Community Nursing Care

Community Nursing Care

NDIS Community Nursing Care

You don’t have to be in a hospital or medical clinic to receive quality nursing support. If you have complex health needs because of your disability, you can access NDIS-funded nursing services in your own home, helping you to live as independently as possible. This is also a great way to support your loved one, giving them the assistance they need to care for complex health conditions on an ongoing basis.

Our Community Nursing Care services

Home Caring provides Community Nursing Care to NDIS participants with high support needs—both at a standard and higher intensity level. Our restorative and preventative health care services help you prevent disease and enjoy good health, while giving family carers much-needed support as they tend to your needs.

As a registered NDIS provider, our wide range of nursing services at home include:

  • Complex Bowel Care
  • PEG Feeding and Management
  • Urinary Catheter Management
  • Subcutaneous Injections
  • Complex Wound Management
  • Medication Management
  • Ventilator management and respiratory support
  • Health assessments and assistance with developing treatment plans
  • Stoma care
  • Overnight nursing care
  • Monitoring vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood sugar levels
  • Health education for NDIS participants and families
  • Continence management support
  • Palliative care
  • Diabetes management
  • Support after a stay in hospital and post operative care
  • Dementia support
  • Assistance with self-care activities

While we provide a range of complex nursing services for NDIS participants, our teams focus on individualised care for people, treating each of our clients as unique. That means we’ll work with you to understand your needs and develop a care plan that you’re happy with. We’ll then tailor our support to address your particular needs and circumstances, rather than assuming one size fits all.

About our Community Nursing Care team

Our specialised staff and qualified community nurses are well trained and highly experienced at meeting the needs of people with complex health conditions. We have a high level of skill and work to the highest standards, paying attention to every detail so you receive quality support.

If you are a NDIS participant with Community Nursing Care included in your plan, we’ll work with you and your loved ones to help you stay as healthy as possible. We’ll discuss, monitor and give feedback on your treatment and support, and are happy to collaborate with other health care professionals in your support network. Where possible, we’ll also help you perform basic self-care tasks, so you develop the capacity to do some things on your own (for example, simple wound care and continence management).

At Home Caring, we are passionate about treating people the way that we would like to be treated. We deliver support with great compassion, cultural awareness and sensitivity, so you always feel like you’re working with someone you can trust. We also have bilingual staff members who can provide support in a way that is relevant to you or your loved one.

How is Nursing Care funded?

If you have high support needs, you can receive NDIS funding for nursing care under the Capacity Building Supports category. Keep in mind that the NDIS will only fund nursing services that are related to your disability. It doesn’t fund medication, general medical treatment, hospitalisation or surgery.

To check your eligibility for this type of NDIS funding, you will undergo a full health assessment to determine whether your need for Community Nursing Care stems from your disability, or an unrelated health condition. For more information, chat to your Support Coordinator, NDIS Plan Manager or Local Area Coordinator. You can also give us a call for guidance around Community Nursing Care funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Care

If you are living with a disability and have complex needs, Community Nursing care helps you stay healthy in your own home, so you can continue to live as independently as possible. Some of the benefits of having Community Nursing Care included in your NDIS funding are:

  • Prevent diseases and health problems – by being proactive with health care, you can avoid diseases and serious health problems in the future.
  • Enjoying a healthy lifestyle – get the support you need to be happy and healthy, so you can enjoy life to the full every day.
  • Enjoy better mental health – being supported to live at home not only improves your physical health, but results in better mental health and wellbeing.
  • A supportive relationship – having a community nurse visit you means you can get to know the person who provides support, and feel more comfortable with the service they provide.
  • Be educated about your own health – learn how to care for your needs by mastering simple tasks with support, such as continence management and wound care.
  • Valuable support for family carers – your loved ones and family members can receive the support and confidence they need to support your complex health needs full time.
  • Continue living in the home you love – by accessing community nursing care, you can stay close to your support network and continue to be engaged in the local community.
  • Receive quality care and stay safe – having a qualified community nurse or specialist means you can trust that the support you are receiving is of the highest quality.
  • Have peace of mind – knowing you’ll be supported in your own home can help you rest easy, leaving you free to truly enjoy other parts of life.

Want to get started, or need more information about our NDIS services? Get in touch to speak to our friendly staff. We’re happy to help and chat to you about your specific needs.

Home Caring provides NDIS community nursing services all around Australia, including regional areas and major cities in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. We provide flexible, personalised care for people living with disability, so everyone can enjoy quality of life. On top of Community Nursing Care, our NDIS disability care services include personal care, domestic assistance, behaviour support, capacity building, life skills, disability accommodation, community engagement, employment and education support, and more.

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