NDIS Provider Kalamunda

NDIS Provider Kalamunda

Disability care has been provided in Kalamunda by Home Caring since 2015, with the primary focus on providing exemplary home support packages to eligible persons for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Carry on living your life

Having access to specialised care for people with disabilities in your daily life can be helpful, regardless of whether you or a loved one are the recipients of the care.

Those eligible for the programme in Australia can receive the care and assistance they need to live as independently as possible and achieve their own personal goals.

You can choose to self-manage your plan, engage a plan manager to organise the distribution of your assets, or have the NDIA do it for you. All of these options are available to you. The next thing you need to do is figure out your goals and how you want to spend the money that has been given to you.

Home care packages offered by a provider who is registered with the NDIS in Kalamunda

Our customers receive NDIS home care support that is of the highest quality, completely dependable in every way, and completely tailored to their specific needs.

What we offer

Home Caring provides professional home care services, tailored to your needs.

We are an approved NDIS and aged care provider
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Care given in the comfort of one’s own home through the NDIS

We try to meet the needs of our many different clients by offering a wide range of home care services. Every one of our services is tailored to the client’s needs and is done by NDIS disability workers and personal care assistants who are trained and experienced in their fields.

Our NDIS services

We offer a full range of services based on what our customers need and fit within the guidelines of the NDIS. It’s the most important part of how we provide home care services, because each of our services can be changed to fit your needs and preferences.

We are very proud that we always try to give the best services possible and are reliable and honest when we talk to people. This has brought us a great deal of satisfaction over the years. Find out how using Home Caring’s in-home care services will help you reach the goals in your NDIS plan.

  • Individual pursuits and interests
  • Home support – cooking, cleaning etc
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare provided in the home and community
  • Gaining entry into the community
  • Life skills

We meet the government’s standards for quality and safety, and we know everything there is to know about the NDIS, so we can help you throughout the whole of your plan. Our aid is tailored to the specifics of your requirements, and we work in tandem with you to resolve those needs as easily and painlessly as possible. We are a care provider in Kalamunda that is registered with the NDIS, and as such, we give a strong dedication to the policies as well as assure quality and protections. In addition, to give our customers the best possible degree of care and assistance, we adhere to all applicable laws, guidelines, rules, and service standards.

Make your NDIS care work for you

We provide an unparalleled level of flexibility within the care that we offer. When clients want to make adjustments to the care package that they are receiving, it can often be a long and stressful process – but not with us.

We are committed to providing you or your loved one with care that is accurate each and every time it is administered.  We are aware that shifts in one’s health and even one’s financial situation can have a significant impact on the type of care that someone needs.

 Get in touch to discuss the available home care packages in Kalamunda

Before you decide whether or not to use our in-home care services in Kalamunda, we strongly suggest that you schedule an initial consultation with one of our representatives so that you can get all of your questions answered. Because of this, we are able to have a talk about your requirements as well as the particular attributes you look for in an NDIS home care provider. It is also an opportunity for a member of our team to have a comprehensive talk with you about our services so that you are informed of precisely what to anticipate once you begin receiving treatment from our organisation.

Give Home Caring a call at the number below to learn more about the ways in which we may assist you or a member of your family in maintaining their independence while living at home.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.