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“Zhi Hu Bao” Home Care has officially landed in Shanghai


Ms. Gelareh Naeinian, President of Australian International Home Care Academy, CEO of Pure Home care, and founder of “Zhi Hu Bao” Brand was interviewed by the media.

In april, flowers blossom brighty.
The willows are graceful and full of fragrance.

Recently, The International Home Care Forum was held in Shanghai which brought the public attention to hime care service in China.

On April 16, China Ageing Association issued a report on the research paper about “The Consumption and Demand of The Elderly People” shows that from 1999 to 2018, China’s elderly population has increased by 118 million in the past 19 years and China becomes the only country in the world with an elderly population over 200 million.

Gelareh is currently the President of Australia International Home Care Academy fro Sydney. She is also the founder of Pure Home Care, a well-known high-end private home care service provider in Sydney. Ms. Gelareh grew up in Australia and she has been deeply involved in home care business because of the influence of her family. In 2007, she founded Pure Home Care in Sydney and has served more than 20,000 patients.


Gelareh Naeinian

Gelareh Believes that home care service is not only physical work and housekeeping job, Home Care service people and support workers must go through the qualification training to be certified. “Zhi Hu Bao” is keen on providing the home care service with “dignity and respect” as our core value and bringing the happiness to millons of Chinese families.

Gelareh introduced that providing professional home care service for private client’s and families is so much more complicated than a simple, physical care or houskeeping job since those service people and support workers need to complete a systematic qualification training and to be certified by the Australian International Home Care Academy.

As one of the pioneers to bring a well-established western brand of Home Care Service to be launched in China, starting from Shanghai, Gelareh looks forward to providing inernationalized, standardized and high-end home care certification coursesfor the Chinese market through the support of local government, cooperation with medical and nursing institutions and all parties related to the health care industry. Our brand “Zhi Hu Bao” means providing “dignified and respected” service as the core value and bringing the happiness to the millions of Chinese families.

A considerable proportion of the elderly choose home care service theme days, creating a huge demand. But at the same time, there is a shortage of home care professionals in this business. According to the data of the National Ageing Commission in China, in 2017, there were more than 40 millon disabled and semi-disabled elderly people in china. It is also estimated that by 2030 in China, the demand for home care professionals for the elderly will reach to 68 million people.

While “Zhi Hu Bao” carries out the training in cooperation with medical care institutions and relevant parties in the health insdustry to improve the professionalism, service quality and advanced skills, the huge opportunities in the Chinese home care market will attract more international professional institutions and professionals in the near future.


As one of the earliest overseas professional home care brands entering China, ‘Zhi Hu Bao’ hops to play a key role in two major business sectors at this stage .

Firstly, in cooperation with medical and nursing institutions and all parties related to the halth industry, training courses and certifications system should be developed to further improve the quality and professional skills of home care service people.

Secindly is to cooperate with medical and nursing institutions and all parties concerned with the health industry to provide “private home care” services to individual families. These private care programs cover all aspects of daily life.

For example:

  • Daily care
  • Assisting shower
  • Dental Health
  • Dressing
  • Physical health
  • Toilet assistance
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Basic daily health monitoring and reporting
  • Basic health care supplementary measures
  • Arrangements for indoor mobility and outdoor activities
  • Physical training assistance
  • The organization of recreational activities
  • Mental health counseling
  • Night safety monitoring and assistance of night activities
  • 24-hour care service with accommodation

Gelareh Naeinian, Ceo of Home Pure Care and Michelle Chen, General Manager of Home Pure Care Shanghai company were having a Media Interview.


On February 12, 2019, The National Health Committee issued the plan on launching the pilot project of “internet + nursing services” in 6 provinces. According to Gelareh, founder of Zhi Hu Bao, this paper shows that the Chinese government has provided important policy support for the development of a healthy home care business, which makes her a “foreigner” who os engaged in this profession very excited.

Gelareh lover China. She says China is the safest country in the world and Shanghai has the best entrepreneurial soil. In 2018, after nearly one year of the market research in China, Gelareh clearly understood the huge market demand domestic and foreign service level. Therefore, She chose to invest in Shanghai and established Pure Home Care Shanghai company.

Gelareh said thay “we should bring the mature concept of home care service into China, introduce standardized training content into the Chinese market, and create a real sense of high-end home care professionals in China.”

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