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TAC / WorkSafe

TAC and WorkSafe services

Recovering from a road accident or workplace injury can be challenging. Your recovery is the most important thing, so you can achieve your goals and continue moving forward in life.

Home Caring is here to help you. As a registered provider with the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, and a registered WorkSafe provider, we can provide support if you are recovering from a transport accident, living with a disability from a transport accident, or recovering from a workplace accident.

Our TAC and WorkCover services include:

  • post-acute care or attendant care support such as personal care, transferring in and out of bed, helping you move around your home after a stay in hospital
  • TAC home services such as housework, laundry, cleaning and preparing meals. Our carers will support you with tasks as you recover, and are able to take on tasks for yourself;
  • supported accommodation in a safe and warm environment, if you find it difficult to live independently without help;
  • Disability support services to help you build your skills, engage with the community and increase your independence;
  • independent living aids and specialised equipment such as wheelchairs, walking frames, hospital beds and lift chairs;
  • home modifications so you can live independently, such as installing hand rails in the bathroom or an access ramp to your home;
  • 24 hour care if you need round the clock support to help you stay safe during the recovery process;
  • child care services to help you care for your children until you get back on your feet. We’ll help with everyday tasks such as feeding and bathing so you can focus on your recovery.

For more information or to inquire about services for you or your loved one, please get in touch. Please note that you need a current approval through the TAC (Claim Number) to receive our services.

Our team

When it comes to home care and support, we’re the experts. Our locally based teams are experienced and skilled at providing support to a high quality standard, with compassion and respect.

We work closely with your coordinator and GPs to make sure you receive individualised support once you are discharged from hospital. We also take the time to understand your situation and your family’s schedule, so your care is exactly what you need.

What are TAC services?

The Transport Accident Commission supports people who are injured on Victoria’s roads. This means that if you have been injured in a transport-related incident, you may be eligible for support from the TAC. This could include treatment services to help you recover or longer-term support if the injury you sustained is significant, permanent and ongoing.

How much support do you receive?

Every person’s needs are different. The TAC looks at each case individually when determining how much to pay. The support provided depends on your circumstances, and may include:

  • help with paying for medical treatment and rehabilitation needed for your injuries;
  • support services to help you while you recover, such as help with housework;
  • income support if you can’t work because of your accident injuries;
  • return to work support for you and your employer;
  • a lump sum payment if you are eligible for compensation.

The TAC doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle or services that aren’t related to your transport accident. As your needs change, the TAC continually reviews your services to ensure they are reasonable and reflect what you can and cannot do.

For more information about TAC services, visit the TAC website.

What are WorkSafe providers?

If you have been injured at work, you may be able to claim compensation for services to support your recovery and return to work, or longer-term support if you have ongoing need. This includes community nursing, allied health services, occupational rehabilitation, personal care, home modifications, counselling, help with housework, supported accommodation, transport and more. Some services can be accessed without a referral, while others may require one.

Home Caring is a registered provider with WorkSafe. If you’re looking for Worksafe providers, we offer high quality supports and services based on your individual needs, so you can get on with life. For more information about what compensation you are eligible for and the supports you can access, visit the WorkSafe website.

Do you have questions about TAC or WorkSafe registered providers? Or would like to chat to someone in person? Give us a call on 1300 875 377. We’re happy to help.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


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