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Home Care Ellen Grove

Home care services in Ellen Grove

Whether you’re seeking private care services for yourself or a loved one, the chances are that you’re doing so reluctantly. No one embraces the idea of giving up their freedom, after all. Even when someone in the family is struggling, it can be more tempting to tackle things yourself than bring someone else on board.

That is, of course, until you consider the in-home personal care options that we at Home Caring provide in Ellen Grove and beyond. Unlike invasive live-in elderly facilities, our high-quality aged care can provide both freedom and the assistance necessary for a comfortable life. 

Our extensive range of in-home care Ellen Grove services combines personalised care plans with decades of experience. What’s more, our case managers will work closely with you to understand everything from physical care needs to budget and lifestyle. 

Whether you need full-time care or short-term respite, our expert Home Caring team can offer it all. If you still aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out just what we can do for your life or that of your loved one.

What our home care packages can offer 

We offer a wide range of home care packages in Ellen Grove that cover everything from specialty requirements to basic day-to-day senior care. We’ll explore each individual service a little later, but first lets consider the basics that every single one of our home care packages offer.

As we’ve already discussed, each care case is treated as 100% unique to ensure comfort and ease for patients at all times. That said, we do offer similar care services to the majority of our patients, and they include – 

  • Assistance with personal grooming (dressing, washing, etc.)
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Help with transport
  • Assistance with shopping, appointments, etc.
  • Companionship
  • Fingernail and foot care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Overnight care
  • Medication management
  • And much more

Unlike less personalised care providers out there, we also make sure to keep our patients at the heart of everything we do. To guarantee that, every care service we provide is tailored to the needs of the patient and family in question. Our goal is to make it possible for elderly and struggling patients to maintain the lifestyles they know and love for as long as possible. 

Domiciliary care Ellen Grove

Domiciliary care (otherwise known as in-home care) is our prime focus. Unlike live-in care facilities, services like these allow for individuals to receive the care that they deserve in the comfort of their homes. Whether in-home services are required for elderly care in Ellen Grove, or even more specialised disability care, our team has the know-how to make it happen. 

There are a whole host of benefits to opting for domiciliary care over invasive alternatives, and many of them speak for themselves. Still, some benefits that our Ellen Grove patients can enjoy from our in-home offerings include –

  • More affordable care that allows patients to keep hold of assets
  • Professional-standard care in a comfortable home setting
  • Proximity to friends and loved ones at all times
  • Freedom to continue living life the way they want to
  • Ongoing medication support
  • A guarantee of daily socialisation at a time that suits
  • An ongoing care relationship rather than having to cope with multiple shift carers
  • One-on-one support 100% tailored to individual cases

Whether a patient needs home care package levels 1 through to 4, we can make it happen in a way that’s easy for our patients to manage. Our focus on flexible care also means that we can attend a case as much or as little as a patient or their family need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dementia care Ellen Grove

Often, in home elderly care is about more than just assistance with basic day-to-day tasks. There are currently more than 400,000 patients with dementia across Australia, with nearly one in ten people over the age of 65 showing signs of the condition that include – 

  • Memory loss
  • Cognitive issues
  • Struggling with language
  • Unexplained ‘fading out’
  • Notable personality changes

In these instances, care becomes a more pressing need than ever, especially considering that ongoing memory loss can pose a risk to both patient and public. As dementia advances, even simple tasks like cooking and pouring hot drinks can become problematic.

Of course, individuals with dementia require specialist care targeted towards their specific needs, and that’s where our dementia care comes in. Our expert team offers bespoke personal care Ellen Grove packages with dementia in mind.

Between us, we have extensive experience in dealing with matters like these. As well as providing primary day-to-day care, we can work with yourself or your loved one to develop coping mechanisms including memory tasks. We can also help to establish a safe living environment, including a low sided bed and a functional space on one floor. 

We also work closely with the loved ones of patients showing signs of dementia. This can be an incredibly challenging time, and it’s astounding how much memory loss and personality changes can impact relationships. A close family member experiencing dementia may stop recognising faces, and may also act differently, even violently, to those closest to them. When this happens, having an ongoing and reliable carer to turn to can be a huge source of comfort, and can help everyone retain their independent lifestyles for longer.

Palliative care Ellen Grove

Palliative care refers to the care provided towards the end of a patient’s life in the case of terminal conditions. It’s often the hardest care to come to terms with, and yet it’s vital for ensuring the end-of-life process is as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

When you seek our Home Caring palliative care package, you guarantee that your loved one can spend their last days in the comfort of their home with their family all around. That in itself can make this difficult time easier for everyone to bear. In the case of long-term palliative care, the ability to administer care at home can help ailing patients to maintain freedom and some semblance of the lifestyles they know and love. 

Palliative care services vary a great deal depending on the condition and the length of care that’s necessary, but a general breakdown of our palliative services includes – 

  • Preparing meals
  • Running general errands
  • Light household tasks
  • Assistance with personal care needs
  • Medication provisions that don’t interfere with quality of life
  • Emotional support about what to expect for everyone involved
  • Pain management
  • Companionship and conversation where necessary
  • Help in making difficult decisions about a condition
  • And more

Our palliative team can even take care of tasks such as feeding pets to make 100% sure that life continues as comfortably and normally as it can at this time. What’s more, our carers will be on hand when care is no longer required to help family members understand the next step of the process.

No amount of care can make the palliative journey bearable, but our experienced team can at least do whatever possible to make life easier for the duration. That can help to keep your loved free from physical and emotional pain, and that’s a care goal well worth working towards. 

Disability care Ellen Grove

As well as offering extensive aged care in Ellen Grove, Home Caring also provide disability packages for a wide range of conditions. Adults with disabilities can require a wide range of care services, and we can also tailor our private care Ellen Grove packages to meet that need. 

Thanks to our position as NDIS service providers, we can help you to get the care you need the moment your care journey begins. Our NDIS support coordination team is on hand 24/7 to help you seek the funding you’re entitled to for getting the care you or your loved one needs. We also provide a wide range of services to help you get the best from your NDIS provider funding, including home help, support coordination, and supported independent living. 

We offer both visiting and live-in personalised packages for a wide range of conditions, and the disability care packages we offer include – 

  • Preserving independence
  • Enabling attendance of social functions
  • Help with general tasks like shopping/appointments/etc.
  • Assistance with domestic activities
  • Medication management
  • And more

We also pride ourselves in coordinating our care packages with any other support teams you have in place to both ensure care standards and make life easier. That’s why we’re a leading disability care provider in Brisbane and beyond. 

Respite care Ellen Grove

If your loved one needs care of any kind, you can guarantee that you could also benefit from considering our respite private care in Ellen Grove. Whether you care for a family member full-time or just on occasion, it’s natural to feel the strain. Watching the health of someone you love decline is always difficult, let alone when you have to care for them, too. 

That’s why we offer respite home care packages in Ellen Grove to suit a wide range of care needs. With in-house respite offerings, you can even guarantee that your loved one continues to receive the care they need from the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, you can spend a few days relaxing in your own home or head off for two weeks to enjoy a much-deserved break. It doesn’t matter, because our team has the respite capabilities to make it happen. 

Often, carers resist help like this because they feel guilty, but respite care is nothing to feel bad about. Taking the time you need when you need it can help you provide the best care possible in the future. You may even find that your loved one enjoys the chance to chat with someone new for a few days, allowing you both to get a breath of fresh air!

Getting behind government funding

Even with affordable in-home care services, costs can quickly escalate where long-term care options are concerned. That’s why we at Home Caring go above and beyond to offer assistance with government funding. We understand that the care journey starts well before a carer arrives at your home, and we promise to be there every step of the way. 

As touched upon above, our Ellen Grove team is always on hand to provide support applying for NDIS to achieve disability care that never costs the earth. And, our government funding efforts don’t stop there.

We also offer a wide range of government-funded home care packages. As well as assisting with your ACAT assessment, our expert case workers can help you to determine the best possible care package for you or your loved one. That means you always know exactly how to apply for the funding most suited to your needs. 

Once you contact our team, you’ll never have to worry about government funding again!

Our tailored care packages

Whether you contact us on behalf of yourself or someone else, we’ll immediately arrange a free initial consultation to tailor a package that suits. Our case managers will meet with you and/or your loved one to understand specific needs, existing conditions, and more. They’ll then work with your care team to make sure that everything is well suited at every step of the way.

Home Caring for home care you can trust

Home Caring is a fully accredited, government-funded agency that has been working to provide private care in Ellen Grove and beyond since 2015. Despite being a young company, every single member of our highly-professional care team has decades of experience working with patients to provide the best care possible. This, mixed with our focus on unique, tailor-made care plans, makes us one of the best care providers working in the Sydney area today. 

This quality of care if evident in our home caring values. We keep these at the heart of everything we do, and they are – 

  • Care
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

If you’re currently seeking disability or senior care in or around Ellen Grove, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 1300 875 377 today.

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