Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Cancer is a life-changing illness that can have a significant impact on your life and the life of your loved ones. At one stage, cancer was a diagnosis that was almost always a death sentence, but with research and science, we now know that cancer can be managed in some cases. At Home Caring, we know how much of a shock it can be to find out that you or a loved one need to deal with a diagnosis of cancer and the uncertainty it brings. Those who are affected by cancer may well require care and support daily as they navigate their way through the harsh medicinal regimes that are undertaken to try and beat it.

Living with cancer is an extremely challenging and emotional experience, and the cancer care provided to you in this time is so important for your survival: both physically and mentally. We believe that – no matter how hard you are finding your treatment – you should be allowed to deal with your condition in the comfort of your own home. Living with cancer is hard enough, and management and recovery can be far harder in an unfamiliar facility with unfamiliar people. Home care options with Home Caring can make you feel secure and safe while also being well supported.

Maintaining a good quality of life while you’re dealing with such an upheaval is essential. End of life and hospice care for cancer patients can be provided at home depending on the severity of your illness, and you should speak to our Home Caring team to figure out whether home care would be the right option for you.

Our home care team can watch out for both you and your loved ones, providing physical and emotional care throughout your treatment while remaining positive for your outcomes. They can provide hands-on personal care, advice on pain medications and symptom control, and provide the practical support that you need.

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What is Cancer?

Cancer. It’s a word that strikes fear through those who hear it, and yet it’s a common condition that people are fighting and living with every single day. In cancer, the cells in specific areas in the body reproduce uncontrollably. These then invade and destroy tissues that are healthy, infecting tissues, organs, bones and skin, and the severity of the condition depends on the level of infected cells.

As we age, the chance that we will develop cancer increases, and it does depend on the specific type of cancer as to which is popular for which age group. Most people diagnosed with cancer are aged 65 and over, and in most areas, the most popular cancer types are:

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Bowel Cancer
  3. Lung Cancer
  4. Prostate Cancer

Given that there are over 200 cancer strains, the impact that these have on the body vary greatly from type to type. This also means that the symptoms that the patient experiences differ from person to person, too.

Symptoms Of Cancer

There are some key symptoms to look out for when you are struggling with illness in your body, as not every symptom will be indicative of cancer in the body. The symptoms that are common for most of the strains of cancer include:

  • Unexplained lumps under the skin
  • Blood in the urine
  • Dramatic changes to bowel habits
  • Rapid and unexplained weight loss
  • Changes to – or new – moles
  • Bloating that is persistent and painful
  • Sores that refuse to heal
  • Unexplained pains and aches in the body
  • Periods of coughing that won’t let up
  • Chest pains
  • Breathlessness

Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list. There are tons of other symptoms that won’t fit on this list, and awareness is the key to cancer care and management.

Treating Cancer

Most of the time, a person who is dealing with cancer will undergo a series of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. Neither of these are easy options, despite being the most commonly used cancer treatments on the market. Chemotherapy works by damaging dividing cells, and while it can kill cancer cells, it also destroys healthy cells in the body. So, the side effects can be devastating to deal with and include exhaustion, nausea, hair loss, sores in the mouth and body aches.

Those who also have to endure radiotherapy will sit and have high-energy radiation therapy that is targeted to shrink the tumours. It can destroy and shrink some cancerous tumours, and it’s a way to control symptoms in incurable cancers, too. The side effects of radiotherapy are similar to chemotherapy with the potential for red and sore skin as a result, also.

There is currently no known cure for cancer, though clinical trials around the world are happening and the right care and treatment enable you to live as comfortably as possible with your diagnosis. Obtaining early diagnosis is vital, as is receiving the proper treatment both in the hospital and at home. Domiciliary care can help you to live a normal life as possible while you are still able.

Benefits Of Cancer Care At Home

The right cancer care treatment requires a solid plan, and a part of your treatment can be done at home. You could be looking for palliative or end of life care, or you could be looking for a way for your loved one to move out of a hospital setting and be more comfortable. Whether you need visiting care or round the clock help, care in the home can make your time with cancer more comfortable and more accessible to cope with – especially when you have your creature comforts around you.

The care you receive from the carers with Home Caring is sensitive to your feelings as well as your medical needs, and when you choose home care, you get the chance to be very well supported day to day. Sometimes, home treatment can be less expensive than hospital care, and it’s also one of the most convenient ways for family and friends to continue to visit you.

Without the need to commute to you from work or other places your life, your friends and family can swing by to see you whenever they want to without any concerns about visiting hours.

You may prefer to be cared for in the home at any stage of your cancer treatment and management, and being discharged from hospital care can be a stressful experience. Home Caring can provide you with professional and knowledgeable carers who can be with you every step of the way.

There is some talk about being able to access chemotherapy in the home, too, but it’s something that you would need to discuss with your cancer care providers. You deserve all the comfort and support that your care plan can give you and the dignity that you can maintain from home is often an excellent way to support your recovery and management.

How Home Caring Can Help

At Home Caring, we know how hard it can be to care for a loved one who is going through the rigours of cancer. From diagnosis and treatment to management and the future, cancer is a stressful disease to handle. We have ensured that our team members are trained to the highest possible standards. They are experts at the provision of support for patients, their families and friends, with the emotional backing being one of the ways we help for those living with cancer. Together, we believe that we can create a support plan that is going to work alongside your medical team and your family so that everyone is aware of your routines.

Our carers are trained to provide you with the best possible cancer care and support, offering assistance that ranges from personal care and medication to help around the home and companionship. We offer warmth, discretion and a service that enables you to retain your dignity at all times. Home Caring experts support the whole family, providing you with the best possible reassurance and compassion while you are receiving treatment.

Some of the cancer care services that we offer include:

  • Visits that suit your illness, from short visits to night care
  • Personal care support that is right for you
  • Support for complex medication regimes
  • Specialist carers who are trained to understand your needs and the complexities of your illness
  • A comprehensive care plan
Contact Us Today

If you need some help to understand what Home Caring can offer you for your cancer care needs, then a simple phone call today could get you started to the best palliative care in your home that you can get. One of our friendly team will talk you through the process of getting you set up. So, if you need some help with your cancer care, or you have a loved one requiring our support in the home, give us a call on 1300-875-377. We will be on hand to walk you through the future of your care, and we’ll do it with your dignity and comfort in mind.

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