Personal Care

Personal Care

The term of “personal” care is as subjective as it gets. After all, we have our own habits unique to us, which makes them personal. As we get older and suffer from illness, injury, or disability, the ability to feel fresh and clean isn’t just a privilege, it’s a fundamental right that we all need. It’s beneficial to our overall health and well-being, but feeling clean makes us feel more confident and happier, especially when it’s time to head out.

Having personal care from our in-home personal carers will make all the difference to your daily routine. As personal care is individual to each and every one of us, we need to know that we are in good hands. Our personal care services are respectful, gentle, and will work with you to maintain your dignity. The services are carried out in privacy, with a great degree of comfort, and can be part of a wider package, or they can be an individual service to suit your needs.


Our personal care attendants will meet with you as well as the important people in your life, and work to identify what your exact needs are. It’s not providing you with the bare basics, it’s about giving you all of the information that you require so you can make the choices about your care options at home.

Our personal care assistant will work closely with you to design a home care package that meets your needs. Everybody has their own individual concerns, whether this is in relation to your changing needs, or you have concerns with your budget. It’s important that you make the most of your budget, and we understand that there are aspects of services that your compensation or funding isn’t able to cover.


The process is very thorough. This is to ensure you are satisfied with the type of service you are getting, but it’s also to the level that you desire. Everybody has their own specific needs, and it’s not about ensuring you take advantage of every single service if you don’t need it. You have your own goals in life, and it’s up to us to make sure that you have your needs met in every way.

Firstly, your registered nurse clinical coordinator will go through a process to identify your medical needs. This encompasses your living situation and your individual preferences. If necessary, your loved ones can be involved. If they have specific requirements of the care, these can be met as well. This is all done in conjunction with your GP and specialist based on the advice that they have given.

With a direct consultation, a service plan is crafted and altered to suit your needs. Understandably, you may have a budget in mind, and our flexible nature means that you can get the services you want either by adding additional ones to what you currently receive, or give you all of the services you require if you aren’t currently receiving any.

You are then matched with the appropriate personal care assistant or nurse that understands your personal and medical needs. They will ensure you get everything you need, and will go out of their way to achieve this.

Your care support is continually overseen by a registered nurse case worker. After all, your health and your satisfaction with the personal carer is their main priority. As the caseworker is also your original clinical coordinator, they will come to know you personally and identify your unique preferences. We understand the importance of continuity when it comes to care and it needs to be as personal as possible.

As you aren’t tied into a contract, this gives you a lot more peace of mind. We will continually ask for feedback from yourself, your carers, as well as your loved ones, and make alterations so the care you receive is of the highest standard.


Personal care is very individual, and as we are just the support to your needs, this can encompass so many different services. These include:


One of the most important aspects of personal care is knowing that you can shower safely. The very nature of showering when having difficulty getting in and out of the cubicle can cause a lot of stress. If you have specific ailments that stop you getting in and out of the shower safely, our personal care assistants can help you to stay safe from falls in a wet area. We also understand that showering is a very private thing, and requires a lot of sensitivity, and you deserve dignity.


We understand that going to the bathroom is a very private thing, something that nobody wants to do in the company of others. But when personal hygiene becomes an issue, and you are unable to go to the bathroom without assistance, our personal carers can help you look after your personal hygiene in a very dignified manner. We look after your best interests and understand how important hygiene is.

Personal grooming

We all want to look our best. Just because we are receiving personal care doesn’t mean that we have to forgo this. Our personal care assistants can give you the help you need to maintain your personal grooming needs. Whether this is shaving, applying makeup, or giving you special hair care for your day out, if you look good, you will feel good. We understand the importance of this.


We provide mobility assistance so you can get in and out of bed or in and out of a chair. The hoist transfers are gentle and give you the level of assistance you need. Getting in and out of a bed or chair can be frustrating, and our hoist transfers will greatly improve your maneuverability and freedom.

Dressing and undressing

Whether you are planning a social day out or getting ready for bed, our personal care assistants can help you get dressed or undressed with the level of assistance that you require. As frustrating as it can be to try to get your clothes on by yourself, if you don’t want to feel tired after this, it’s your right to have some assistance. After all, the feeling of being unable to dress properly can be upsetting. Our personal care attendant can minimise the stress and frustration.


It is your right to live a life of comfort. We help you to focus on the things that you enjoy in life. While feeling unable to enjoy certain aspects of normal life at home can be frustrating, this is where we can take the burden.

General housekeeping

Maintaining a sense of order at home is dependent on the individual. If you are frustrated by being unable to keep your home neat and tidy, our personal care assistants can help to maintain a sense of order and balance to your household.

Domestic services

From washing dishes to a little bit of cleaning, if that unwashed dish is causing you annoyance, or there’s an item of food that needs throwing out from the fridge, but you’ve not been able to get around to it, our assistants can do this easily.

Preparing meals

We all know how important it is to eat a balanced diet. If you have been relying on meals that you put in the microwave for so long, the reality of this is not healthy in the slightest. Our carers can help to prepare meals that are diverse, nutritious, but, most importantly, tasty. If you’re someone with a diverse food palate, there is no reason why you have to rely on takeaways and ready meals.

Providing transport

There is nothing more frustrating than missing the bus, and what if we’re unable to get a seat? This can mean a very distressing journey, even if it’s just for a routine appointment. Whether you need to go to the doctors, visit specialists, or your Allied Healthcare provider, we know how stressful it can be to take public transport, even when getting out of the front door becomes a mission. We can provide transport so you are able to get around with ease, and not have to worry about the stresses that come with taking public transport. You deserve to enjoy a journey with some peace and comfort.


As we are completely flexible, it’s entirely up to you what services you require and how long you want them for. You may only need us a couple of times a week, or you may require our services for a specific period of time each and every day. Whatever your needs, we can meet them:

Live-in care

If you have a high set of needs, we make it our duty to match our living carers so a care plan that is personalised and incredibly detailed works for the clients as well as the families. We also provide 24-hour care services to support people with specific needs. We are just the support according to your desires, including personal care from experienced carers, ongoing supervision from an experienced nurse, as well as 24-hour backup from a registered nurse that is on call.

Casual or infrequent care

Sometimes there are unexpected or temporary needs for care, and our personal care providers can help you with this. They can provide you with respite care, which is designed for carers that are having time away for various reasons, such as illness or personal difficulty. There is also temporary care, which can be for a special event or something in the short term. We also provide discrete pre and post-operative care. If you need private care after surgery, we provide a comprehensive care plan. This includes caring for the wound, supporting your daily needs, as well as travelling to and from appointments with a doctor.

Daily or weekly care

Based on your own needs, our care can be as flexible as you want. You could have a session up to 3 hours every day, meaning that you may only need our services once or twice a week. You are in control, and if you only need us for specific times each and every day, we can work to provide you with the support that you need to be comfortable in your own home.

Overnight care

Some of our clients have specific needs, and this means that the overnight care gives us an opportunity to assist whenever and wherever possible. As we all have unique needs, whether we are getting up for the toilet in the middle of the night, preparing an evening meal, or deciding that we need to have a shower in the late hours, our personal care services can work with you on this. Sometimes we need reassurance in the middle of the night, or we feel confused and anxious. Whatever the concern, our specialists will be on hand to provide the relevant assistance.


Why choose us? Our services are comprehensively insured. Due to the rigorous national training standards, our carers, nurses, and AINs meet these rules and regulations. Our personal care attendants have undergone screening processes as well as police checks. As it is our duty to provide the care that you need, we provide ongoing supervision of our staff members, conducted by an experienced coordinator. You want to ensure that you are getting the best service possible, but also, have peace of mind.

We have provided personal care since 2015 and we understand that your needs are crucial. The fundamental right to good quality personal care is essential for each and every one of us. When you’re looking for the best home care providers, you’ve got to ensure that your choice takes everything into account. Making sure that your requirements are met right down to the most basic of needs is easier said than done. But our personal care assistants will ensure that, whatever your needs, you get them.

As difficult as it can be to go through this process, understand that we will have every aspect of your needs met, so you can live your best life.

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