Home Care Rockhampton

Home Care Rockhampton

If you’re looking for home care in Rockhampton, we’re the team that can help. We’re a care agency ready to provide high-quality professional in-home health care services in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Our specialised and taylored homecare services are designed to support activities of daily living, and that is exactly what we deliver. Our fantastic care team are committed to ensuring that your loved ones can live in your home in complete safety. and comfort

Are your loved ones:

  • Experiencing pain and hardship from a chronic health issue?
  • Suffering from the inability to do the activities they love?
  • Aging and need help to live independently?
  • Dealing with a disability?

We understand how difficult that can be. The good news is that our home care services are designed to provide round-the-clock personal care so that people such as you or your loved ones can preserve their dignity and maintain a good quality of life amidst the challenges they are experiencing.

Read more about how we can help below.

Home Care Services in Rockhampton

The home care services we provide here in Rockhampton come in different types designed to accommodate varying needs. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Our 24-hour care and assistance service ensure that there is always someone watching over your loved ones, reducing the risk of falls, providing emotional support, and assisting with all the activities of daily living.

Depending on the needs of the patient, our professional team is trained to help with:

  • Assisting with walking and transferring the patient from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.
  • Bathing, grooming, and dressing.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Safety and prevention of falls
  • Toileting
  • Continence care
  • Ongoing wellness monitoring.
  • Status report to the family

If there’s anything here we haven’t mentioned, let us know. We’re committed to providing exactly the service you need so that you feel completely comfortable.

Home Care Packages in Rockhampton

Our home care packages for patients in Rockhampton are flexible and can be customized depending on the patient’s needs. You and your provider will sit down to draft the most suitable plan for your loved ones.

Items you can add to your home care plan include:

  • Bathing, hygiene, and grooming
  • Nursing – to help in monitoring medical conditions at home
  • Meals and food preparation
  • Physiotherapy and other therapies
  • Impairments or incontinence
  • Garden maintenance
  • Transport – to get the patient out and about to community activities and appointments

NDIS Providers in Rockhampton

As accredited NDIS providers in Rockhampton, our care company can help you assemble a suitable support plan that takes care of all your needs while considering the best support staff we can provide to help you implement the plan.

If you’re experiencing a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can provide you with funding for support services. We can help you apply for this government funding, by helping you prepare your application to the NDIS.

For example, we can help you take advantage of the  aged care funding options provided by the government. The government’s aged-care system is designed to provide funding for Australians over 65 years of age, who can no longer live unsupported in their own homes.

We are an accredited service provider that can help you understand the ins and outs of these programs and, ultimately, take advantage of them. We are committed to walking you through the process to ensure you get the best support available for you.

If you are successful with coverage, the NDIS fund will be sent directly to your plan to be allocated to services you need from the provider of your choice. To determine if you are eligible for this funding, you can complete the NDIS eligibility checklist.

Disability Care in Rockhampton

As a top-notch provider of disability care provider in Rockhampton, we provide support to adults, including those suffering from intellectual impairment.

Our specialists offer support for anyone with a debilitating condition, including:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, etc.

You may have complex care requirements, but just the same, you have the inalienable right to live your life to the fullest and spend time together with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

Living in your home while you age gracefully is every person’s dream. It allows people to:

  • Easily get connected with their family and friends.
  • Enjoy being active, productive, and useful in their local community.
  • Live in familiar surroundings where they can live their lives the way they feel.

Dementia Care in Rockhampton

Our company highlights some of the best specialist dementia care services and practices one can find in this country. If your loved one struggles with dementia, we can provide the best in-home care possible for the condition.

Our dementia services guarantee that your loved one is completely taken care of with our:

  • Regular checks and reminders
  • Strict scheduling of visits and pop-ins

We know that it is a gut-wrenching experience knowing that the person you love with all your heart has dementia. But don’t lose heart.

We know the condition very well, and we come armed with the best strategies to help your beloved alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease:

  • Memory loss
  • Communication deficiencies
  • Visual and spatial discordance
  • Difficulty reasoning or problem-solving

With our reliable dementia care here in Rockhampton , we guarantee people under our care can stay in charge of the things they need to accomplish.

We are truly here to make a genuine difference in the lives of the people that matter most to you.

Learn More about Home Care in Rockhampton

Aging, getting weaker physically, or contracting a chronic disease is not the end of an active and productive life. Remember, you are in control of your own life – every minute and every second of it. Our professional staff can help you take back that control.

To learn more about the full benefit of getting home care services, connect with our specialists here at Home Caring today by clicking this link.

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