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Dementia Australia Report

Dementia Australia Report Raises Concerns over Awareness

A recent report released by Dementia Australia, which was previously Alzheimer’s Australia, has highlighted concerns over lack of awareness when it comes to this condition. Another recent study amongst dementia patients and home carers highlighted lack of knowledge about services such as community groups, dementia day centre facilities, and other

Dental Aged Care

Nationwide Dental Aged Care to be Introduced in the New Year

When it comes to aged care, there are various services that elderly people across Australia can access. This includes home care services and medical care at home. However, when it comes to dental care, many elderly people suffer because they are unable to get around in order to visit the

Dementia Community Services

Dementia Community Services Could Prove Invaluable to Those with Early Stage Dementia

Researchers from a university in Queensland have recently highlighted concerns over the low level of uptake when it comes to community services for those with early-stage dementia. Researchers and health professionals from Griffith University have been looking into this issue as part of a recent study. They claim that many

Residential Home Care

Rationing and Neglect the Result of Residential Care Home Understaffing and Cost Cuts

A worrying new report, which was published recently in the Sydney Morning Herald, has highlighted the woes of those in residential care homes. According to the report, severe understaffing and cost-cutting at residential care homes have led to an increase in rationing and neglect. One residential care worker spoke out

Access Home Care Package

Tens of Thousands of Australians Unable to Access their Home Care Package

Recently, the first ever data relating to unmet demand for home care packages in Australia was released. The data showed that close to 90,000 senior people in Australia who have been approved for a home care package have not been able to access the care that they require. The report

Helpful For Dementia Patients

Sensory Garden Could Prove Helpful for Dementia Patients

There are various types of therapies and treatment used for dementia patients in Australia these days, one of which is sensory therapy. This type of therapy was first used in Europe for the treatment of this condition and has since proven very effective in terms of helping patients that suffer

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