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It can be hard when you realise that your aged parent or a family member that has a disability can no longer care for himself or herself properly.  You could well be in the situation where you have a full-time job and a family to care for. Having the extra responsibility can create feelings of guilt and depression when you cannot dedicate the time you would like to. Then you may find yourself with limited options, such as giving up your job to provide the care that is needed or placing the party concerned in a care home.

That is a tough decision to have to make, but are you aware of another option? Have you been told about the possibility of home care in Penrith?

Could Home Care In Penrith Be The Answer?

Home Caring was set up in 2015 to provide care in the home for people with disabilities or those that are over the age of 65 that need assistance. Home Caring will work with the client and their family to tailor a plan, especially for their specific needs. Regardless of whether that means just an hour a day or 24-hour care, we are committed and dedicated to providing home care in Penrith for our clients.

Home Caring was founded with four key values in mind – Care, Quality, Innovation, and Excellence. The care we provide is client focused, keeping them at the centre of all that we do. Our quality of care is of the highest standards, but we will always listen to suggestions if someone thinks improvements could be made. New innovations are being introduced all the time, and we keep abreast of any that could improve the lives of our clients. Our aim is to offer excellence of service that will surpass our client’s expectations.

In Home Care In Penrith For The Elderly

People do not have to be sick for their functions to diminish as they age, it just happens. For the person being affected, it can be very frustrations and frightening. When they find they can no longer do the simple everyday tasks it threatens their independence and that can create anxiety, depression and other emotional issues that will just make them worse.

For their family, they start to worry if the elderly person is eating or taking any medication they should have. Have they been able to dress themselves today? Has some shopping been done? These things may seem minor issues on their own, but when there are several of them, it is a much bigger problem.

In home care in Penrith means that their independence is safe, and so are they.  Our fully trained carers will treat the elderly with compassion and make sure all their daily needs are met. As well as carrying out the necessary tasks, it is often the case that a bond is built between the client and the carer. This can result in a healthier mental attitude for the aged person as well as there being someone that can get medical assistance if they are ill when they visit.

As one of the leading in home care specialists in Australia, we have seen time and time again how our care and support has meant that the aged person can stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home. This results in a more contented client and a family that knows they relative is in safe hands.

Dementia Care In Penrith

Although conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s usually happen in elderly people, they can take control of the brain of people of any age.  They usually start with small confusions and some memory loss but over time these symptoms become much worse. Eventually, the sufferer reaches a stage where they cannot look after themselves and their safety becomes a concern for their loved ones.

Just imagine for a few moments that this is you. You are feeling confused and then are taken from your home to a strange place to be looked after. It must be very unsettling for patients in this situation.

Home Caring offer dementia care services in Penrith so that our clients can stay in their own home. This can involve a carer visiting daily or maybe trips to our Day Center where they can socialise with other people in a similar situation. Our aim is to provide domiciliary care in Penrith that will keep our clients in their home environment for longer.

We will carry out a free assessment of the level of care needed, and adjust it accordingly as the condition gets worse.

Disability Care In Penrith

Disability care in Penrith can be needed for more than one reason. It could be that the family member that is the disabled person’s carer has become ill and is no longer able to provide care to the level they want, or it could be that the disability has worsened with age and more care is now required. Whatever the reason may be, Home Caring can provide disability care in Penrith.

We are a registered NDIS Service provider and are committed to making the processes of accessing the services as simple as possible. It is important to maximise your NDIS funds and we help you to achieve this with daily activities, self-care, day programs, accessing social and community support, support coordination and will help our clients to achieve independence through Supported Independent Living options.

In partnership with the client and their family, we will develop a care plan that ensures the specific needs, aims and wants of the client is achieved wherever possible.

Respite Care In Penrith

If you have ageing parents or a disabled relative that you care for, it is vitally important that you take care of yourself as well. If you fall ill, the level of care you will be able to provide may not cater for their needs, but sometimes all it needs for you to stay well is a break from the daily care routine.

This is where respite care in Penrith from Home Caring can save the day. If you need a break for a few days or a couple of weeks, a carer can move into your home to provide the care you normally would. It could be that shorter breaks more often are more effective for your well being and if you think a weekend off once a month would help you, we can handle that too.

Our highly trained carers are able to deal with many different types of medical conditions and will ensure that the level of care your relative has is to the highest standard. You can go away for a weekend or a couple of weeks safe in the knowledge that everything will be fine at home.

Palliative Care In Penrith

As the end of a life approaches, sometimes care is needed to make the patient as comfortable as possible for their last few weeks or months. Palliative care In Penrith means so much more than just dealing with the client’s physical needs as anyone in this situation needs emotional support as well, as can those closest to them.

Home Caring has a specialist team of carers to supplement the care provided by the hospice team to improve the quality of life in the final stages of an illness. They work closely with the health professionals, such as the doctors and nurses, to provide excellent palliative care.

Why Choose Home Caring If You Are Looking For Home Care In Penrith?

As NDIS and Aged Care Approved Providers, Home Caring is 100% client focussed. We understand the challenges families face when care is needed because of age, disability or medical condition and will take some of the stress away from their shoulders.

Whether care is needed short-term after surgery or for the rest of a client’s life, you can be certain that all of our carers have undertone rigorous identity checks, and personal interviews.  Our client’s care and safety are our main concerns, which is why we carry out these checks and provide whatever extra training is needed.

If your relative is suffering from Parkinsons Disease, cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Diabetes has been injured in an accident or needs care for any other reason, you should speak with our specialist team and arrange a free assessment of their needs.

It will cost you nothing to find out how we can help, and depending on your personal circumstances and the needs of the client, government funding may be available for our services.

Why not get your relative the care they need so that you can be there for them too without the stress of trying to look after them yourself. We have a team of dedicated professional who are here to help you with the skills and experience needed for a broad range of situations and conditions.

Why not give us a call today on1300 875 377, or email us at [email protected] That phone call or email could be the start of making life easier and less stressful for you and your dependent relative.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.

Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.