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Home Caring is a leading provider of home care packages for Richlands residents. We strive to offer the best possible levels of personal care, provide all of our clients with dignity and treat them with professionalism.

As registered NDIS service providers, we not only offer elderly care, but can also provide disability care for those under the age of 65. All of our care packages are tailored to meet the needs of clients and to fit around the availability and schedule of clients and their loved ones.

We carefully vet every one of our carers, and we provide full support to ensure that they are properly equipped to deal with every client. This means that you can enjoy total peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the level of care that they require while retaining their dignity and independence, in their own home.

In-Home Care, Richlands

In-home care services from Home Caring enable your loved one to retain a degree of independence by staying in their own home. We understand that every individual has their own needs and requirements. We complete a full consultation with the client and with their loved ones, to determine their exact requirements.

We can determine what days and times we are needed, whether we are required for emergency calls, and we can ascertain the exact level of domiciliary care Richlands residents need. Some of the individual services that we offer include:

  • Companionship: Loneliness is a major issue for a lot of seniors. With our professional home care, Richlands residents can enjoy some company once a week, or more often if required. Our vetted carers will not only visit your loved one, but they can accompany them to medical appointments or even take them out shopping each week.
  • Personal care: Personal care services include washing, bathing, and toileting. Carers can also help with cream and ointment application, and dressing or undressing the client on a daily basis. It is important that every individual is clean and hygienic. Looking smart and presentable is also an important consideration. Applying makeup and helping choose a suitable outfit can go a long way to improving a person’s life.
  • Food and nutrition: As people age, their dietary requirements change. People typically eat less, and this makes it all the more important that they are eating well and healthily. A balanced diet is vital, but many seniors overlook their diet. As a person develops dementia, they can forget to eat, and a lot of old people are of the opinion that it is wasteful to cook for just one person. Our carers can monitor food intake levels, ensure that clients are eating healthily and getting a balanced diet.
  • Medical support: Taking the right medication at the right time can become challenging for anybody. This is especially true when a person has multiple different prescriptions, some of which might need to be taken twice a day, others only once a week. Taking the wrong medication or taking an incorrect amount of a prescribed medication can have serious consequences. Our domiciliary care services can include drug monitoring, preparing drugs for the week or day, and some other medical support services, such as changing bandages and monitoring wounds.
  • Specialised care: Some clients have additional requirements that are not covered by the services above, but we can incorporate these into a home care service. During the consultation, our coordinator will assess the exact requirements of the individual to suggest the services that we believe they would benefit from most.

Why Choose Home Care?

Nursing homes and care homes offer excellent levels of care, in most cases, but they can cost a lot of money; money which many families simply don’t have. Our care packages are more affordable than a nursing home stay, and they offer other benefits too.

Everybody deserves to live with dignity, and our carers are trained to provide dignified and high quality care for all clients. Your loved one can enjoy sympathetic care while still retaining their independence and remaining in an environment that they’re comfortable with. This can aid in the recovery process following operations, and it can also slow the onset of conditions like dementia. It is also easier for some families to visit their loved ones in the family home, rather than trying to work around set meal times and preferred visiting hours in care homes.

Aged Care

Care homes can be very expensive; prohibitively so, in some instances. With our elderly care, Richlands seniors not only get to remain in their own home, but they receive the level of care that is required. Some elderly clients only need very basic care, such as help getting out and doing the shopping. Some crave daily companionship. Paying for care home residency for such basic human amenities isn’t necessary, and our carefully chosen caregivers can provide these and other senior care for Richlands residents.

Because all of our senior care packages are tailored to the needs of the individual client, it means that we can increase or decrease the level of services that we offer over time, too. If a client starts to develop dementia, or an existing disability worsens, we can advise loved ones and we can recommend that they receive extra care.

We also understand the importance of family, while understanding that it isn’t always possible for family members to be on hand, all day every day. We can arrange our visits around your schedule, which means that you can provide care for your family member when available, and we fill the gap when you aren’t able to visit.

Disability Care

As a registered and trusted NDIS provider, we not only offer senior care services, but have professionals that can deal with all disability care for Richlands residents.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, was rolled out across the country in 2016, having enjoyed successful trials. The scheme is aimed at those under the age of 65 with a permanent impairment or disability. Once a person is part of the scheme, they can choose to continue with NDIS support or opt to receive elderly care Richlands services. If a person develops a disability after they reach the age of 65, they receive elderly care and not NDIS support.

NDIS funding can be used for personal care services such as help getting in and out of bed and conducting other domestic activities. It can also be used to pay for participation in social activities and clubs, and is aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities are able to lead as full a life as possible. Home Caring can offer NDIS support coordination, providing clients with services that meet NDIS requirements.

Respite Care

Being a carer is extremely challenging, especially if you have your own life and your own family. We provide respite care in Richlands that gives caregivers a break while still ensuring that the client receives the appropriate level and type of care that they require. Respite care can be planned, allowing the caregiver opportunity to go on a family holiday, receive medical attention of their own, or simply to have a break and take care of themselves. Respite care can also be used in emergencies, for example if a regular carer gets ill and is unable to visit the client.

Providing long-term home care can take its toll both physically and emotionally on the caregiver. It is important for everybody that they receive some time away. We understand that it is difficult to hand over the reigns, and that you want to ensure that the proper level of care is provided. Our team will work with you to determine exactly what care level and services are required for your loved one, and we will take over the mantle while you have a deserved and important break.

Dementia Care

Dementia is an awful disease, not only for the sufferer but for their family and loved ones too. It can be very challenging to provide the level of care required, yourself, especially if you have no experience of this disease. Different forms of dementia act differently – some can come on suddenly, while others develop more gradually over time. In all instances, it is vital that the sufferer receives an appropriate level of care and assistance, even when they might be convinced that they don’t require it.

Our in-home dementia care in Richlands can provide assistance with everything from grocery shopping to personal care, and ensuring that the client manages their medication properly. Using dementia care professionals also means that family can continue to enjoy their relationship with the sufferer.

Dementia can be very frustrating and patients can get angry, even with those that are closest to them, especially when they are trying to help and lend support. By allowing professional carers to tend for the needs of the client, this means that you can retain your relationship with your family member.

Palliative Care, Richlands

Palliative care enables family and friends to concentrate on spending invaluable time with their loved ones, leaving professional caregivers to provide personal care for Richlands residents that need it.

Our palliative care services include in-home care. We believe that home care services offer several distinct benefits over care homes. Care homes can be cost prohibitive and because they take the client out of their own home, they are not always the best solution to a specific problem. Failing health does not mean that the client has to lose all of their independence. We can provide the nursing and medical care, personal care services, and other elderly care that Richlands residents require from their own home.

Palliative care encompasses many areas of care, and we will work with the client’s medical team, as well as their family, to ensure that they receive everything they require. We can help with pain relief, minimise stress for the client and their family, and we can ensure as high a quality of life as possible during the most challenging times that a family faces.

Home Caring Services

Home Caring prides itself on offering high quality, reliable, in-home care services. We work with clients, their families, and medical professionals to ensure that we deliver the care that is needed. This not only benefits the client themselves, but family members and friends as well. Whether you require NDIS disability care, aged care, palliative care, or specialist dementia care, we have the team and the expertise to support you.

Give us a call today on 1300-875-377. One of our team will guide you through the process, arrange for a consultation, and answer any queries or questions you have about the process.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.