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Randwick is a suburb of Eastern Sydney, which gets its name from a village in Gloucestershire, England.  It is a much larger location than its namesake with a population that exceeds 30,000, more than half of which were born in the city. Although it is mainly residential it does have a commercial area, a racecourse and has earned the nickname of the ‘Sports Coast’.

With more than 29km of coastline, the city has 10 beaches and bats as well as recreational facilities for people of all ages.

Among its residents, there are elderly and disabled people, some of who need help to lead a normal everyday life. Care for those over 65 years of age and the disabled is not something that is needed just in Australia. It is an issue worldwide and different cultures handle it in various ways.

In Home Care In Randwick

In home care in Randwick for the elderly is an option that is available to the families and relatives who are trying to provide care. As people begin to age, their capabilities start to diminish and their bodies do not function quite so well. Apart from not being able to do some of the tasks to take care of themselves, this can be very frustrating and upsetting for them.

When someone has lead an active and independent life, suddenly having to rely on the help of others can be depressing for them. There is always the possibility of placing them in a care home, but if they can have in home care in Randwick they can stay in the comfort of their own home. The familiar surroundings are much better for them than being with strangers in a place they do not know.

Domiciliary care in Randwick could be the perfect answer for many of the aged population, as well as also being available for disabled people too. The amount of care needed can vary greatly from just an hour a day to 24-hour care. Whichever time is needed, the person involved is able to keep some of their independence as well as receive visitors without time restrictions. They are encouraged and supported through the challenges life presents them with and this helps to make them feel they are still in control of their destiny.

Dementia Care In Randwick

Dementia and conditions such as Alzheimer’s can leave the sufferer confused and frightened. They tend to retreat into a world of their own as they do not understand what is happening to them. As the condition gets worse, they can become a danger to themselves and that is when dementia care in Randwick can step in to help.

The families of sufferers suffer too as they see their loved one becoming like a different person. The patient and the family need support to get them through this dreadful experience and to help make the person with dementia as comfortable as possible.

Home Caring has specialist dementia care professionals who are here to help anyone in this situation. A free assessment of the care needed is easy to arrange, and then as the condition gets worse, the care plan can be adjusted.

Disability Care In Randwick

Disabilities can be at many different levels. Some people are born with them and others sustain them in accidents. However they have become disabled, they may need help to carry out some of the tasks that the rest of us take for granted. Simple jobs like getting dressed or taking a shower can be a problem for them but with disability care in Randwick, they can have the help they need to get these things done.

Home Caring will help clients to take advantage of their NDIS funding by providing home help, daily activities, self-care, day programs, accessing social and community support that we will coordinate and generally help clients to be as independent as possible, sometimes through Supported Independent Living options.

We will work together with the disabled person and their family to provide a care plan that best suits their needs, and arranging a free consultation for this to be done just takes a phone call to book a time for one of our specialists to visit.

Palliative Care In Randwick

Palliative care in Randwick and providing the emotional support a patient needs when they are in the last stages of an illness that will end their life is something that needs compassion and understanding. Home Caring has specialist carers to handle this very special type of care and they will do their best to improve the quality of life for the time they have left.

Working together with doctors, nurses and the hospice team they will ensure that pain relief is administered to reduce any suffering. They will provide daily help with looking after the home and general household duties such as shopping.  We can provide overnight care too and will generally support the patient and their loved ones at this very difficult time.

If someone in your family has been diagnosed with cancer, motor neurone disease, had a stroke or suffered from any other condition that is terminal, we can help them to cope with the situation they have found themselves in.

Good care is what everyone deserves at this very difficult time and at Home Caring we will provide the excellent service they need.

Respite Care In Randwick

Family carers can be under a lot of strain. It is not unusual for them to be trying to hold down a job, look after a family and care for their elderly or disabled relative at the same time. They can only do this for so long before something starts to suffer and most of the time it is their own health as they try to keep struggling through.

They will probably become exhausted and start to feel anxious and depressed. The longer they carry on, the worse they will get until something occurs that makes them realise what is happening to them. What they need to realise is that if they become ill, who will look after their loved one the?

Home Caring is here to help by providing some respite care in Randwick to give the family carer a break. It can be arranged so that the carer has a day off each week or so they can have a vacation, and it depends on what it is they feel would help them the most.

Part of the problem that family carers have is that they tend to feel no one will provide care to the high standard they do. However, if they have an assessment meeting with one of our experts they will soon realise that we will give every little detail our attention and make sure they can have a break without worrying over their loved one.

Having some time for themselves where they can just relax will recharge their bodies and brain will enable them to carry on refreshed and more alert. Whether they have weekend breaks, a two-week vacation or just a few hours occasionally, the respite car in Randwick could be what helps to keep them well too.

Choosing Home Care In Randwick From Home Caring

At Home caring, we are NDIS and Aged Care Approved Service providers. All of our carers undergo strict identity checks and extra training if it is needed. The needs of our clients are always put first and to ensure that happens our carers have to be compassionate and caring in their attitudes. We expect them to be dedicated and provide a perfect service that will exceed the expectation of our client, and if they are not able to do that then they do not work with Home Caring.

Whether you need care for an aged or a disabled family member you can rest assured that we are flexible enough can professional enough to ensure that care of the highest standard is given. If at any time you feel that something could be improved, have a chat with us as we will always listen and will welcome your feedback. We strive to be the best and in doing so ensure that your loved one receives home care in Randwick that is rivalled by no other.

If you have a disabled person or someone over 65 in your family that needs some care, or if you need a break to save your sanity, give us a call today 1300 875 377.  Find out how we can help to relieve your stress from the current situation. We will also help you through the minefield of government legislation to see if you qualify for assistance with the costs involved, or help to deal with insurance companies when you have a policy that provides for home care in Randwick cover.

It will not cost you anything to find out more about the care and support your loved and you deserve. Pick up that phone now as once you have made the initial contact with us, you will be wishing you had done it long ago.

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