transport. As public transport can be unreliable, not to mention stressful, this can add a lot more difficulty to your day. Our in home senior care providers can provide you with your transport needs, whether this is going to medical appointments, running errands, or just being sociable by visiting friends or family. Having access to a regular transport facility can help you to maintain your independence, not hinder it.


Why should you spend most of your time at home? If you want to get out and enjoy special events, such as lunches or afternoon tea, we are able to provide an escorting service to ensure you get there and make the most of your time with loved ones. As another way of maintaining independence, but also giving you the opportunity to do what you want when you want, our senior helpers can make it a reality.


We know that it can be very isolating. This is why we can provide a sense of companionship, either by helping you maintain your hobbies and interests, or accompanying you to special activities. And even if you want to just enjoy some indoor or outdoor games, we are able to provide you with the companionship that you want. We should never lose our sense of fun, and the isolating aspect of getting older could very well cause us to lose our sense of humour. Our personable and sensitive senior home caregivers are able to provide the essential assistance, but also know when you just want to kick back and have some fun!

Staying active

It is our duty to ensure that you maintain a good level of health. Regardless of your ailments, there are so many ways for you to achieve an active life, in mind and in body. Whether you are keen on walking in the great wide open, or you want to get exercising, our senior care assistants can provide accompaniments or structure to ensure that you are as active as you want to be and that you are in the best physical health possible. In addition to this, helping you remain active in your mind is just as important. Our staff can assist with creative components like correspondence, reading, or just taking in some culture, we realise how important it is to keep your mind as active as your body.

Respite or carer relief

Your loved ones need a break from time to time. If they need some time away, either due to a short-term event or a personal difficulty we can provide emergency relief for those looking after you. Caring for anyone is a full-time job, and when there are unexpected circumstances that arise, this can cause undue stress to the person looking after you. Whether it is infrequent care, or just on a casual basis to help give your loved ones a well-earned break, our approach to senior care living isn’t just about giving you what you need, but it’s about giving those that look after you the same care and respect.


If you need specific care, we can bring these services to you. If you want, we can recommend a specific course of treatment depending on your unique ailment. A few of the services we provide are as follows:

Physiotherapy: The body begins to lose strength as part of the aging process. If this is left to run its course, this can result in dire consequences. This is why it’s essential for a therapist to intervene and help you go through a programme of physiotherapy. There are various types of care, including a fall prevention program, which aims to prevent injury and fractures. There are also osteoporosis programs for those that have weaker bones, a common byproduct of old age. In addition to this, our physiotherapists can provide improvement of mobility, strength, and movement through tailored exercise programs.

Podiatry: Your feet carry quite a weight, and after supporting you your entire life, many adults in old age develop foot problems. Some of these include bunions, calluses, hammertoe, as well as arthritis, fungal infections, and various pains and soreness. A podiatrist can recommend the best course of action for your specific ailments, whether this is clipping your toenails with the right technique, or giving you treatments to help you become more active without feeling so much pain. They may also recommend a minor procedure or inserts that can reduce foot pain and increase quality of life.

Dietary advice: As energy requirements are reduced in old age due to what is called the basal metabolic rate as well as a decline in physical activity, our dietitians can provide the best diet to help you get the adequate vitamins and minerals, such as the recommended Vitamin D supplement, but also ensure that you are eating food that you enjoy. In addition, malnutrition is one of the main concerns if you struggle to maintain an adequate diet. If eating has been a struggle, a dietitian can prescribe a specific course, or even food supplement shakes if necessary.

Occupational therapy: Having a meaning to life is important as we get older. Our occupational therapists are focused on improving life skills that can result in a better quality of life. Occupational therapy provides numerous benefits, as well as it’s being able to lead you on the path to better health, it can help you to overcome challenges you face on a daily basis, can help you acquire the most suitable devices for your home, such as a bathtub bench. As seniors can face numerous challenges, physical, mental, or psychological, our occupational therapists will work with you to achieve your individual goals.

Remedial massage: The aging body has a different set of needs to a younger body. As we get older, and find ourselves under different types of stress, but could also suffer feelings of anxiety or digestive disorders, remedial massage can help in so many different ways. Primarily, increasing the circulation to the limbs is one of the biggest priorities because as we get older, increasing blood flow can be very difficult. Massage can help us with our physical health, by increasing our flexibility, relieving pain from arthritis, but it can also help us with our immune system and can improve our sleep. Ultimately, having a massage is a very nice sensation and these feelings of care and comfort or a natural byproduct of remedial massage.

As you can see, our approach to senior care is incredibly comprehensive. It’s important that we have a higher quality of life, and that we get what we need to achieve this.


We will arrange a telephone discussion to figure out your current situation, and your specific needs. Once we’ve organised a convenient time to consult with you and your family members at home, one of our team members will meet up with you to conduct a care needs assessment, give you all of the information in how we can assist with your needs, answer any specific questions you have about the care, and create a care plan that is tailored to what you really want.

We understand that’s everyone’s needs are unique, and this is why we encourage a comprehensive meeting to put any of your concerns to rest. Our tailored care plan is all down to the needs you require. You may not need a lot of help, or your budget may not facilitate this. We construct a care plan that suits you, and give you a quotation.

Our number one priority is ensuring our clients receive the best care. To make sure this always remains a priority, your service needs are sent to our service coordinator team. Upon receiving this, one of our care coordinators will get in contact with you to discuss the next steps. You may want more time to think it over, or, you may have a good idea of the care plan you want, but whatever you want, we are thoroughly flexible and will forever meet your needs.

Get in contact with us on 1300 875 377 to speak with a consulting professional, or to learn more about our services. We work on the forefront, and it’s our duty to ensure that you get the care that you or your loved one needs, but, more importantly, wants. It’s important that, as we get older, we receive the care that is high quality, to our needs, but, most importantly, dignified. At Homecaring Lifestyle and Health Solutions, we will provide this so you or the loved one in your life can get the best quality of life.

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