Giving Loretta her independence
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Giving Loretta her independence

Loretta has always loved being independent. A naturally inquisitive person, she takes the time to understand things and make her own informed decisions.

This quality has helped Loretta a lot through life – especially now, as she is actively involved in her aged care services. Six years ago, after smashing the patella in her left knee, Loretta was forced to leave her job at an op shop and required help with everyday tasks. She was approved for a Level 2 Home Care Package but unfortunately, she wasn’t happy with her provider’s services.

“I was a carer myself for ten years, nursing my mother at home, so I know what’s involved,” says Loretta. “I had to have an operation on my eye, and I needed someone to stay in the house overnight with me or the procedure couldn’t be done. I contacted my provider at the time, and they couldn’t do that for me.”

Care that goes ‘above and beyond’

 While on the hunt for a new provider, Loretta called Home Care Narre Warren – led by highly experienced Registered Nurses, Nohan Dhalayatar and Priya Nathan. Nohan and Priya took the time to visit Loretta, get to know her, and find out what type of care she truly wanted.

While helping her design a range of services to suit her needs, they also discovered that Loretta’s service provider fee was too high. “They explained they only take 20 percent from my package, while my previous provider was taking 35 percent,” says Loretta. “They were very upfront and honest with me, which I appreciated.”

Today, Home Caring helps Loretta with keeping her house clean and tidy, shopping for essentials, and ordering nutritious meals. The team also arranged for someone to mow Loretta’s lawns, installed an in-house emergency button in her house, and provided much needed transport

“Loretta is wonderful, and it’s a joy to provide for her needs,” says Nohan. “She’s actively involved in her care, and we do our best to make sure that she has everything she needs to live independently, in the way she wants.”

Loretta loves her carers’ dedication to her care, and how it’s helped her regain her confidence at home. “What they’ve told me they will do, they do,” she says. “My whole place is clean and manageable; I don’t have to worry. I get online shopping, I don’t have to worry about getting from A to B, I know everything will be done properly, the way I like it. They also takes an interest in you personally, which is important as we’re all different.”

Nohan and Priya were also able to organise overnight care for Loretta after her eye operation – much to her relief. “Even though my operation was cancelled twice because of COVID, they arranged to have someone stay overnight after the operation, and showed no hesitation in doing this for me. They really went above and beyond,” says Loretta.

“I’m happy that I made that phone call to Home Caring Narre Warren, and I’ve been very happy with their service!”

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