NDIS Housing Brisbane

NDIS Housing Brisbane

Home Caring provides a wide range of quality SDA housing in Brisbane, including Supported Independent Living homes, group homes, Medium Term Accommodation, Short Term Accommodation, Respite Care and High Care homes.

We know how important it is to find the perfect place to live. Our housing solutions and innovative homes tick all the boxes: attention to detail, accessible spaces, great support and modern features – alongside a dedicated team that provide personalised service.

But that’s not all. Our range of disability houses and apartments are designed to feel like home. From decorating your space and finding hobbies you love, to learning new skills and creating a great routine with your housemates, we want your home to be a special space where your individuality is embraced.

Our NDIS homes feature:

  • Accessible features such as wheelchair accessible entrances, paths and corridors
  • Easy access bathrooms and kitchens for greater independence
  • A secure property with safety features such as slip-resistant flooring, alarm systems and secure parking
  • Open and attractive spaces for recreation, relaxing and entertaining
  • Respite care to give loved ones a break for better mental health, for work, or to attend appointments
  • Opportunities to socialise with others and make friends, with plenty of space for privacy and alone time to recharge
  • Good quality appliances, furnishings and amenities for your comfort
  • Features for comfort and convenience, such as air condition, WiFi and proximity to recreation spaces
  • Great locations in safe thriving suburbs close to amenities and public transport
  • Opportunities to take part in social activities, attend day programs, and learn life skills while having fun
  • Regular home maintenance and a quick response to any problems that arise for peace of mind
  • Support with creating a household routine, budgeting, cooking and daily living skills
  • NDIS housing options such as Robust Housing and High Physical Support available
  • Excellent customer service with a dedicated team on hand to help solve any problems
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Are you looking for quality disability accommodation in Brisbane? To chat about accessible housing options and current accommodation vacancies, please get in touch for a FREE consultation with our friendly staff.

You can find out about our range of disability housing in Brisbane below:

SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)

SIL (Supported Independent Living)

STA and MTA (Short Term Accommodation and Medium Term Accommodation)

High Care (or Complex Care)

Group Homes

FAQs about NDIS Housing in Brisbane

How much does SDA cost?

How do I apply for NDIS SDA?

How do I know what accommodation will suit me?

What vacancies do you have in Brisbane?

NDIS SDA in Brisbane

SDA or NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation in Brisbane caters for people living with functional impairment by providing an accessible to help them live independently in the community. This includes the following design category features:

  • Improved Liveability – features include safe and continuous accessways for people with physical impairments, physical access provision, accessible bathrooms and kitchens, special lighting and sensory features, improved wayfinding
  • Robust – resilient homes with robust construction that reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others, featuring secure doors and windows, and enough space to support people with complex behaviours
  • Fully Accessible – homes with a high level of physical access features for activities like eating, showering and toileting, and assistive technology to aid independence
  • High Physical Support – a home with features that support people with very high support needs, such as a ceiling hoist and home modifications

Home Caring’s SDA housing in Brisbane promotes choice and control for residents. As registered NDIS service providers, we’ll support you with daily activities – from shopping, cooking and doing laundry to studying, finding work, learning new skills, or relaxing.

Our SDA accommodation is designed to help participants lead vibrant, safe, and independent lives, so they can be part of the community and enjoy a life of meaning.

If you’re looking for an SDA provider in Brisbane or suitable housing, we’d love to help. SDA NDIS can be an overwhelming system to navigate, with lots of different options and complexities. As specialist disability accommodation providers, we have years of expertise at providing exceptional service to our clients, so you can enjoy a meaningful life.

NDIS Supported Independent Living in Brisbane

NDIS Supported Independent Living is a type of disability support that is provided in your home. It includes support with daily living tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, laundry, going to appointments, grocery shopping and meal preparation. You can receive SIL while living in a home with other people with disability, or while living on your own.

If you’re looking for NDIS SIL providers in Brisbane, we’re here to help. Home Caring’s localised teams provide personalised Supported Independent Living in Brisbane’s suburbs. We’ll support you with everyday things and help to create a household routine that works for you – whether you are living on your own, or with housemates. Our SIL NDIS services aim to empower you with skilled care from support workers and experienced health professionals with a wealth of experience.

Medium Term and Short Term Accommodation in Brisbane

Short Term Accommodation is housing for a short period of time (generally up to 14 days), away from the home that you usually live in. It could be funded as respite to give your usual carer a break, while you have an opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy a different environment, and build your capacity.

If you’re looking for NDIS short term accommodation providers in Brisbane, Home Caring provides a range of options to suit all needs. Whether you need support while your usual carer is away, want to try something new, want to learn independent living skills, or could do with time away to develop a healthy mind and body, our Short Term Accommodation options might be the perfect solution.

Medium Term Accommodation is a medium-term housing solution for when you are unable to move into your permanent accommodation because your supports aren’t ready yet. This form of alternative living arrangement is usually funded by the NDIS for 90 days. Home Caring offers high quality MTA in Brisbane for NDIS participants who need accessible accommodation while they are waiting for their permanent home.

NDIS High Intensity Support in Brisbane

High care is for participants who need intensive levels of support compared to what standard levels of care can offer. This covers a wide range of services, but can include things like help with dressing and having a shower, respiratory care, stoma care, home modifications to help you move freely in your space or behaviour management support.

Accessing high care – in a disability home that is designed just for you – can enable you to be safe, supported and cared for, and enhance your ability to be independent and enjoy quality of life.

Home Caring provides High Intensity NDIS support in Brisbane, along with skilled 24/7 care from experienced professionals. Our range of modern disability homes cater for all your needs, so you can continue being independent in the community and enjoy a comfortable life. Our local teams are also available to provide high care in Brisbane to support complex support needs, from personal care such as help with showering, toileting and grooming, to nursing services, nutrition support, domestic assistance and more.

For more information about complex care in Brisbane, please get in touch to discuss your needs. As a trusted provider of specialist disability housing, we have a breadth of solutions to offer.

NDIS Group Homes in Brisbane

A group home allows NDIS participants who require support to live together in a supported environment, located in the community. Unlike an institutional approach to care, group homes are designed to provide a comfortable, modern, and social home environment for small groups of people (usually around two to five residents). This means that residents can receive all the support they need for daily life, while staying connected to the community and enjoying the benefits of shared living.

Home Caring provides high quality group homes in Brisbane where participants can enjoy communal living, in a space designed for their needs. You’ll enjoy social activities and making new friends, while also having enough space for time out and privacy. Our group homes in Brisbane are designed to be safe and comfortable, so all participants are empowered to enjoy quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS Housing in Brisbane

How much does SDA cost?

The government provides funding for people with disability to find a suitable place to live through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

If you are eligible, the cost of SDA (Specialist Disabilty Accommodation) in Australia can be subsidised by the Australian Government through the NDIS. Having a NDIS plan can allow you to access the type of accommodation you need, such as different types of Specialist Disability Accommodation, Medium Term or Short Term Accommodation, Respite or a group home.

It’s important to note that the funding in your plan is used for housing, not the services or supports you receive in your home (that is covered by a different part of your NDIS plan). If you are just at the beginning of your NDIS journey or need help applying for accommodation funding through the NDIS, please get in touch. Our team is happy to walk you through the process, and chat to you about your housing or support needs.

How do I apply for NDIS SDA?

To have Specialist Disability Accommodation funding included in your NDIS plan, you need to show that you have an extreme functional impairment and high support needs, and that Specialist Disability Accommodation will help you work towards your NDIS goals, enable you to develop skills, and provide long-term benefits for your life.

If you are interested in living in SDA, chat to your support coordinator about how to apply for specialist disability homes, as they can help guide you through the process. If you’d like to chat to someone about how it works, we’re happy to help. Please give our friendly team a call on 1300 875 377 to talk to someone about your accommodation support options.

How do I know what accommodation will suit me?

Like searching for a disability care provider, finding the right disability accommodation depends on many things: what support you need, how many people you would like to live with, where your support network is located, and what type of building you would like to live in.

When applying for funding from the NDIS or looking for a disability accommodation provider, it’s worth considering how a home will:

  • help you access the supports you need to live independently
  • align with your individual goals under your NDIS plan
  • suit your tastes – is it the type of home you want to live in? Do you like the area it’s in? Can you see yourself living there?
  • help you get involved with the local community, pursue hobbies and stay connected to other people
  • help you stay in touch with friends and family and create new relationships. Are you close to your support network?
  • reduce any risks to yourself or other people
  • whether you would like to live with other people or on your own

Home Caring provides a range of disability accommodation in Brisbane and other locations around Australia. As well as providing for various support needs, our homes are modern, comfortable, ideally located in vibrant communities, and close to amenities such as shopping centres, employment opportunities, parks, education facilities, medical centres, public transport and recreation spaces.

What vacancies do you have in Brisbane?

For information on our current Specialist Disability Accommodation, Short Term Accommodation, Medium Term Accommodation and other disability accommodation vacancies in Brisbane, please get in touch by calling 1300 875 377.

Want to find out more about disability homes in Brisbane? We’d love to chat to you about your disability housing options. Apart from being housing specialists, Home Caring also offer a range of disability services for every stage of life. To find out how we can help you work towards the goals in your NDIS plan, please get in touch for a FREE consultation with our experienced team.

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