NDIS Provider Bundaberg

NDIS Provider Bundaberg

NDIS provider in Bundaberg

Do you need a local NDIS registered provider in Bundaberg suburbs?

Home Caring provides high quality NDIS services in Bundaberg, to help locals with disabilities live as independent as possible. Our experienced team of support workers and nurses are passionate about providing empowering support that helps our clients make each moment count. Whether you need personal care, skills training, transport, help with social activities or support at work, we’re here for you.

As a local NDIS provider in Bundaberg, we offer:

  • Personal care (e.g. help with changing clothes, showering, grooming)
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Transport and travel training
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistive technology (e.g. wheelchairs and motorised scooters)
  • Independent living aids
  • Social engagement and activities
  • Therapies such as occupational therapy and speech therapy
  • Mental health counselling
  • Implementing behaviour management plans
  • Improving family relationships
  • Help with work and education
  • Home modifications
  • Respite care
  • Support coordination to help you navigate the NDIS
  • Planning trips and day outings
  • Skills training
  • 24/7 support and overnight care
  • At home nursing services
  • Clinical care for complex needs
  • Medium-term and short-term accommodation
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in selected suburbs
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

…and more.

Our Team

Searching for high quality NDIS providers in Bundaberg? We’re here to assist. Our qualified support workers meet the needs of clients in every part of Bundaberg. Even though we’re a big provider with lots of experience, our teams are small and local. We truly care about helping people in the community, and making a difference to everyday life. By taking the time to understand you, we provide customised, one-on-one support that fits who you are, addresses your needs, and aligns with your specific goals.

As a Bundaberg NDIS service provider, we offer:

 Expertise – we’re skilled in delivering personalised support for a wide variety of conditions and needs, using knowledge to provide expert care that meets your needs.

Commitment – we are dedicated to providing the best support for our clients. We strive to deliver excellent service and genuine care that helps you reach your goals

Passion – Caring is more than a job! Supporting people with disabilities is our passion, and we love to help people achieve incredible things.

Empowerment – we focus on your abilities, empowering you to take change of your support plan, and how you’d like to work towards your goals.

Expertise – we offer exceptional, best practice support for complex disabilities, adhering to the highest standards of care.

Personalisation – no two people are the same. We treat each of our clients as unique, providing tailored support that is attuned to your needs.

Flexible – we understand that life can be busy, so we provide flexible care that you can fit around your schedule, and adapt as your care needs change.

 Need personal NDIS carers in Bundaberg?

Home Caring is dedicated to delivering personalised and expert support services, so people with disability can lead joyful, healthy lives in the community. Our team members, who are locals, offer high-quality support tailored to your specific needs and goals. With a wide range of skills and plenty of experience, we partner closely with each client and their families to create personalised support plans that truly enhance their quality of life.

We offer:

  • Support that is personalised to your needs and goals
  • Expertise in a wide range of conditions and disabilities
  • Training to help you build skills and confidence for everyday life
  • Social support, including fun activities, transport to events and more
  • Nursing care for health needs on a regular basis
  • Support to manage challenging behaviours
  • Home modifications to help you stay safe at home.

If you’d like to find out more about our disability care supports and NDIS plan, please get in touch with our customer services team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the NDIS help me?
Who is eligible for NDIS funding?
How do I apply for NDIS funding?
What is a NDIS provider?
What disabilities does NDIS funding cover?
What is a NDIS support worker?
What are the different ways I can manage my NDIS plan?
What ages do you provide NDIS support for?
Which Bundaberg suburbs do you provide NDIS support in?

How can the NDIS help me?

Living with a disability comes with many challenges, but the NDIS is a vital resource that can empower you towards greater independence.

With a focus on personalised support plans, the NDIS provides government funding so that people with disability can access services based on specific needs, goals, and aspirations. This ensures that participants get the help they need, whether it’s mobility equipment, help with school, communication assistance, or skills training for an independent life.

Along with essential care services, the NDIS also actively promotes community participation and inclusion for people with disability. This could be assistance to attend community activities, social support, employment opportunities, education support, transport, or learning communication skills. Central to all of these services is choice and control. NDIS participants are empowered to choose their own service providers, set goals that they’d like to work towards, and determine how their allocated funding is used.

Searching for high quality NDIS service providers? Home Caring provides quality NDIS supports to locals in Bundaberg, for a happy and independent life. To chat to someone about your unique care needs, please get in touch with our friendly team for a free consultation.

Who is eligible for NDIS funding?

To be eligible for NDIS funding, you must:

  • Be aged between 9 and 65 (if you have a child younger than 9, an early childhood provider can provide assistance, and let families know if the NDIS is the right option for their child. If you are over 65, you can receive support through the Australian government’s Home Care Package scheme).
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or Protected Special Category Visa holder
  • Live in Australia
  • Have a permanent disability caused by a physical, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or psychosocial impairment
  • Have an impairment means you have substantial reduced capacity to do daily life activities.

Are you looking for NDIS support services in Bundaberg? As a disability provider, Home Caring provides personalised support services and NDIS support coordination that helps you make the most of your government funding. To chat to someone about your circumstances, please get in touch with our friendly staff team.

How do I apply for NDIS funding?

To apply for the NDIS, the first thing you need to do is check if you are eligible for support. You can do this by visiting the NDIS website or contacting their helpline on 1800 800 110. Eligibility is generally based on having a permanent and significant disability that affects your ability to do everyday activities.

Once you confirm your eligibility, the next step is to fill out an access request form. This form gathers information about your disability, the support you currently receive, and your future goals. You can find the access request form on the NDIS website, or ask for a hard copy to be sent to you. Don't worry if you need help filling it out – family members, friends, or support workers can assist you throughout the process.

You will also need to provide documentation as evidence of your disability, and its impact on your daily life. This might include any assessments you have undertaken, or reports from your GP or other healthcare professionals. You will also need to provide ID documents, such as an Australian passport, Visa or birth certificate.

After handing in your access request form, a NDIS worker will contact you to arrange a meeting, either over the phone or in person. This is a chance to chat about the kind of support you need, ask any questions you may have, and find out if a NDIS plan is the best way to support your needs. If you are approved for a NDIS plan, the NDIA will partner with you to create a support plan that outlines your goals and the supports that will help you achieve quality of life. You will then be able to choose a service provider you like, who will provide you with the supports outlined in your plan.

Looking for NDIS registered providers in Bundaberg? Home Caring provides person-centred disability support for NDIS participants who want to live independently. To find out more about NDIS support services in Bundaberg and our government-funded NDIS supports, please get in touch.

What is a NDIS provider?

A NDIS provider is a group, individual or organisation that helps people with disabilities live independently in the community. They play a crucial role in making sure that participants get the assistance they need, so they can engage with others and be supported in everyday tasks.

NDIS providers are approved by the government to offer these services, and they follow regulations and guidelines to ensure they provide quality support. Participants can choose the NDIS provider that best suits their needs, and they can choose providers at any time.

There are various types of NDIS providers that offer different kinds of support. Some providers, such as support workers, focus on helping with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, or personal care. These are often called 'support workers.' Therapy providers and allied health workers assist with things like physiotherapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy to improve specific skills. Another type is accommodation support providers, who help individuals find suitable places to live and support them in their homes. Additionally, there are providers that offer community participation services, encouraging people with disabilities to engage in social activities, hobbies, or even education.

As a NDIS approved provider in Bundaberg, Home Caring provides a wide range of services, from personal care and nursing at home, to disability housing, therapies, home modifications and support coordination. To find out more, please get in touch with our customer service team.

What disabilities does NDIS funding cover?

The NDIS in Australia covers a wide range of permanent disabilities and conditions that significantly impact a person's ability to participate in everyday activities. It provides access to tailored support, and eligibility is determined by the impact of the disability on a person's functional capacity.

The types of disabilities covered by the NDIS include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Psychosocial disabilities (mental health conditions)
  • Sensory disabilities (vision or hearing impairments)
  • Neurological conditions (such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy)
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Acquired brain injuries

It's important to note that eligibility for the NDIS isn’t just based on the type of disability a participant has, but also on the functional impact of the disability on that person's daily life. The aim is to provide individualised support plans to help participants achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Home Caring provides tailored support for NDIS participants who need support to live independently in the community. Our highly experienced teams provide expert care for a wide range of disabilities and complex care needs. To chat to someone about accessing NDIS care in Bundaberg, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.

What is a NDIS support worker?

A support worker who provides NDIS services is a professionally trained carer who assists people with disabilities in daily living, based on their specific needs and NDIS goals. This could mean providing personal care (e.g. help with dressing and bathing), helping with the housework, transport to activities, grocery shopping assistance, help with exercise, providing support at school, and social engagement. It could also mean stepping in to provide respite care for a brief period of time, so loved ones can take a break from their caring responsibilities.

NDIS support workers can also help participants develop basic living skills for everyday life, such as communicating with others, organising your timetable, doing the grocery shopping, catching public transport in your local area, budgeting, and problem solving. Support workers can also provide valuable emotional support and companionship, and they keep records of the assistance they provide.

As a NDIS approved service provider in Bundaberg, Home Caring’s team of disability care workers provide high quality services that help you achieve a happy, healthy life, and make informed choices about your care. Whether you need skills training, respite care, community services, domestic assistance, employee assistance, education programmes, incontinence products or help with household tasks, we’re here to provide NDIS home help in Bundaberg for locals, and help remove social barriers. To find out more about our services, please get in touch with our customer service team.

What are the different ways I can manage my NDIS plan?

Here are the common ways you can manage your NDIS plan:

  • Agency-managed: you choose your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers, and the NDIA (the National Disability Insurance Agency) pays them directly for you. You can still stay on top of what your providers are charging from your funding, so you can stay on budget.
  • Self-managed: you manage your NDIS funding and how it’s spent. If you’d like to manage your own funds, talk to your Local Area Coordinator. They'll guide you through the process and make sure you have all the information you need.
  • Plan-managed: a registered NDIS plan management provider helps you manage your funding. They can handle your NDIS funds and pay your chosen providers on your behalf.

Are you looking for NDIS in home support in Bundaberg QLD? Home Caring helps people with disability get the most out of life with individualised services and participation in community life. For more information about our key services from our dedicated team, please get in touch.

What ages do you provide NDIS support for?

As NDIS accredited providers in Bundaberg, Home Caring provides disability care supports to eligible people at all stages of life – children who require early intervention therapies and life skill development, older teenagers who have a developmental delay or mental health issue, young adults seeking independence, or older adults who need life skills, products & equipment, or therapeutic supports for their needs. We also provide supported accommodation (SIL) for participants who want to live out of home, but need help with daily tasks.

If you are an older person who is over 65 years old and you need support to live safely at home, Home Caring offers tailored aged care services to help you age well in the familiar surrounds of your community. Our teams provide care that is personalised to your needs, taking the time to get to know you, so we can provide support that makes everyday life easier.

Not sure which option is best for you? Home Caring provides both Home Care Packages and NDIS support services in Bundaberg. Whether you need aged care at home or disability services, we’re available to help you with the little things, for a happy life. To find out more about our services and which type of support suits you best, please get in touch.

Which Bundaberg suburbs do you provide NDIS support in?

Our Bundaberg NDIS home care services is available in an increasing number of suburbs in Bundaberg East, Bundaberg, Bundaberg Central QLD, Bundaberg North QLD and Bundaberg South QLD, as we have more experienced support workers and healthcare professionals available to provide a range of services to people with disability care needs. We’re flexible and can work to your timetable, so you can get the care you need, when you need it.

To enquire whether we have a support worker team in your local area and ask about individual support plans, child, youth & family services, and disability support services, please get in touch with our customer service staff. We’re here to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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