Complex Care Needs for Children

Complex Care Needs for Children

Complex Care Needs for Children

Caring for a child with complex needs can be overwhelming, as there are often multiple conditions for caregivers to manage. Your child may require lots of different services, such as physical assistance with getting ready in the morning, medication management, feeding and toileting, and help with attending school. This can cause stress for the whole family, especially if you don’t have the right support behind you.

Home Caring provides quality support for children with complex disability care needs, in the comfort of their own home. As a registered NDIS provider, we’ll help your child achieve an independent and happy life through specialised care, assistance with daily living, support for parents, and opportunities to learn skills. This helps families stay together, and enables you to build your parenting capacity and confidence.

What we offer:

The team at Home Caring is experienced at caring for children with a range of different chronic and complex care needs and syndromes, including but not limited to cerebral palsy, developmental delay, Trisomy 21, SMA, Spina bifida and mitochondrial disorders. We also provide quality care for children who are non-verbal or non-mobile.

About our team

Home Caring’s qualified team of health care professionals and support workers are highly experienced at providing care for children with complex needs. We provide services to the highest standards, so you can feel confident that your child is accessing the very best care.

We also take a holistic approach to care, collaborating with your child’s medical team, support network and family members. Our tailored approach is based on each family’s unique needs, and we’re always available to provide guidance and advice for parents on how to provide the very best care.

What is Care for Complex Needs?

Under the NDIS, care for complex needs refers to specialised support services provided to individuals who have complex, high-level needs due to their disability. This includes assistance with daily living activities, personal care, mobility, household tasks, taking part in community activities, going to school, socialising and developing skills for independent living.

Care for complex needs can also include accessing independent living equipment (e.g. a motorised wheelchair), modifications to your home to make it safer to live, allied health therapy (e.g. physiotherapy or occupational therapy) and medical care. The aim is to enable individuals to live as independently as possible and to participate fully in their communities, while also supporting their health and wellbeing.

Children and the NDIS

Children over seven years old, living with a permanent disability, might be eligible for the NDIS if they meet the following criteria:

  • they have a disability caused by an impairment that is likely to be permanent
  • the permanent impairment substantially reduces their functional capacity to do one or more of the following activities: moving around, communicating, socialising, learning, or undertaking self-care or self-management tasks
  • their impairments affect their ability to study or take part in social life
  • they are likely to need NDIS services later in life.

The NDIS also supports children under the age of seven with a disability or developmental delay through the Early Childhood Approach (ECA) approach. It also funds early intervention and other supports that improve a child’s functional capacity or prevent deterioration of functioning.

Home Caring is here to support families with children who are on the NDIS. Whether you’re yet to apply, starting your journey, or looking for a provider who meets your needs, we’re here to help every step of the way.

To learn more about our services for people with complex needs or to schedule a consultation, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you and your family.

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