Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Life can become a challenge when terminal illnesses are involved, and it can be distressing to see someone that you love affected by one. With Home Caring, you can get the specialist support, one to one, 24/7 depending on your needs. We know how important it is for your family to enjoy the time that you have together, and that’s where we come in. When we can take the burden of physical care away, we will do just that. This allows you and your family to maximise the time that you have left in a way that removes the stress from your shoulders.

By opting for palliative care in the home, you can choose to be in a place where you feel the most comfortable, with the familiar comforts of your life surrounding you and your family. Home Caring has the right professionals who are compassionate and will care for you as you need it. The proper support can make a massive difference to the time you have, whether you require visiting care or you need someone to live-in with you while you are being looked after. Home Caring can provide you with the care services that you require, all of which we will discuss in this article.

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With our experts on your side, you will have the right people with you during a time that is highly emotionally charged. You are in a time of your life that is filled with worry, and the appropriate medical and emotional care can make a big difference to the quality of life that you have left. Tailored palliative care services can make you feel comfortable, allowing you to be surrounded in creature comforts until you no longer need them.

What Is Palliative Care?

Those who are suffering from a terminal illness and other serious illnesses can benefit from palliative care services as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The care and support that you get from your team can help your symptoms to feel relief, reduce your pain and minimising your stress. The whole idea of palliative care is that you get a quality of life that is much improved. Palliative care may include:

  • Provision of medications to control symptoms that are interfering with your quality of life
  • Companionship and conversation to help with your emotional needs
  • The right support to help you to accept what comes next
  • Assistance to make decisions about your condition
  • Coordination with your care team
  • Physical, spiritual and emotional care needs addressing
  • Personal care, including toileting, dressing and bathing
  • Continence care
  • Pain management support
  • General movement assistance around the home, from gentle to hoisted transfer
  • Light housekeeping to keep the home comfortable
  • Preparing meals
  • Pet care
  • Running general errands
The Importance of Excellent Palliative Care

When it comes down to it, palliative care is a challenge for a family. It’s hard to deal with emotionally, and it’s something that the trained professionals can provide in a different way that is equally as caring as your loved ones around you. Those who are trained to provide professional care for patients who are reaching the natural end of a terminal illness do so with a level of compassion that is unheard of in other professions.

Home Caring support workers put your comfort and dignity in the centre of everything that they do for you. Your home care is a partnership, and we believe that if we work together on your palliative care plan, you can find that your needs are catered for – no matter what they are.

You deserve to be treated with empathy and importance, and it’s why we want to sit down with you and work through what you need the most. Your support plan should be detailed, and our experts will work hand in hand with you to perfect your care plan. We know that your requirements could change over time, and we will revisit any changes with you and your family as you need them. At Home Caring, we work closely with your healthcare team so that your palliative care is managed in a sensitive and particular way.

Our carers are trained to ensure that no matter your needs, you will be well cared for, from the complex medical care with specialised equipment, to the moments you just need a hand to hold and an ear to listen to you. We are trained in the use of specialised, life-saving equipment, from breathing tubes to feeding tubes, and we will help you to make the adaptations that you need to make yourself more comfortable.

The right palliative care will include whatever you need to make your life comfortable, and the Home Caring experts are right there by your side to ensure all of your needs are carried out with warmth, discretion dignity. We want you to be able to remain surrounded by people who love you, while we carry out the care that you need to remain relaxed. Not only can our carers offer you physical and practical support, but they can provide emotional support at a tough time. They are sensitive to your feelings, and they are responsive to your need for companionship right now.

We know that while your physical care is essential, simply reminiscing about life and looking at photographs can be just as important for your care. Home Caring will support you and your family, so that you feel the level of compassion that we have or your situation every moment. We strive to ensure you are paired with the right care team; let us take on the emotional and physical side of your care, so you can concentrate on soaking up the love that you have around you.

Benefits Of Palliative Care At Home

Home Caring are passionate about providing the right palliative care for your needs, but providing palliative care in the home is our specialty. There are many benefits to having palliative care carried out in your home, and the most significant benefit of all is the fact that you can spend time in a place that you know and trust. It’s always reassuring for the person receiving care that they are being taken care of, and it’s helpful for families and friends to know for sure that their loved one is safe, secure and happy.

Visiting is much more comfortable in the home compared to a residential facility, and care around the clock in the house allows for a quick response if there are any physical changes. This is so helpful for family, as they know they will be notified at a moment’s notice if something were to be different in their loved one.

Lastly, regardless of where the care is carried out, your loved one will always be cared for to the very highest standard, with carers you will come to know personally.

How Home Caring Can Help

At Home Caring, we endeavour to ensure that your stress is minimised as much as possible. Whether you are the client or you are their loved one, we will be supportive of you and your family at a time that is most challenging for you. We’ve trained our carers to be compassionate and responsive to the needs of those under palliative care and their families, and we know that making our service about your needs is going to ensure that you get the best possible attention. Our tailored approach allows our carers to deliver you the care that you and your family need at a difficult time.

As well as offering excellent support, each of our carers will be a companion, a listening ear or an emotional beacon of support for you. We know that palliative care is difficult to handle sometimes, but our very best professionals are always available, offering a considerable experience that will ensure you get the best. Helping you and your family to understand the complexities ahead is essential to us, which is why we will offer a comprehensive assessment of your needs before we begin any home care plan.

Contact Us Today

If you need some help to understand what Home Caring can offer you for your palliative care needs, then a simple phone call today could get you started to the best palliative care in your home that you can get. One of our friendly team will talk you through the process of getting you set up. So, if you need some help with your stroke care, or you have a loved one requiring our support in the home, give us a call on 1300-875-377. We will be on hand to walk you through the future of your care, and we’ll do it with your dignity and comfort in mind.

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