Home Care Packages Perth

Home Care Packages Perth

Home Care Packages (HCP) in Perth

As you grow older, it can be harder to take care of yourself and do everyday tasks. This can stop you from being independent, and even impact your health, wellbeing and self-esteem.

Home Caring provides government-funded Home Care Packages to help seniors in Perth live independently in their own home. This is a coordinated package of aged care services, subsidised by the government, to help you with daily tasks around the home, such as housework, maintaining your garden, transport to appointments, and personal care.

If you are eligible for a Home Care Package, our experienced healthcare professionals and carers will work with you to create a care plan, then deliver services that help you live independently in your own home. Our services include:

About Us

Are you looking for Home Care Package providers in Perth? Home Caring provides personalised home care services for seniors who wish to age at home, rather than move into an aged care facility.

Our team of aged care experts will help you make the most of your government funding by providing services that best meets your needs and make a genuine difference to everyday life.

We are:

  • Personal – we’ll take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and work with you to create a care plan that you’re happy with.
  • Professional – our teams of healthcare professionals and carers are fully qualified, with plenty of experience in providing professional care.
  • Local – as your local aged care provider, we come from the communities where we provide our services, and are best placed to connect you to local services and programs.
  • Multicultural – we come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and deliver culturally sensitive care, including bilingual services for seniors for whom English is a second language.
  • Motivated – we love what we do! We are passionate about helping people, go the extra mile for our clients, and care for people as if they are our own.
  • Experienced – with knowledge and experience behind us, we provide professional support for a wide range of healthcare conditions and specialist needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Care Package?
How do you get a Home Care Package funding in Perth?
What are the Home Care Package levels in Perth?
How much does a Home Care Package cost?
What is the difference between Home Care Packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme?
How do I find a Home Care Package provider in Perth?

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a program that provides Australian government-funded support to older people who want to continue living independently in their own homes. It is designed to help you with a range of care needs, from help with the housework to more complex nursing care.

Services are coordinated and personalised based on your individual needs and preferences. They typically includes assistance with things like personal care, domestic chores, transport, social activities, respite, mobility equipment, home modifications, assistive technology, and allied health therapy. Services are delivered by approved providers, based on a care plan that is developed in consultation with the person receiving the care, their family, or carer.

Home Care Packages is a consumer approach to care, which means you are able to control the services you receive. You have choice over who provides you with care, and work with that provider to create a package of services that help you live more independently.

How do you get a Home Care Package funding in Perth?

To receive a government-funded Home Care Package in Australia, you first need to be assessed through My Aged Care, which is the entry point for accessing aged care services in Australia. You might be eligible for aged care Home Care Packages in Perth if:

  • You are 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people)
  • You have noticed a change in what you can do or remember
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition or reduced mobility
  • You have had a change in your family care arrangements
  • You have had a recent fall or hospital admission

If you think you might be eligible, the first step is to apply for an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment. You can do this online through the My Aged Care website, or by calling 1800 200 422. You can also elect to have someone apply on your behalf, if you prefer. The application process takes around 20 minutes, and has three parts: the first checks your eligibility, the second captures your details, and the third confirms your contact details, so an assessor can get in touch with you to arrange an assessment. You will need to have your Medicare card ready to complete the application.

Once you have been applied and deemed eligible for an ACAT assessment, an assessor will contact you, and arrange a time to visit you in your home. When they visit, they will conduct a face-to-face assessment with you. During this time, they will talk to you about your needs, and ask you things like:

  • What supports you currently have in place
  • Any health and lifestyle concerns you have
  • How you’re going with everyday tasks around the home
  • If you have any problems with your memory
  • If you have issues regarding your safety at home
  • What activities you do on a regular basis in the community or with family
  • If they can speak to you GP or other health professionals
  • Your strengths, difficulties, goals and service preferences, so they can work out a support plan with you. This plan sets out the services that will best meet your needs.

The assessment is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about aged care, so it’s a good idea to have a list of questions ready for your meeting. You can also have a support person with you during the assessment, such as a loved one, friend, or carer. There are also translation services available if English is your second language.

You will also need to have some things with you in preparation for the assessment, such as your Medicare card and other ID documents (e.g. a healthcare card, passport or licence), a copy of any referrals from your doctor or health professionals, and their contact details.

After your ACAT assessment, you will receive your results, either by post, by email, or your My Aged Care online account within two to six weeks after your assessment. If you are deemed eligible for a Home Care Package, you will be placed in a national queue until a package becomes available to you. According to the My Aged Care website, the current wait time for a Home Care Package is around three months, although it depends on where you live and the level of care you require.

Once you are allocated a Home Care Package, you can choose a provider to deliver your services in your own home. The Home Care Package program is a consumer-directed approach to care, which means that you have choice and control over who provides you with care, and the services they offer. Once you have chosen a provider, you will work with them to create a care plan and coordinate services that best meets your needs.

Are you looking for a provider of my aged care Home Care Packages in Perth? We’re here to assist you. Home Caring provides exceptional home care services in Perth, to help you enjoy quality of life in your own home. To find out more about our wide range of aged care services, please get in touch with our customer service staff.

What are the Home Care Package levels in Perth?

Confused by the different amounts of funding offered in Home Care Packages? Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of the levels of care offer.

Home Care Package Level 1 in Perth – this level provides funding for basic care needs, such as housework help, assistance with personal care tasks like showering and getting dressed, and transport around the community. It may also cover basic home modifications to help you stay safe and mobile in your own home.

Home Care Package Level 2 in Perth – this is a higher level of support compared to the first level, and includes services such as medication management, meal preparation, and therapies such as podiatry, physiotherapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. It may also include respite care, so your loved ones and family carers can take a break from their caring duties.

Home Care Package Level 3 in Perth – this is a higher level of support that includes comprehensive care, such as nursing services (e.g. wound care, care for medical conditions such as diabetes) and support for people living with dementia. It may also cover additional services such as home modifications, assistive technology, independent living aids, and higher levels of respite care.

Home Care Package Level 4 in Perth – as the top level of care available under the Home Care Packages program, this provides support for people who have high care needs. It may include services such as 24-hour care, palliative care, behavioural management, nursing care, and more intensive support for complex health conditions.

Do you need a provider for a level 3 Home Care Package in Perth, or a Level 4 Home Care Package in Perth? We’re here to assist you. Home Caring’s experienced healthcare professionals and carers have plenty of experience supporting seniors with complex health conditions and high care needs. We provide specialised care that helps you live safely and comfortable in your own home. For a free consultation, please get in touch with our friendly team.

How much does a Home Care Package cost?

A Home Care Package is subsidised by the Australian government, but you may be asked to pay some fees, depending on your financial circumstances, and the provider you choose. These include:

Basic Daily fee – this fee, determined by the Australian Government for Home Care Package recipients, is adjusted annually and is based on the pension rate. It helps cover the cost of your aged care services.

Income-tested Care fee – If your assessable income exceeds a certain threshold, this fee may apply to you. The amount you pay is calculated based on your income and financial circumstances.

Additional service fees – some providers may offer extra services beyond the basic care services covered by the Home Care Package, which may incur additional fees. They may also charge fees for case management or administration services, or an exit fee if you decide to switch providers. Before you sign on with any provider, check what fees they charge for their services.

Are you looking for an affordable provider of in home care packages in Perth? Home Caring offers exceptional services with minimal fees. To find out more, please get in touch with our customer service staff.

How do I find a Home Care Package provider in Perth?

It can be overwhelming to choose a Home Care Package provider, as there are so many options out there with different services, fees, and approaches to care. It’s important to do some research so you can choose the provider you are happy with, and who best meets your needs.

Here are some tips to help guide you in the process of choosing a Home Care Package provider.

Think about your care needs. Consider what services are necessary for you to maintain independence and improve your quality of life, and the things that are most valuable to you. That might be personal care, transport to your appointments, meal management, or help staying on top of the housework.

Conduct research on providers in your area. Some things to look at are the provider’s reputation, experience, specialist skills, how they communicate with their clients, and services offered. You may also want to consider if the provider is local to your area, the size of their team, whether they offer a consistent team of carers, and if provide services that are culturally appropriate for you and your family.

Seek recommendations. Seek advice from trusted sources such as healthcare professionals, family members, or friends who have experience with Home Care Package providers. Their insights and recommendations can be valuable in your decision-making process, and point you towards providers worth considering.

Verify the provider’s accreditation and compliance. It’s important to make sure that the provider is proven to provide high quality care. Ensure that the Home Care Package providers you are considering are accredited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission in Australia, indicating that they meet the required care standards and comply with relevant regulations.

Review available services. Once you have a shortlist of providers that you are considering, evaluate the services offered by each Home Care Package provider and determine if they align with your care needs. Check for flexibility in scheduling, availability of specialist support, and whether they offer the services you require.

Compare costs and fees. Familiarise yourself with the costs associated with each provider's Home Care Package services, including any additional fees such as exit fees. Compare the costs of different providers and assess whether they offer value for money based on the services provided. Make sure you ask the provider what fees they charge, so you know what you are signing on for.

Consider cultural and language needs. If you have specific cultural or language requirements, such as religious observances, or dietary restrictions, check if the Home Care Package provider can accommodate them. If you need a bilingual carer, find out if there is a provider in your area who can provide this for you or your loved one.

Schedule a meeting with providers. Once you have shortlisted potential providers, arrange to meet with them to discuss your care needs, ask questions, and evaluate their approach to care. This will help you assess their communication skills, attentiveness, and overall suitability as a provider.

Review the care agreement. Carefully review the care agreement provided by the chosen provider, including terms and conditions, fees, and other relevant details. Seek clarification on any areas that are not clear before making a final decision.

Are you looking for a provider for home care level 3 in Perth? We’re here to assist you. Home Caring provides individualised Home Care Packages for all levels in Perth suburbs. No matter your needs, background and situation, we’re here to help you with everyday things, so you can enjoy a full and independent life. To find out more about our range of services please get in touch with our aged care experts for your free consultation.

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