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Personalised, high quality and seamless Care

Hill’s Telecare products are significantly improving the lives of seniors at home. It enables incredible monitoring capabilities of seniors that tracks daily routines to reduce health deterioration. It allows family members to connect in new ways which helps tailoring care plans and lifts quality of care services.

The products also allow personalised care service that includes effective and immediate response time in emergency situations.

It has benefits for three major life stages – New Seniors aged 65 plus, Independent Seniors aged 80 plus and Seniors with Chronic Disease.

Interesting statistics set the scene:

  • 95% of seniors want to live independently at their home.
  • 20% of seniors use the panic button after having a fall.
  • 3 million undetected falls each year (US).
  • 60% of seniors spend more than 12 hours on the floor after a fall.
  • 88% of falls require hospitalisation.

Hills Telecare System

It is a self learning product that improves the way people live in their home environments. It’s patient centric model, and embraces the measures and systems around the patient to enable them to carry on living more independently

It takes approximately one month to learn the elderly’s life style patterns including how long they spend in each room in the house. For instance if the client stays too long in a room the monitor will signal an issue which can be looked into.

Understanding the patterns of daily living results in greater understanding of what is occurring in the home. It means we can develop more comprehensive care plans with the client and their family.

Another scenario is that daily routine changes the fridge is now longer opened as frequently or not opened in the afternoons. This could mean a decline in cognitive ability and therefore represent a need to amend the care plan.

It’s an innovative way of monitoring people which enables proactive measures to be implemented to keep people safer and reduce health risks.

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Google Rating
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