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What Services Does Home Care Provide?

Accepting that you are no longer able to cope alone at home is one of the toughest decisions that anyone can make. It’s not a pleasant experience, and you may do anything that you can to put that dreaded moment off. You may even convince yourself that admitting a problem could lead to having to leave your home altogether. As such, you might struggle in ways you don’t need to and make your life a lot more difficult than it should be. You may continue trying to complete tasks once you’re unable. Or, you may let things fall into disrepair.

Believe it or not, admitting you need help from companies like Home Caring is one of the best things you could do for your home health. Far from meaning you have to give up your house, this could see you receiving in-home care which makes your life better than ever. This allows you to retain your freedom while making sure that you get everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. Having home carers check on you each day shouldn’t even stop you going for days out and doing all those things you’ve always loved. What’s more, these trained individuals will be able to track your health. They can then catch issues before hospitalisation or home removal become necessary.

Instead of fearing help like this, then, you should accept it for the lifesaver it could soon turn into. Before you know, you could have a spring back in your step in more ways than one. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to find out what Home Caring could do for you daily.

The support you need

One of the scariest things about home care is not knowing what to expect from a financial or care angle. None of us like stepping into the unknown, especially with something as vital as our health and finances. The last thing you want is a care package which doesn’t suit, and a price tag which will clear you out in no time. The good news is that most Australian home care services are government funded. With the right guidance, then, it’s much easier than you’d think to get the care you need without having to break the bank.

Of course, applying for government funding in itself can seem like a bit of a challenge. But, with Home Caring, you’ll get all the help you need along the way. From your first consultation, we’ll point you towards all the financial services and information you need to get started. And, that’s not where the support ends, either. During the consultation stage, you’ll also undergo assessments to determine your ideal care plan. At no stage in this journey should you be left in the lurch. Every step of the way you’ll have the support you need to make sure that home care works for you in every possible way.

Help at home

Obviously, the help offered within your home is the central part of any home care service. And, with Home Caring, this is sure not to let you down. We work to make your life easier than it ever has been, and we do so with a few different services. See for yourself by reading all about the help available in your home.

  • Domestic assistance

As you get older, the domestic tasks which were once second nature to you can become somewhat more laborious. Even just putting a load in the washing can be a challenge if you’re experiencing back pains or other such aches. With domestic assistance, you won’t need to worry about these chores anymore. A home carer will be able to take care of everything from doing your washing to cleaning your bathroom for you. That means you can expect to see your home sparkling again. All without having to strain yourself to achieve the goal. If you have a large garden, a carer could even get out there and see your lawn sparkling again in no time.

  • Meals and shopping

Making nutritional meals can also be a challenge if you struggle to stand for extended periods. You may be unable to get to the shops, let alone make a meal worth eating. The trouble is that keeping on top of your nutritional intake is more important now than ever. Luckily, home care services could see you eating some top-quality meals all over again. That’s because carers can either take you shopping or do your shopping themselves. They can also then prepare meals to last you during their absence. It saves you a job, and it can make a massive difference to your health on the whole.

  • Safety and security

Home care services can also go a considerable way towards helping you feel safer in your home. If you live alone, it’s natural to fear having an accident with no help in sight. A simple fall could fast turn into a serious issue if you don’t put proper procedures in place. With home care services, you can let go of these fears altogether. Even just knowing that a carer will be arriving every day can help put worries at ease here. Your carer may also provide you with alarms and panic buttons which you can keep on you at all times. That way, you can rest easy that you’ll be able to call for help no matter what happens.

  • Transport

Driving may not be possible for you anymore, and that can make it all too easy to become isolated. If you’re unable to get around, you may become reliant on family visiting you, or having your shopping delivered instead of getting it yourself. That can be an unpleasant feeling which you could shake with home care. That’s because home care providers also provide transport to help you get out and about when you fancy. This could see you making social visits yourself, or just heading to the shops to get yourself out of the house. It may seem like a small thing, but this can make a huge difference to your quality of life. It also ensures you needn’t worry about booking expensive taxis when medical appointments come around. Instead, you’ll be able to call on your care team who can sort things out for you.

  • Social support

Speaking of heading out to socialise, a home carer can also take care of your social needs. Loneliness is a serious problem for elderly individuals. Sadly, you may fall foul to it if you don’t have any family around. This can do real damage to your mental health, but it can also impact your physical wellbeing. Consider that loneliness itself has been linked to inflammation and heart disease. A 2015 study even found that loneliness was as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. You could say, then, that it’s vital you get out regularly. And, a carer can ensure you do that. Professionals in this field can direct you towards day centres and social groups. Each of these could see you joining in with community activities. Even if you think these are out of your comfort zone, the support of having a carer with you could see you getting stuck in and enjoying things in no time. Once you join groups like these, loneliness can fast become a thing of your past. And, that’s exactly how it should be.

A tailored care package

All the above are general care offerings which you can expect to find from any home care package you embark on. But, Home Caring also offer more specialised treatment packages tailored to your needs. If you have particular requirements or health conditions, for example, a home care assessment will take this into account and cater to them. Some of the specialist services you can expect to see include –

  • Dementia care

Life with dementia is far from easy. If you aren’t careful, your routines can become confused and repetitive. Accidents with cooking and other simple tasks could even leave you at risk. A specialised dementia care package will see you with carers who know what you’re going through. Using their experience, they’ll be able to develop a care plan which ensures that you can stay in your home for as long as possible. They’ll help you to establish remembrance techniques and will take care of things like meal prep to ensure you always avoid nasty accidents at home.

  • Nursing care

If you’ve been in the hospital for a stay or an operation, home care can also see you getting what you need during recovery. Nursing care in your home can ensure that you receive everything from post-operative care to medication management. This is much like the services you’d get by staying in a hospital, but it ensures you can return home as soon as possible. That could see you feeling much more comfortable, and also returning to your daily life much sooner than you might without this option.

  • Medication supervision

As we age, we tend to see our medication rotas increasing no end. If you’re on multiple medications, though, it can be pretty tricky to keep track of them all. With a home carer, you won’t need to. Any home care provider will be able to supervise your medication use daily. This ensures that you don’t forget any tablets or accidentally take anything twice. Your carer can also put in for a repeat prescription when you’re running low to ensure that you never have to go without the medications you need.

  • Personal care

General home care is one thing, but a tailored package could also see you getting the personal care you need. If you’re no longer able to shower or do your hair, discussing this with your carer could see you getting help with these tasks. If you’re struggling, a carer could even help you go to the toilet or eat the meals that they prepare. All of which will make your quality of life much better again.

  • Respite care

Sometimes, you just need a break. And, respite care can provide that. Far from meaning you have to give up your home, this is a tailored home care service which can see you and your carer spending either a few hours or days in a care community. This is a fantastic way to take a break with a carer that you’ve come to know and trust. And, the chances are that they’ll appreciate this chance to take it easy as well.

Access to health specialists

A well-developed home care service will also provide you access to health specialists, each of whom can visit you in the comfort of your home. Once they know your needs, your carer could arrange visits with everyone from podiatrists to social workers. This ensures that your every need is taken into full consideration. All without your having to go anywhere to achieve it. It also ensures that your carer takes an active role in noticing your needs, and meeting them to improve your quality of life.
A final word

The decision as to whether you should embark on home care isn’t easy, but it is wise. Even struggling with small tasks is a sign that you would be better off with a little help. Far from making it more likely that you’ll have to leave home, services like these increase your chances of avoiding residential care. That’s because home care can help your health and life so much that you’ll be able to remain self-sufficient for a long time to come. With access to options like respite care, you could even get any more extreme care you need in a short space of time. And, of course, home care comes with one valuable benefit which we haven’t mentioned here. It provides you with the ongoing company of people you’ll come to know and trust. They can help your health, that’s for sure, but home carers can also just provide a chat when you need one. So, what is there not to love?

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