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Finding a model of care that works

Throughout his life, Tim King has always known how important it is to make your own decisions and control your future.

The young father from Bowral first experienced this in his youth.“I had to deal with a mild disability when I was younger, and that led me to conquer the obstacles that were facing me. During that period, I had a lot of personal growth,” he says.

These obstacles led Tim to embark on a career in nursing.For the last 10 years, he worked as a registered nurse at Bowral and District Hospital and completed a postgraduate degree in Applied Mental Health.

Tim was passionate about caring for the large variety of patients who walked through the hospital each day, but he also wanted a career path that would provide a better work-life balance.The stars aligned when Tim saw an advertisement from Home Caring for health professionals who were interested in opening their own home care business. He started to research the home care model, particularly HomeCaring’s philosophy of ‘person first’ care. “I found the model fit in well with my personal beliefs and my personal experience,” he says.

“In the hospital system, you tell the client what they need to do to get well. This works if you’re really sick, but it doesn’t work for recovery. A lot of people fall through the gaps.”


“I realised a person-centred approach was better – that is, working with the client and enabling them to have control over their own destiny, over their decisions and where they want to take things. In home care, you’re not there telling them what to do. You’re there to guide them and support them in how they do it.That’s what led me to Home Caring. I know for a fact that their model of care works.”

Home Caring Bowral delivers empowering care

This year, Tim decided to take his future into his own hands again by opening Home Caring Bowral with his wife, Qin: a venture he describes as a “different kind of challenge” with fresh opportunities to empower lives.

It’s the perfect business for someone who have lived and breathed Bowral his entire life – not just because Tim and Qin(who works for an aged care facility) love raising a family in the town’s beautiful surrounds, but also because of Tim’s passion for empowering others.

Moving from the hospital environment to home care may have shifted where Tim provides support, but it hasn’t changed his focus on empowering individuals. With compassion, patience and a listening ear, Tim and his team are dedicated to providing high quality home care that is based on the individual’s goals – including domestic assistance, personal care support, community engagement, mental health care and capacity building activities.
“I’ll go out of my way to understand what a family needs so I can source what they want and help them,” says Tim. “We hope to bring clients some stability in their lives– to make them feel that they are a person who is valued both in a healthcare context, but also in their life generally.”

“At Home Caring Bowral, I want our clients to know that their choices and preferences matter. They really mean something, and form the centre of our care.”

As an Aged Care and NDIS registered service provider, Bowral Home Caring offers compassionate, individualised home care to seniors and people living with disability. To find out more about our services and care, please get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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