How does NDIS support help to build independence?
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How does NDIS support help to build independence?

Living with a disability or chronic condition will present an array of unique challenges that make daily life a little harder. Thankfully, with the right support and personalised approach to overcome those obstacles, you can continue to enjoy a fulfilling quality of life. Whether you were born with an illness or have an issue caused by trauma, NDIS services are the answer.

Whether you’ve known about the NDIS program for some time or have only just heard about it today, this guide will answer your key questions. Such as;

  • What is NDIS support?
  • How does NDIS support build your confidence?
  • How does NDIS support build your capabilities?
  • What should you expect from an NDIS provider?
  • When can NDIS be used?

Home Caring’s world-class NDIS providers can help you lead a safe, independent, and happy life. Call us on 1300 875 377 to regain control of your future today!

A brief look at NDIS

The NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, was launched in 2016. It is a program designed to provide funding to individuals living with disabilities or conditions that impact their daily capabilities at home or in the community. 

Following a successful application for NDIS membership, recipients will gain funding that is split into three categories; Core supports for general living needs, Capital supports for assistive living products, and Capacity Building features that focus on developing motor skills and more.

While funds are split across the three support areas as per the results of an NDIS assessment, it is a program that allows individuals and their families to work alongside NDIS providers to determine what services are most reflective of their personal needs and goals. 

Home Caring is an NDIS registered provider that prides itself on building a strategy designed to enhance your life in many ways – not least in terms of self-confidence.

How NDIS support encourages confidence in daily life

The concept of helping patients live independent lives in which they are more confident in various scenarios and feel less reliant on other people. While the ‘Capacity Building’ supports are aimed specifically at encouraging a sense of independence, the other two areas should not be overlooked.

While general living support under the Core section may seem counterproductive for living independently, a helping hand in some key areas may open the door for increased autonomy in other daily tasks. For example, you may rely on transport to a venue but then can explore the venue without outside assistance. Support workers ultimately enable you to establish and maintain good routines in an effective way.

Similarly, the Capital supports will allow you to finally gain the assistive tech that allows you to use the home or a vehicle without relying on support workers, family members, or other caregivers.

Home Caring’s NDIS providers pride themselves on delivering Core and Capital supports that encourage a heightened level of independence without ever compromising other requirements that may be covered by those two areas.

Using NDIS Capability Building to gain increased independence

The Capability Building supports remain the primary source of independence growth. You may be eligible to receive several forms of support from your NDIS coordinator and carers. The key categories are listed below:

Support Coordination

An NDIS support coordinator will put your plan in place. By working with you, as well as your family primary caregivers, you gain full transparency of what to expect. Likewise, establishing strong connections with local disability care providers removes confusion and concerns.

Living Arrangements

Finding a suitable home for living with your disabilities or conditions ensures safety and comfort in your home surroundings. This allows you to complete a plethora of daily tasks independently and confidently while also having a great environment for developing other key skills.

Job Hunting

Over 2 million Australians are of working age and living with disabilities. Employment-related support can cover resume writing, job applications, and job interview preparations. Support workers can also help you think about suitable careers for your strengths to build greater confidence and satisfaction.

Social Participation

The development of key social and communication skills will help you feel comfortable and confident in group situations. This familiarity will help remove any insecurities or anxiety that you may feel before events. Your NDIS provider can also assist you with finding local groups and sports clubs.

Health and Wellness

Support with your physical health through personalised nutrition and exercise plans won’t only boost your self-confidence and happiness. It’ll also go a long way to reducing the physical limitations caused by conditions and disabilities. Learning to live with those will then make you more independent.

Relationship Building

Developing skills on how to enjoy more meaningful interactions and conversations with your spouse will enhance your relationship. Alternatively, psychologists and other NDIS providers can help you gain confidence when approaching new relationships. This extends to finding suitable date ideas.

Life Choices

Smarter life choices will ultimately unlock better decisions and allow you to unlock the full potential of your strategy as well as your life. An NDIS Plan Manager can oversee the use of your allocated funds. When the financial administration is under control, you can place more focus on personal development.

Improved Learning

NDIS providers will support you with preparations and enrolment to TAFE or university courses. Higher education can teach a wealth of new skills and knowledge while also promoting an increased sense of self-confidence and awareness. This will boost your independence levels.

Daily Living

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy can help you develop fine motor skills and see physical improvements that aid daily life. From completing tasks around the home to doing more in the local area, you will rely less on carers and feel more capable of doing things autonomously.

You may find that your efforts should focus on just a small number of the above categories. When your NDIS service providers are committed to finding a tailored strategy that’s suited to your needs, a brighter future is assured.

How else can NDIS support affect your life?

The successful implementation of an NDIS plan will inevitably boost your health and happiness in many ways, not least in terms of your independence. Some of the key reasons to apply for this support include, but are not limited to;

  • It will remove some of the financial strain of living with disabilities,
  • You will gain peace of mind from working with world-class providers,
  • You will feel better about the fact you no longer rely on family members as much,
  • The increased organisation allows you to maintain consistent results,
  • It encourages you to consider further life developments to cope with your condition.

If you are eligible for NDIS support, you must not overlook its benefits any longer. Call Home Caring to discuss the application process, the three support areas, and working with NDIS registered providers today!

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