Complex Care

Complex Care

Are you exploring home care support for your loved one? It’s possible that they might have more complex needs and requirements than the typical individual. If this is the case, then a complex support home care package may be the best option.

A complex support package can be customised to ensure that it provides everything that you and your loved one require in terms of support. It will be suitable for individuals with a wide range of different conditions

Home care packages are available through consumer-directed care. The individual receiving the services will be able to choose the care solution that best match their individual needs and requirements.

Is Complex Support The Right Choice?

To understand whether complex care is going to be the right choice, you need to consider the individual situation of your loved one.

Home care will be required if an individual needs coordinated services to remain in their homes. The individual in question may be older or they could be a younger person with a disability. For instance, many individuals in need of home care are suffering from early-onset dementia. This can impact individuals in their thirties and the symptoms can progress quickly.

Typically, for complex care to be the right choice, your loved one will have needs that are not met through the typical services.

Our complex care service is suitable for people of any age who is suffering from a particular chronic health condition or may have complex health needs.

Many of our clients are experiencing a decline in function. Due to this, they are unable to care effectively for themselves and need additional support including bathing and grooming. Your loved one could also have a chronic health condition like lung disease or issues with diabetes. A carer can provide the right support for these individuals and ensure that they gain the best quality of life while maintaining their independence.

A lot of our clients live alone and as such a carer will be the only form of the support that they have. Alternatively, there could also be an issue with carers finding themselves under significant levels of stress. With complex care support, carers are able to gain the relief that they need while ensuring that their loved ones are looked after the right away.

An individual in need of complex care support could also have social or emotional stressors as well as multiple health conditions.

The Goals Of Complex Care

There are many goals of complex care for both you and your loved one. With the right level of support, it is possible to reduce or even avoid hospital admissions. People in need of care will often be more at risk of suffering injuries and accidents at home. The right complex care support package will help prevent this and keep the individual safe.

By reducing hospital admissions it is possible to reduce the chances of health conditions getting worse and lower levels of stress.

Complex care support can also help effectively manage complex health issues as well as chronic conditions. At the same time, it can improve self-management and ensure that patients are able to maintain independence in key areas and aspects of their life. Compex care support is designed to provide individuals confidence when managing their health while offering services for ongoing and long-term support.

Are You Eligible?

Not everyone will be eligible for a complex care support package. To determine whether you meet the requirements, you will need to be assessed by a team of experts.

We can help you arrange this assessment and ensure that you progress through the right steps. Our aim is to ensure that this process is kept as simple as possible and guarantee that you are able to gain the support that you need without delay.

The first step will be to contact us. We can then arrange a meeting at a time that suits you. Once you have your meeting, we will have an accurate and clear understanding of your individual requirements. You will then receive the outcome of the assessment and we can discuss the next step.

Be aware that in some cases there can be a delay in receiving approval for complex care services. If you are concerned about the wait time and you require support as quickly as possible, make sure that this is discussed with your assessor.

What Is Required To Arrange Complex Care?

Aside from completing a care assessment, you will need to make sure that you have any relevant medical information. This could include your medicare card number and details of your general practitioner.

You might also have concerns and issues that you would like to discuss. It is important to note these down so that they can be addressed at the first meeting. It is also useful to have a list of any doctor referrals and notes of any support that you already receive.

Do be aware that you can have a support present with you during the meeting. However, we will strive to provide the right emotional support through this process and keep you completely comfortable.

Available Services

There are numerous services that are available through a complex care package. The services provided will be customised to ensure that they meet individual requirements. Some of the options to take note of include:

  • Personal Services – This could include support with personal hygiene issues including dressing, shaving, bathing and toileting. All of these services will be provided by experts, minimising levels of discomfort or embarrassment for the individual.
  • Nutrition, Diet, Hydration, Meal Preparation – A range of services can be provided related to the preparation of meals. Assistance can also be delivered with cutting up meals or using the correct utensils. Some individuals may also require full assistance with feeding as well. All these options are available with a complex care package.
  • Continence Management – Continence aids will be changed and appliances can be administered as well. Assistance with transfers to a commode as well as help with urinals or bedpans can also be provided by a carer.
  • Aids And Equipment – Aids and support equipment are often available through a complex care package. These can be paid for through your complex care package budget. Aids can be used to ensure that an individual is able to effectively perform certain daily activities. The package will determine whether different equipment options are leased or owned. Assisted technology is also available. This helps to ensure that care is both appropriate and timely. Both video conferencing, as well as digital technology, are possibilities.
  • Assisted technology may also include equipment that helps with communication as well as mobility. In some cases, the right technology can also be provided to ensure that additional support is offered to keep an individual safe in their home.
  • Personal Assistance Individuals can be assisted in a range of different daily processes as well as appointments that they need to complete annually. A carer can help an individual attend different social activities and visit all the necessary health practitioners. They can also gain the assistance that they need with shopping as well.
  • Mobility – Mobility solutions can be offered during care including mobility aids. In some cases, mechanical devices may also be available as well as solutions that provide both practical support and comfort. For instance, a care package could include pressure-relieving mattresses. These can help guarantee that pressure is kept off particular areas of the body and reduce levels of chronic pain.
  • Skin Integrity – Carers will be able to assist individuals with wound care as well as treatment of the skin. This could include the use of emollients and creams to ensure that health conditions do not get worse and are managed effectively.

How Much Will Complex Care Cost?

The cost of home care depends on the level of care an individual requires. There are four different levels of home care available. Each level offers a different amount of funding. You will contribute to the cost of the care with a basic daily fee. In some cases, you may also be required to pay an income-tested care fee.

Complex care is a high level of care support. As such, it is one of the most expensive options available. However, it does provide a full level of support for an individual with complex needs and requirements.

Where Is Complex Care Available?

It is important to be aware that there are no limitations on where you can access care packages. Complex care support services are available to individuals throughout Australia. This is true whether you are in a location near Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Available support packages may differ depending on your location. You should explore different options to find the right solution that matches your needs.

With complex support it is possible to maintain a high quality of living and ensure that an individual gets the level of attention and care that they need for particular health issues.

Make sure that you contact us today to find out more about the complex care support packages available and begin the process of setting up your care package.

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