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How to Make a Sensory Room for People with Dementia

Dementia can cause many problems for those affected, and one area that often causes issues is a decrease in sensory stimulation. This can affect all five of the senses and can leave those afflicted with an inability to recall past memories, as well as difficulties in communicating and focusing on

Energizes The Aged

Optimism, A Dose That Energizes the Aged

To satisfy the thirst for knowledge about the conditions and process of aging and what it means to someone who is considered an elderly, I interviewed a man who was approaching his seventy-fifth birthday in August.  To maintain privacy and respect for the man, I will refer to him as

America’s Dementia Community

Meet the Organisation Bringing Music to America’s Dementia Community

Most of us take listening to music for granted. We have access practically whenever we want, through our computers, radios and phones, music is only a touch away. But for elderly people, particularly those faced with dementia, music is but a luxury rarely afforded. At a time when music and

Goal Orientated Therapy

The Benefits of Goal Orientated Therapy

The specific type of dementia therapy, known as goal oriented therapy, has over the past few months been looked into by researchers located in England. This week, the results of their work were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, where they state goal oriented therapy can substantially help people

England’s Home Care

New Book Gives Insight into England’s Home Care Sector

A new book that aims to give an in-depth look and insight into the home care sector has revealed a workforce that often feels underappreciated and undervalued. The book, which is largely based on interviews with home care staff workers, was put together by socio-legal researcher and author Lydia Hayes.

Help Delay Dementia

These Proposed Measures May Help Delay Dementia

There are many proposed ways of how best to reduce the risk and delay the onset of dementia, but many of these techniques are often under researched to give conclusive results. Last month, however, in a landmark study, researchers from the Committee on Preventing Dementia and Cognitive Impairment put forward

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