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Name: Minh Pham

Title: Director

Home Care Services Inala

Meet the team

Home Caring Inala provides professional, compassionate and individualised care to people living in Inala and the wider Brisbane community.

Minh Pham, Founder
Minh Pham has many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the caring industry – first as a support worker for seniors and people living with disabilities, then as a case manager and care adviser for home carers in Brisbane. Supported by his wife, a clinical nurse, he leads a strong team of highly qualified support workers, each one dedicated to delivering care that surpasses our client’s expectations. Minh and his wife are also Brisbane locals, with a strong passion for connecting with and helping members of his community.

Minh Pham (Director)

Thanh Vo, Case Manager & Support Coordinator

Thanh Vo has years of experience delivering excellent customer service, which he puts to good use in his current role. He provides information in the community about care funding, assists people in applying for Aged Care and NDIS packages, and supports clients throughout the application process. Thanh also leads and trains a city-wide Care Advice team, with multiple clients across and outside of Brisbane.

Thanh Vo

Duy Nguyen (Don), Case Manager and Registered Nurse
Duy Nguyen is a Registered Nurse with over four years’ experience in aged care. Having worked as a personal care assistant and Registered Nurse – both in residential facilities and out in the community – Don is adept at collaborating with clients, family members and health professionals to deliver individualised care. A strong communicator, Don loves building a trusting relationship with clients, and supporting them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Don Nguyen

Amy Le, Case Manager and Support Coordinator
Amy Le was a frontline officer for the Government sector in Child Protection before transferring her passion for caring and communication skills to her current role. Amy loves working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) participants, and connecting NDIS participants to the appropriate services to build their capability. Her biggest hope is to help NDIS participants to pursue their goals, and to live with greater independence. Amy has a double degree in Business Management and Behavioural Science (Psychology) from QUT.


Ann Tran, Registered Nurse and Case Manager
Ann Tran is an NDIS Case Manager with nursing background. She started off with Support Worker position and though our the journey, she enjoyed the dedicating care that are provided to the community. An enjoys the way that home care environment gives her the opportunity to build strong relationships with her clients to provide long term care.

An Tran

Tina Le, Administration and Rostering Officer
Tina Le worked in administration in Vietnam before moving to Australia and changing careers to the aged care industry as a professional support worker. She supports the Home Caring Inala office with her excellent management and organisational skills, working flexibly to best support our staff team and their clients’ individual needs.

Tina Le

Home Caring Inala is culturally aware and prides itself on meeting the needs of multicultural Brisbane. With so many of our support team able to speak a different language, we are more than capable of helping you understand your home care or NDIS funding, bridging language barriers, and delivering the kind of care that makes you feel at ease.

To speak to someone about your home care needs, please get in touch for your FREE consultation. We’re happy to help!

What Type Of Home Care Services Are Provided By Home Caring?

If you are trying to locate the best in home care services Inala has to offer, ensuring that the chosen service has the capabilities to satisfy your individual requirements is essential. No two people are the same, which is why Home Caring can tailor all services to suit the specific needs of the situation.

Crucially, our team of expert boasts caregivers that specialise in a range of subsections of the aged care arena. Home Caring provides all of the following services with the highest standards of professionalism and empathy:

  • Aged care Inala,
  • Dementia care Inala,
  • Disability care Inala,
  • Domiciliary care Inala,
  • Palliative care Inala,
  • Respite care Inala.

All Home Caring care services are bespoke solutions that can range from infrequent or weekly visits to 24/7 care with nursing included. Whatever your requirements might be, we can find the right answers.

Aged care Inala

There’s no escaping that the body will encounter physical changes as we get older. A loss of mobility, strength, and dexterity all mean that you might require a helping hand with a variety of daily and ongoing tasks. Whether it’s challenges around the home or running errands, Home Caring are here to help with a wide range of caring services.

Furthermore, our team of friendly caregivers can provide emotional support and companionship to remove any social isolation. This in itself ensures that ours is the best care available. Growing old gracefully through restoring a sense of normality to daily life has never looked better.

Dementia care Inala

The rise in dementia cases, including cases of early onset dementia, over the last few years has left many families facing this horrible disease. It is a scary situation for victim and family alike, especially as the mental condition can take so many forms. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the various strands, Home Caring can make a difference by providing bespoke dementia home care services in Inala.

From aiding with daily tasks that the client can no longer handle to fighting bouts of anxiety or using music therapy, our team is dedicated to create a comfortable living situation for your loved one. Moreover, we work together with you to build consistent care at all times.

Disability care Inala

While disability needn’t define your life, it’s not uncommon for those physical and mental conditions to create new obstacles. Home Caring’s friendly experts take great pride in offering the tailored in home disability care services to provide a safe, comfortable living space for a sustainable approach to supportive care that overcomes those new and evolving challenges.

Home Caring is also a Registered NDIS Service Provider, and our team of caregivers are more than happy to support clients and their families with their bid to acquire funding. Our services also extend to helping clients enjoy community activities and Supported Independent Living.

Domiciliary care Inala

Here at Home Caring, we believe that anyone with the ability to remain living in their home in a safe manner should have the option to do it. We make it happen with a range of domiciliary care services including bathing, food preparation, and running errands. Better still, we achieve all of this while providing companionship and a service with a smile.

Our domiciliary care services in Inala, Brisbane are available to couples as well as individual patients. From weekly visits to daily visits or 24/7 home nursing care, our caregivers can find a solution that’s convenient and suitable. Moreover, the services can evolve as the situation dictates.

Palliative care Inala

Building and following an end-of-life plan that will provide the physical and emotional comfort that every patient needs is very hard work, not least because only the very best will do. Home Caring works tirelessly alongside spouses and family members to ensure that this difficult stage of life is handled with compassion and dignity. Our palliative care at home has helped hundreds of Brisbane families.

Whether you or your loved one require palliative care for a period of days or months, our caregivers are sure to provide the daily help companionship, and overnight support needed to provide a truly comprehensive approach to end-of-life care. This can be a huge source of solace at this tough time.

Respite care Inala

From disability to changing life situations, the need for additional help doesn’t only affect the patient. Family members and primary caregivers will require a little support too. Our respite care services can be used to supplement your caregiving while providing the reassurance that your loved one will be in safe hands even when you can’t be around due to other commitments.

Respite care Inhala from Home Caring can be used to take care of your loved one with overnight care and set visiting times throughout the week. Alternatively, if you have changing work schedules, we can alter our visit times to suit your needs. Your convenience is paramount.

Why Choose In Home Care Services?

In home care isn’t the only option at your disposal, and some patients may find that residential care in a nursing home or managed retirement home is the best solution for their aged care or dementia care.

First and foremost, the Home Caring team is committed to helping individuals find the best support for their needs. As such, we’re more than happy to discuss those alternatives in detail before pointing you in the right direction. In many cases, though, in home care Inhala is deemed the preferred choice of care services – and it’s not hard to see why.

Here are just some of the many benefits gained from choosing in home care over the alternative solutions:

Save money compared to using 24/7 care at a residential home, which would cost a four-figure fee every single month.

  • Retain a sense of independence by living at home and not being restricted to family visiting times and other limitations.
  • Have the opportunity to stay in familiar surroundings without having to sell or put sentimental items in storage.
  • Keep hold of the greatest financial at your disposal, the property, and avoid the stress and hassle of moving.
  • Stay in the affluent Inhala region of Brisbane rather than be relocated to a destination a little further away from friends and family.
  • Continue to live with – and enjoy the companionship and emotional support of –  your spouse, family members, and pets.
  • Receive one-on-one dedicated support rather than sharing a caregiver’s time with other patients and residents.
  • Gain consistency from seeing the same small group of caregivers, all of whom will know about the tailored aspects of your care.
  • Remove the threat of picking up illnesses from other clients while also avoiding medication and food mix-ups.
  • Feel relaxed knowing that you’ve taken the best option available from a perspective of finance, safety, and comfort.

While in home care isn’t always a viable option, those that can safely continue to live at home with a helping hand from Home Caring should certainly consider speaking to our agents ASAP.

Why Select Home Caring Inala?

While finding the right type of home care is one thing, knowing that you’ve found the right care provider is another altogether. Since 2015, Home Caring has established itself as one of the premier in home care services in Australia. We help clients and families with a range of different needs, serving homes across Brisbane and the wider Queensland area as well as New South Wales and Victoria.

When choosing Home Caring, you can be assured that every caregiver is qualified while the company only ever supplies caregivers that boast the expertise in relation to the conditions that affect you or your loved one. Whether it’s dementia care, disability care, palliative care, or another option, you will receive help from a professional that specialises in the field.

Moreover, the company itself is accredited by Aged Care and NDIS while all caregivers are fully committed to providing great communication and transparency at all times. This is combined with an in-depth knowledge of the Inala suburb, which allows staff to complete errands quickly while also helping you find appropriate activities in the local area.

Perhaps the main thing that sets Home Caring apart from other companies is that we don’t just understand care; we understand people too. We endeavour to work with primary caregivers to ensure that patients gain the right level of love and consistency at all times. This extends to supporting families with advice to overcome any issues that they’re currently having, which builds a healthier and happier home environment.

Finally, Home Caring’s tailored services ensure affordable, friendly, flexible care that is conducted with the highest standards of professionalism on before, during, and after each visit. This isn’t just a great caregiving service; it’s your caregiving service.

What Tasks Can Home Caring Help With?

No two people have identical requirements. Even two people that receive the same type of aged care, such as dementia care, may experience completely different daily patterns due to their contrasting symptoms and home living situations. Home Caring appreciates the need to treat each patient as an individual.

In order to do this, we offer a range of individual services that can be tailored accordingly. Here are just some of the activities and daily routines that can be incorporated to support you or a loved one in style:

Daily beauty and grooming rituals.

  • Bathing, cleaning, and getting dressed.
  • Administering medications and suppositories.
  • Home maintenance and cleaning.
  • Overnight care and nursing.
  • Bill paying, grocery shopping, and errands.
  • Using the restroom.
  • First aid care and wound care.
  • Mobility support at home and around Inala.
  • Companionship.
  • Meal preparations and feeding support.
  • Transport outside of the home.
  • And more.

Individual tasks can be combined with each other to build a routine that suits the existing lifestyle and caregiving rituals. Everything from the frequency and duration of visit to the level of support needed can be determined by you. Our sole aim is to ensure that any care services are designed with the best interests of the patient and their family in mind.

For affordable, world-class care that you can rely on time and time again, Home Caring is the answer.

Home Caring That Evolves With Your Needs

Getting the right care for the current situation is essential, but it’s also important to keep one eye on the future. The conditions can change over time, which is why the support of a team that’s prepared for this can be priceless.

At Home Caring, we can spot early signs of changing symptoms and make suggestions on how the care can be adapted to suit those needs. Thanks to our extensive network of skilled caregivers across multiple disciplines, you can be sure that the best care will be maintained for years to come. You or your loved one will be in safe hands for as long as you need our help.

In addition to promoting smooth transitions, we ensure that care remains affordable at all times.

Learn More Today!

Home Caring provides incredible levels of professionalism across all types of aged care packages and takes great pride in making life comfortable for residents throughout Inala, Brisbane, and beyond. We are fully committed to maintaining those exceptional standards on a daily (or as often as you need us) basis.

To learn more, arrange a free consultation with our agents to discuss the possibilities, requirements, and costs in further detail today. Putting the care back into caregiving starts here.

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