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Complex Needs What You Need to Know

Complex Needs – What You Need to Know

From mental health problems to substance abuse, people can face a number of problems in their lifetime. While there are always services available to help people with difficult issues they may face, the unfortunate truth is some people have multiple issues, and a combination of these issues can lead to

Premature Deaths In Care Homes

Study Reveals Huge Increase in Premature Deaths in Care Homes

A comprehensive study analysing the number of deaths in Australian care homes has found a more than 400% increase in the number of premature or preventable deaths over the last decade. The main causes noted included falls, choking, suicide and homicide, which account for almost 3,300 deaths throughout the period

Sensory Therapy Benefits

Gardening and Its Sensory Therapy Benefits

There are many different types of therapy available to those with dementia, but people are often unaware of the many benefits that a garden can give to those with the condition. The act of gardening itself can provide many benefits, including keeping the brain active and promoting mindfulness. However, gardening

Music And Memory Therapy

Why Music and Memory Therapy Is Great for Those with Dementia

Music and memory therapy, for dementia patients, is an effective form of therapy due to its many positive effects. Its impact on the brain is of particular note, as it can help stimulate the brain to help bring about many helpful changes. Many researchers in the field have also expressed

Dementia Therapy To Care Home Residents

How Virtual Reality is Providing Dementia Therapy to Care Home Residents

Dementia residents in Southern England are witnessing a unique type of therapy in the form of virtual reality. Relaxing environments Tribemix, a virtual reality company that focuses on working with clients on a variety of projects, recently worked alongside Hertfordshire based care company Quantum Care to allow its residents to

Home Care Creative Writing

How Creative Writing Could Help Those with Dementia

There are many ways to help engage those with dementia to help combat its harmful effects, but one care home in Blantyre, Scotland, is trying something different: Creative writing. Initial Ideas Retired nurse Jeanette Laird-Measures initially proposed the idea of allowing residents to express themselves creatively through writing back in

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