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Adopting The American Model Towards Respite Care

Scotland Sees Success in Adopting the American Model Towards Respite Care

Hundreds of Scottish families have been shown to have benefited from an American adapted model for respite care, who’s goal has been to increase the number of short breaks available to full-time unpaid carers. Back in 2016, Scotland’s respitality initiative successfully allowed 564 unpaid Scottish carers to take a break

Way Forward For Aged Care

Outsourcing Continues to be the Way Forward for Aged Care

Controversy over how the Department of Health is tackling the issues Aged Care faces continues this week, as further outsourcing projects with the aim to help improve the service have been revealed. The Australian Ageing Agenda (AAA) have discovered several projects now authorised by the Department of Health are currently

Football And Dementia Care

Football and Dementia – New Study by FA Aims to Examine the Link Between the Two

The English football governing body, the FA, have revealed this week its plans for a six-figure study to examine the link between football and dementia, with the goal to discover if it is, in fact, more prevalent in former footballers than the rest of the population. “We are taking it

Couple’s Love Survives For 50 Years Home Care

Couple’s Love Survives for 50 Years, Despite Duel Dementia Diagnoses

Dementia is a cruel neurodegenerative disease that slowly strips its sufferers from their connection with family, friends and the outside world. For one couple, however, not even that has been able to keep them apart, regardless of whether or not they sometimes forget who each other are. Both Chris Warren,

Autoimmune Disorders And Dementia

Link Found Betweeen Autoimmune Disorders and Dementia

Those suffering from an autoimmune disorder could be up to 20% more likely to develop dementia later in their lilves, one study has found. The study in question, conducted between 1999 and 2012, found that a common symptom of autoimmune disorders – chronic inflammation – may in fact be a

Help For Dementia Sufferers

Help for Dementia Sufferers

THOUSANDS of seniors in need of home care will soon be given greater control over their health and wellbeing. From July 1, recipients can choose their own packages under a new government program called Consumer Directed Care. After recognising the demand for a better standard of care services, Jon Kontopos

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