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Dutch Approach to Care

Buurtzorg: The Dutch Approach to Care

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Over in the Netherlands, the Dutch take a slightly different approach to care to that of what we may be used to. A special type of care Buurtzorg, as it is referred to in the country, is a special type of care model that aims to allow the elderly to

Music And Memory Therapy For Dementia

Music and Memory Therapy Found to Reduce Need for Medication for Dementia Patients

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A new study has found that music and memory therapy can help reduce the need of antipsychotic and anti-anxiety medication for those suffering from dementia. The study, the largest to date looking at music and memory therapy for dementia patients, was conducted by Kali Thomas, PhD, and colleagues and was

Home Care Dementia Therapy

Meet the Unusual Friends Providing Dementia Therapy

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Animals have often been used as a form of dementia therapy for those with the condition, but this has often been observed in common household animals, such as cats and dogs. However, research has suggested that interaction with many other sorts of animals can have the same positive effect, which

Home Care Poor Eyesight

How to Prevent Poor Eyesight as You Get Older

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As we get older, our eyesight can deteriorate, which can prevent us from keeping a sense of independence in our lives, often requiring us to rely on the help of others or home care services. Vision loss is currently the leading cause of age-related disability, with 285 million people visually

Home Care Delay Dementia

Could These Three Simple Changes Help Delay Dementia?

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Exercise, controlling your blood pressure and cognitive training. These three lifestyle changes could, in fact, help delay the onset of dementia, a new report has claimed. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report that there is now “encouraging” evidence that incorporating these three factors into your everyday life can help

Home Care Validation Therapy

What Is Validation Therapy?

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There are many different types of therapy available to those with dementia, but one type that can help but often not talked about is that of validation therapy. What is validation therapy? Validation therapy is a special type of dementia therapy that is holistic in nature due to its focus

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