Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation NDIS

Under the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation (STA) is a place to stay when you need to live out of home for a short period of time. This includes respite care while your usual carer takes a break.

A short stay away from home—in a safe and supported environment—has many benefits for NDIS participants and their loved ones. Staying somewhere temporarily can provide you with:

  • an opportunity to try new activities and find a new passion in life
  • a friendly environment where you can socialise and make new friends
  • assistance to make living in the community more sustainable
  • a chance for your usual support network to take a break for holidays, work or appointments
  • a chance to learn new skills and increase your capacity for independence
  • somewhere safe to stay if your usual carer is unavailable for a short period of time

Under the NDIS, STA can be included in your plan, and includes accommodation, personal care, meals, and activities agreed on by you and your accommodation provider. Short Term Accommodation usually funded for up to 28 days per year, and you can use this flexibly to suit your schedule. For example, you could use it all in one go, or up to 14 days at a time for NDIS holiday accommodation throughout the year. Or you might want to use one weekend a month as a chance to get away from your usual home for a while.

Short Term Accommodation with Home Caring

With local teams around Australia, Home Caring provides a wide range of quality STA accommodation options in the following areas:

Gold coast
Sunshine coast
NSW South Coast (Nowra)

As registered NDIS short-term accommodation providers, we offer comfortable and modern homes where you can stay for up to 28 days, with all of the supports you need. This is a great option for NDIS participants who need respite care, or who want to enjoy a change of scenery from their usual home.

Our Short Term Disability Accommodation also offers plenty of opportunities to try new hobbies, learn skills, and take part in enjoyable activities—either on your own, or with the company of others. All of our activities are designed to enhance your independence and build capacity, with all of the supports you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Our teams are committed to creating a great experience for participants, so they finish their time with us refreshed and enriched.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Sydney

Home Caring provides quality Short Term Accommodation NDIS in Sydney’s suburbs. Our culturally diverse teams help NDIS participants from all walks of life learn new skills, increase capacity and take part in fun hobbies, while enjoying some time away from home. We also provide respite care for those who need a place to stay while their usual carer is away.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne 

Our disability short term accommodation in Melbourne is a great opportunity to have a change of scenery while your usual carer has a break. We offer disability short stays and holiday accommodation, respite care, and even Medium Term Accommodation, with a wide range of engaging activities to enjoy.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Gold Coast

Our NDIS holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast includes capacity building activities, fun hobbies, an opportunity to learn new skills, enriching day programs and more – all in a safe and welcoming environment in beautiful locations. We also provide Specialist Disability Accommodation for those looking for a more permanent place to live in the community.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Brisbane

Home Caring offers NDIS short term accommodation Brisbane to give usual carers a break, while people with disability can enjoy some time in the community. With plenty of activities, day trips, fitness activities, programs (for example, art therapy sessions) and new experiences on offer, it’s an enriching time for everyone involved.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Caboolture

Home Caring provides NDIS short term accommodation for mental health and wellbeing. Take the opportunity to have some time away from your usual home, where you can recharge and experience fun activities and day programs while learning valuable life skills. We offer week-long stays, weekend stays and short stays for a 24-hour period, with nutritious meals included.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Geelong

Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) respite care in Geelong provides a supportive and engaging environment for participants to live in for a short while, while your primary carer take a break. Our respite options and NDIS short term accommodation is for up to 28 days, and can be broken up to suit your schedule. We also offer emergency respite accommodation for those who need it.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Wollongong

As Short Term Accommodation NDIS providers, Home Caring provides NDIS accommodation for people in Wollongong to temporarily stay with their informal support network takes a break. Take the opportunity to learn new skills and take part in capacity-building group activities for independent living at home, with a range of supports and assistive technology available for daily living.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation Newcastle

Home Caring provides Short Term Accommodation and assistance with the NDIS in Newcastle and surrounding suburbs. Our appealing homes provide a great place to stay, while having all the support you need, such as personal supports, constant care, help with daily tasks, meal preparation, community participation and nursing services. We also provide Medium Term Accommodation for those who need to stay somewhere for longer.

NDIS Short Term Accommodation NSW South Coast (Nowra)

If you’re looking for short stay disability accommodation on the NSW South Coast, our team based in Nowra can help. With years of Short Term Accommodations & assistance behind us, we’re well-placed to support you away from home with individual care and disability respite services, so your informal supports can take a break with a mind at ease. We have plenty of NDIS STA and accessible accommodation options to suit a variety of needs, including emergency respite care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation?

Can I use NDIS funding for a holiday?

Is Short Term Accommodation the same as Respite?

How do I get Short Term Accommodation included in my NDIS plan?

How long is Short Term Accommodation for?

How do I find a NDIS accommodation provider in Australia?

What is the difference between Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation?

The NDIS funds different accommodation types for people living with disability. Short Term Accommodation is a short stay away from home – up to 14 days at a time – to give you a change of scenery. It’s an opportunity for your usual carer to take a break from their caring responsibilities, while you stay somewhere that helps you reach your goals.

Medium Term Accommodation is a temporary place to stay for participants who are waiting to move into their long-term home, but can’t move in yet because their supports aren’t ready. It is generally funded for up to 90 days, and is included in your NDIS plan as part of other home and living supports.

Can I use NDIS funding for a holiday?

Funding to support your holiday or a short trip away can be considered reasonable and necessary – if it supports the goals in your NDIS plan. This could include funding for a support worker to accompany you on a trip, special equipment, or specialised services that help you achieve more independence, enjoy social participation, and improve your health and wellbeing.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to claim everyday expenses related to travelling, such as meals out, transport to and from different places, and accommodation.

Is Short Term Accommodation the same as Respite?

Short Term Accommodation can be a way of providing respite care, so your usual carer has an opportunity to take a break. While they can take a break from their caring responsibilities, you can stay in Short Term Accommodation and have an opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery, while developing your skills and trying fun new things.

The amount of funding you receive for STA depends on how much support you need. The more work your carer does to take care of you, the more breaks they may need to take, and so the more funding you’ll receive for STA—up to 28 days a year.

How do I get Short Term Accommodation included in my NDIS plan?

The NDIA may fund Short Term Accommodation if you’re supported by your family or informal supports, it helps you maintain functional capacity, it helps increase your independence, or it helps you do more activities. Short Term Accommodation also needs to support you to pursue your goals – for example, helping you build life skills, or increasing your social participation.

If you would like to have Short Term Accommodation included in your NDIS plan, chat to your planner or Local Area Coordinator at your next review or initial planning meeting. You will be required to give evidence as to how Short Term Accommodation could benefit you, such as a report from a therapist. If you don’t agree with the decision made, you can ask for an internal review.

How long is Short Term Accommodation?

The NDIA usually funds Short Term Accommodation for up to 28 days in a year. You may be able to use it in a block of up to 14 days at once, or spread it out throughout the year (e.g. using STA for one weekend a month).

How do I find a NDIS accommodation provider in Australia?

To find a provider who offers Short Term Accommodation in Australia, you can use the Provider Finder on the NDIS participant portal (called myplace) or research providers in your local area by chatting to your Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Home Caring provides excellent Short Term Accommodation options in locations around Australia. You’ll have an opportunity to have fun, try new things and learn valuable skills, while your carer can take a break and recharge. For more information, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’d love to help.

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