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Music And Memory Therapy For Dementia

Music and Memory Therapy for Dementia – How Writing Music Can Help

Music and memory is but one form of dementia therapy that can be used to help alleviate some of the symptoms caused by the disease. However, its somewhat broader approach to therapy have allowed experts and researchers around the world to bring their own thoughts and approaches to this form

Home Care Dementia Therapy

Could Dancing Be the Newest Form of Dementia Therapy?

Dancing has always been an exciting pastime for Australians. It can bring people together in a fun and energetic way, and has for hundreds of years. But while it can keep us active, researchers from the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases believe that dancing could be used as a form

More Home Care Services

More Home Care Services to Be Introduced to Meet Demand

Another 6000 high-level home care packages are set to be released this year to meet the ever-increasing demand across the country, as a new report revealed that thousands of Australians are currently unable to access them. Still Waiting It comes as a Department of Health report released this week revealed

Home Care Suggested Foods

The Top 5 Foods That Can Help Delay Dementia

With September being World Alzheimer’s month, people across the world are bringing together their research and plans on how best to combat the disease that affects millions of people every year. While some findings involve complicated and rigorous tests that are conducted by specialised researchers and experts in their field,

Water Be Used to Prevent Dementia

Could Tap Water Be Used to Prevent Dementia?

It’s a well-known fact that drinking plenty of water is an effective way to stay healthy, but recent research suggests that it may be able to do more than that. Researchers in Denmark claim that the lithium present in tap water could have the potential to prevent the onset of

Carers Lack Respite Care Support

Carers Lack Respite Care Support, Says Irish Group

An Irish advocacy group for carers in the UK has claimed that carers are at risk of causing themselves both physical and mental problems due to the lack of respite care support available to them. Family Carers Ireland said that carer’s needs are not being kept to the same standard

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