NDIS Housing Gold Coast

NDIS Housing Gold Coast

When you are living with a disability, finding somewhere to live is a challenge. While many housing options may be supportive and accessible, you may have to sacrifice your preferences, or live in a suburb that’s far away from your personal support network.

Home Caring provides a wide range of quality SDA housing on the Gold Coast that doesn’t just provide support, but actually feels like a home you want to live in. Our contemporary apartments, group homes and houses are comfortable and inviting, so you can enjoy your space and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life.

Our homes are also conveniently located in highly sought-after suburbs, close to amenities such as shops, recreation spaces, public transport, parks, medical centres, hospitals, education and employment opportunities.

As a housing provider, we offer Gold Coast Supported Independent Living homes, group homes, Medium Term Accommodation, Short Term Accommodation, Respite Care and High Care homes. If you have specific needs you would like to discuss, please get in touch with our friendly team, who are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Our NDIS homes feature:

  • Accessible features such as wheelchair accessible entrances, paths and corridors
  • Easy access bathrooms and kitchens for greater independence
  • A secure property with safety features such as slip resistant flooring, alarm systems and secure parking
  • Open and attractive spaces for recreation, relaxing and entertaining
  • Respite care to give loved ones a break for better mental health, for work, or to attend appointments
  • Opportunities to socialise with others and make friends, with plenty of space for privacy and alone time to recharge
  • Good quality appliances, furnishings and amenities for your comfort
  • Features for comfort and convenience, such as air condition, WiFi and proximity to recreation spaces
  • Great locations in safe thriving suburbs close to amenities and public transport
  • Opportunities to take part in social activities, attend day programs, and learn life skills while having fun
  • Regular home maintenance and a quick response to any problems that arise for peace of mind
  • A contemporary look and feel, so you can live in a place that you’re truly proud of
  • Support with creating a household routine, budgeting, cooking and daily living skills
  • NDIS housing options such as Robust Housing and High Physical Support available
  • Excellent customer service with a dedicated team on hand to help solve any problems
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Are you looking for quality disability accommodation on the Gold Coast? As Specialist Disability Accommodation providers on the Gold Coast, we have plenty of options to suit different needs. To chat about accessible housing options and current accommodation vacancies, please get in touch for a free consultation with our friendly staff.

You can find out more about our range of disability housing on the Gold Coast below:

SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)
SIL (Specialist Independent Living)
STA (Short Term Accommodation)
MTA (Medium Term Accommodation)
High Care (or Complex Care)
Group Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have disability accommodation in other parts of Australia?
Are you able to provide me with home care in my disability home?
What happens if I have an issue with my disability accommodation

NDIS SDA on the Gold Coast

Home Caring’s Specialist Disability Accommodation, Gold Coast, gives NDIS participants an opportunity to live in the community with all of the support they need. This can look different for each person, depending on your needs and the type of NDIS funding you are eligible for. We carefully match each person to a specialist housing solution that suits their lifestyle and circumstances, so you have everything you need to move forward in life.

Our SDA NDIS on the Gold Coast covers the following NDIS housing design categories:

  • Improved Liveability – features include safe and continuous accessways for people with physical impairments, physical access provision, accessible bathrooms and kitchens, special lighting and sensory features, improved wayfinding
  • Robust – resilient homes with robust construction that reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others, featuring secure doors and windows, and enough space to support people with complex behaviours
  • Fully Accessible – homes with a high level of physical access features for daily tasks and personal tasks such as eating, showering and toileting, cooking, and assistive technology to aid independence
  • High Physical Support – a home with special features that support people with very high support needs, such as a ceiling hoist and home modifications

SDA accommodation is designed to help people with extreme functional impairment accessing supports more easily, so they can live independent lives. Home Caring’s SDA accommodation on the Gold Coast are modern purpose-built homes that promote a more independent lifestyle. Using innovation and technology, our spaces are not only supportive, but comfortable and appealing. We create homes that people actually want to be in – a place where you can have friends and family over, relax, or learn new skills that build your independence.

Looking for NDIS specialist disability accommodation in Gold Coast? Chat to us about vacancies and your unique needs and circumstances. As an SDA provider on the Gold Coast, we’d love to help.

NDIS Supported Independent Living on the Gold Coast

Home Caring provides Supported Independent Living on the Gold Coast. This is a type of NDIS support that helps you live independently at home by providing help with things like daily living tasks, menu planning and meal preparation, keeping your home clean and tidy, grocery shopping, transport to appointments and  doing the laundry.

NDIS participants can receive SIL while living in a home with other people with disability (such as a group home), or while living on your own.

When you receive SIL NDIS on the Gold Coast with Home Caring, you’ll be empowered to live independently. We will provide experienced and qualified support workers to help you with daily living tasks, all while helping you develop your own skills so you can be in control of life. Our team also help residents create a routine that works, and organise household tasks such as cooking, housework, cleaning and chores. We listen to feedback and endeavour to tailor our services to meet your changing needs.

Home Caring is also an SDA provider, so you can receive SIL support as well as SDA housing from us. No matter how you choose to receive your supports, our NDIS Supported Independent Living in the Gold Coast will help you achieve quality of life in the community.

Short Term Accommodation on the Gold Coast

Short Term Accommodation is NDIS housing for a limited period of time (usually for up to 14 days), away from the place where you usually reside. This could be funded as respite to give your usual carer a break, while you have an opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy a different environment, and build your capacity.

If you’re looking for NDIS short term accommodation providers on the Gold Coast, Home Caring has plenty of options to suit different needs. Whether you need support while your usual carer is away, want a chance to learn some new skills, need a change in environment for a short time, or could do with time away, our Short Term Accommodation on the Gold Coast has plenty to offer.

Medium Term Accommodation on the Gold Coast

Medium Term Accommodation is a temporary NDIS housing solution for when you are unable to move into your permanent accommodation because your supports aren’t ready yet. This alternative living arrangement is usually funded by the NDIS for 90 days. Home Caring offers quality Medium Term NDIS accommodation on the Gold Coast for participants who need a place to stay. We’ll provide all the support you need, so you don’t have to worry while you wait for your long-term home to be ready.

NDIS High Intensity Support on the Gold Coast

High care support is for NDIS participants who need higher levels of medical care and specialist support. This could include support for people who have epilepsy and seizures, diabetes, pressure wounds or swallowing and eating difficulties, as well as medication management, manual handling for people with limited mobility (e.g. transferring in and out of bed), nutrition support, complex bowel support, tracheostomy care, PEG feeding (percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy) stoma, urinary catheter care, and ventilator support.

Home Caring provides high care on the Gold Coast for people with complex support needs. We offer skilled 24/7 care from experienced and qualified health care professionals and support workers, in an environment that is tailored to your needs. We also provide complex care support in unusual circumstances, such as after you’ve been discharged from a long stay in hospital, or if you have multiple disability care needs.

Our complex care on the Gold Coast is delivered with a care plan built just for you. For more information about personalised high intensity NDIS support on the Gold Coast, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Group Homes on the Gold Coast

Share houses or group homes are a good option for NDIS participants who want to live independently, but with a community of like-minded people. It can be a great opportunity to make new friends and take part in social activities, while still having enough personal space to take time out when you need it.

If you’re looking for a group home on the Gold Coast, we have plenty of great options available. We’ll match you with the right mix of people, so you have the best experience possible. Housemates will have an opportunity to enjoy social activities, take part in day programs, learn new skills, have fun and participate in new hobbies that develop your confidence (with plenty of space for privacy and time out alone).

You’ll also have an opportunity to develop your independent living skills, with shared responsibilities for daily living and chores. And you’ll have input into the household’s routine and schedule, giving you choice and independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have disability accommodation in other parts of Australia?

As well as disability accommodation on the Gold Coast, Home Caring provides NDIS housing options – including SDA, SIL support, group homes, Medium Term accommodation and Short Term accommodation – in regions all across Australia, including major cities, regional cities and rural areas. To find out if there are vacancies in your local area, please get in touch to chat with a member of our friendly team. We’d love to help you.

Are you able to provide me with home care in my disability home?

Home Caring is a registered NDIS provider, and provides a wide range of disability care services to people in the community. We are passionate about supporting people, so they can live independently at home and enjoy quality of life – whatever that looks like.

As SIL providers on the Gold Coast, Home Caring provides both disability housing (SDA) and supports to help you live independently at home (SIL). Our experienced team can help you with tasks such as personal care, housework, medication management, preparing meals, shopping, and transport – all while giving you the opportunity to learn new skills and building your capacity for independence. You can choose Home Caring as your SIL provider and your SDA provider, if that’s your preference. Please get in touch to find out more.

What happens if I have an issue with my disability accommodation?

Our client’s satisfaction is very important to us. Home Caring takes a collaborative approach to disability support, which means we have clear channels for feedback and complaints, and take suggestions on board regarding how we can better care for you, and meet your specific needs.

You can also make a complaint about your NDIS provider to the NDIA if something goes wrong with your support or services by calling 1800 035 544. You have a right to receive quality support, be informed about your service, and be in control of your NDIS support plan.

Want to find out more about disability homes on the Gold Coast? We’d love to chat and explore different NDIS housing options with you. Please get in touch for a FREE consultation with one of our friendly disability housing experts.

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