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Aged Care Initiative Aims

New Aged Care Initiative Aims to Implement Technology Plan

A plan to implement new technology in the aged care sector was launched this week by Minister Ken Wyatt, alongside numerous other government officials and aged care organisations. The plan consists of what is known as The Technology Roadmap; a guide that tells the sector how to make technology more

Home Care Wandering Patients

Bengaluru and Its ‘Wandering Patients’ Problem

Bengaluru, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, is home to over 30,000 people living with dementia. While the city is home to various dementia day care services and facilities to help those with the condition, the city has seen a steady rise in what it refers to as

Australians Acquiring Home Care

Statistics Reveal Drop in Australians Acquiring Home Care Packages

Consumers and community care providers have increasingly voiced their concerns to the government this month, stating the need for clearer information and greater support to help people apply for and accept home care packages. While the Department of Health revealed that last month 22,000 home care packages had been allocated

Care Home Residents

Care Home Residents Get Unlikely Animal Visitors

Animal therapy is one type of therapy that can help people with conditions such as dementia, but residents from one care home in Scotland had some unlikely visitors this week. Three owls from Speyside Falconry Centre were brought along to the care home for the day to engage and interact

Post Hospital Care

Your Guide to Post-Hospital Care

What is post-hospital care? Post-hospital care, also known as transitional care, is a specific type of care that aims to help individuals return home or back into pre-existing care after a hospital stay. Some people, particularly the elderly, may require additional time to recover once being discharged from hospital, and post-hospital

Complex Needs What You Need to Know

Complex Needs – What You Need to Know

From mental health problems to substance abuse, people can face a number of problems in their lifetime. While there are always services available to help people with difficult issues they may face, the unfortunate truth is some people have multiple issues, and a combination of these issues can lead to

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