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Mandatory For Aged Care

Flu Jab Should be Mandatory for Aged Care Staff, Experts Say

The flu jab is an is an important vaccination to help prevent against the known viruses that can cause the dangerous infection. Yet despite this, the procedure is not compulsory for aged care workers in Australia before they enter the workforce. Recently though, this oversight has been causing alarming problems

Dementia Day Centres

The Definitive Guide to Dementia Day Centres

Dementia Day Centres play an important role in the care industry. Not only can they provide caregivers with a break from time to time, but it can give people with dementia the chance to socialise with others and participate in activities in a safe and constructive environment. But what services

Home Care Services In England

Home Care Services Continue to Struggle in England, Report Finds

A report from health watchdog Healthwatch England has revealed that over 3000 people receiving home care have come forward to talk about what they describe as a “lacklustre service.” Among the number of complaints and comments collected, the report concluded that home care services in England were “in a fragile state”, as

Home Care Report Claims

Home Care and Aged Care Users at Risk from Over Reliance on Antimicrobials, Report Claims

A lot of medicine is prescribed in the care industry, of which many are antimicrobials – special medicines that kill microorganisms or stop their growth. As we get older, we often rely on these types of medicine to fend off illnesses and infections our body may not be able to

Elderly Home Care

How to Make a Sensory Room for People with Dementia

Dementia can cause many problems for those affected, and one area that often causes issues is a decrease in sensory stimulation. This can affect all five of the senses and can leave those afflicted with an inability to recall past memories, as well as difficulties in communicating and focusing on

Energizes The Aged

Optimism, A Dose That Energizes the Aged

To satisfy the thirst for knowledge about the conditions and process of aging and what it means to someone who is considered an elderly, I interviewed a man who was approaching his seventy-fifth birthday in August.  To maintain privacy and respect for the man, I will refer to him as

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