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Name: Dora Lovato

Title: Director

Home Care Services Glebe

Home Caring Glebe meets the needs of seniors and people living with disabilities in the Sydney Eastern suburbs and beyond.

Established in 2019 by Dora, Milton, and Camila, along with our dedicated team of support workers, Home Caring has consistently delivered exceptional service to our community. With Dora and Milton’s extensive expertise in team management, customer service, and entrepreneurship, complemented by Camila’s extensive background as a Registered Nurse with over 21 years of experience in Australia and Canada, they lead a team of compassionate, professional, and empathetic support workers committed to providing high-quality services.

At Home Caring Glebe, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of personalized home care services. All of our services are delivered with the aim of maintaining dignity, choice, and independence. We partner with you from the start to be sure that you are receiving the care you deserve. Our qualified care team will assist you in living the best life you can. We can assist you with personal care, housekeeping, community support, specialized care, and more.


Why In Home Care Glebe?

Millions of people around the globe face the dilemma of choosing between taking care of a loved one or reaching out for help. While the desire to take on the former option is very commendable, there are many reasons why professional in home care is the better solution. In fact, even the Australian government encourages this route rather than giving up our life to become a full-time care. There are many reasons for this, some of the most compelling being;

It’s the best option for your loved one because they are able to keep living in the home while remaining safe, healthy, and comfortable at all times. Furthermore, it removes the fear of being a burden on the family while also staying united with spouses, pets, and their surroundings.

It’s the best option for you as you’ll have the chance to remain a central figure in your loved one’s life without losing your identity. The knowledge that you’ve made the right decision will also put your mind at ease from the moment you finally seek support.

It’s the only service that offers one-on-one care from a team of dedicated and qualified aged care professionals that appreciate the importance of offering companionship. It also removes the threat of contracting illnesses from other care home residents.

It’s the far cheaper option than 24/7 residential care home living, which easily hit the five-figure bracket, while it also allows your loved one to retain their greatest financial asset. This makes it the best solution for their immediate and long-term situation.

It’s a solution that combines the best elements of residential care (professional support) and remaining a home (familiarity, costs, one-on-one care) to ensure your loved one receives the best and most practical support available.

Essentially, in home care Glebe is the ultimate type of support for any family that needs a helping hand, providing a practical, comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective answer to your prayers. In truth, there are many signs that the current strategy isn’t working – the fact you’re even considering home care solutions confirms that arranging a consultation with the Home Caring team is essential.

Why Choose Home Caring Glebe?

Appreciating the need for additional support is one thing, but finding the right type of support is another altogether. Home Caring helps families throughout Glebe, the wider Sydney region, New South Wales, and even the states of Queensland and Victoria. We are perfectly placed to provide the personal care your loved one deserves too.

We pride ourselves on working with families and primary caregivers to provide the consistent and comprehensive service to make your loved one’s life as comfortable as it can be. Other reasons for choosing Home Caring include;

As a local in the care service, we can find suitable activities within the local area while also using our knowledge of the area when completing errands or building genuine friendships with the patients. Moreover, our proximity removes the threat of lateness or missed appointments while we can be readily available in an emergency.

Our caregivers are fully qualified and certified professionals who can provide a full range of home care services including dementia care, disability care, domiciliary care, respite care, aged care, and palliative care. Furthermore, our advanced understanding of the human elements ensures all support is tailored to the needs of the individual.

We are an NDIS provider that can help you with the NDIS applications due to our accreditation with NDIS and Aged Care. This support in regards to the insurance schemes can make a huge difference for the patient as well as their families. Crucially, by making this process smoother, you can spend more time enjoying your loved one.

All of our services are tailored to the needs of the individual and their primary caregivers. From selecting the right schedule of visits to the perfect list of activities and support that are required, everything is designed to maximize the efficiency of time and money. With regular analysis to respond to changing situations, success is assured.

The company’s growth since 2015 shows that we are here for the long haul and will continue to raise the bar on what can be achieved in relation to quality care for your loved one. We truly put the care back into home care, and love nothing more than seeing patients and their families reap the rewards of restored normality.

Regardless of the level or type of care that’s required, Home Caring provides a dedicated and professional service that’s sure to tick all the boxes for everyone living in Glebe or the surrounding areas.

A Comprehensive Range Of Home Care

While there are many features that separate Home Caring from other in home care providers in Australia, the fact we cover all types of home care is what ensures we have the perfect solution for all residents in Glebe and beyond. Our trained experts boast the skills and experience to provide winning care across all conditions and stages of support:

Aged Care Glebe: Getting older inevitably brings a host of changes in life, not least in regards to mobility and the ability to complete daily tasks. Our aged care experts provide the support needed to maintain a sense of independence while additionally offering companionship and genuine care. Our senior care packages are tailored to include all the tasks that your loved one requires while rebuilding their confidence too.

Dementia Care Glebe: Our team of professional, skilled, and compassionate carers will devise a winning care plan that’s tailored to the needs of the individual in their battle against declining mental health. With a deep understanding of the disease’s various forms and stages, as well as those of associated memory conditions, ensuring that your loved one stays safe and comfortable has never been simpler.

Disability Care Glebe: In home disability care packages focus on understanding the patient’s condition and the many challenges that it brings. From adaptations around the home to support with daily tasks and integrating with society, our experts can exercise their skills and experience to support your loved one through a wide range of disabilities and conditions. Moreover, our NDIS support coordination can help with funding.

Domiciliary Care Glebe: Our caregivers offer domiciliary care services for individuals and couples, allowing them to continue living in their homes (assuming they have the ability and desire to do so). Whether it’s weekly visits, daily visits, or 24/7 in home nursing care, our caregivers provide everything needed for patients to enjoy a safe, efficient, and cost-effective approach to in home care solutions.

Palliative Care Glebe: The end of life cycle is one type of care where you cannot afford to settle for anything less than the best. Our compassionate team are there to provide personal care, emotional support, and companionship throughout this difficult period to ensure your loved one has the dignity and comfort they deserve. This can extend to pain management as well as support for the families.

Respite Care Glebe: Our experts appreciate that the patient isn’t the only one that needs a helping hand. We offer a range of respite care for primary caregiver. From overnight care and private elderly care to daytime services that enable you to carry on with your life, our ability to keep your loved one in safe hands provides you with some much needed rest without the stress or fear of inferior care.

In Home Care Glebe Daily Activities

When choosing personal care Glebe for your loved one, it’s imperative that you’re able to confirm the provider’s ability to actually satisfy the needs of your loved one. Paying for a private home care that only completes half the job is never a wise move. This is one of the many reasons that Home Caring is the perfect choice. Our certified caregivers can complete a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to;

Bathing and using the restroom,
Beauty care, dressing, and daily grooming,
Cleaning the home and providing regular maintenance,
Cooking and feeding,
Daily or weekly errands outside of the home.
First aid support and wound care,
Medication administrations, including suppositories
Mobility support around the home,
Overnight care,
Providing transportation outside of the home,
And more.

All of our private care Glebe services can be tailored to your individual needs, meaning we’ll provide all of the necessary assignments while also avoiding the unnecessary steps. Furthermore, the type, frequency, and level of support can change over time. Most of the tasks can be completed from the comfort of their home while the tasks can be combined too.

For daily support, weekly support, and world-class elderly care Glebe, Home Caring is the only service you’ll need. We provide home care with a smile to put the smile back on your loved one’s face too.

Find Out More About Home Care Glebe Today

Here at Home Caring, our only goal is to improve your loved one’s quality of life while also providing compassion and comfort for the entire family. Fro senior care Glebe packages to palliative care and dementia care, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards should fill you with confidence.

However, we appreciate that this is a major decision for your family, which is why we are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss the situation and give you a chance to gain some insight into us. It’s also an opportunity to build a winning strategy – after all, planning and preparation are key ingredients in the recipe for home care success.

To find out more about the affordable, bespoke in home care packages that Home caring can provide for your family, give us a call today.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.