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There is no denying that the cost of living in a care home is prohibitive in Australia these days. Because of that fact, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking in-home aged care instead.

Due to the rising demand, more providers have come on the market to offer that service. But, should you consider in-home care in Doolandella for your loved one? Plus, how do you know which is the best provider to choose?

Why choose in-home care?

Moving a loved one into a care home is never an easy one. It can be quite an emotional time for all involved for a start. Plus, the prospect of doing so can be a daunting one for the person in question and their family.

Because of those reasons and the cost element, more families are turning to home care instead. An obvious benefit to the recipient of the in-home care is the fact they get to stay somewhere familiar and safe.

It also means family members can ensure their loved one stays as independent as possible. When it comes to senior care in Doolandella, assistance at home is both a viable and preferable option to a care home.

Senior care in Doolandella: how to find the right provider

As you can imagine, you don’t want just anyone looking after your loved one in their home. It’s crucial that whoever becomes their caregiver is trustworthy, reliable, and supportive.

With those points in mind, how do you find the right provider for aged care? There are a few points to consider when seeking out the best solution for your loved one’s needs:

  • Knowledge and expertise of caring for the elderly;
  • Proven track record;
  • No criminal convictions;
  • Verifiable employment history;
  • Flexible to their client’s needs.

Each person will have a unique set of needs for in-home care. For example, a person who has Alzheimer’s Disease will require dementia care. An older person with mobility issues will need disability care. An individual with a terminal illness will need palliative care to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

There is a wide array of requirements that an in-home care provider must meet for their clients.

Why choose HomeCaring over other support services?

When it comes to selecting an in-home care provider, there is one name you can trust. HomeCaring is the premier choice for senior care in Doolandella and other areas of QLD.

HomeCaring has a friendly team offering plenty of industry experience, knowledge, and expertise. Our mission is to provide nothing short of a high-quality service to our clients. With an impeccable reputation in our field, you can be sure that your loved one is in safe hands.

Our team comprises professional caregivers that are fully vetted, and are some of the industry’s shining stars. Their dedication to providing a first-class service is beyond compare!

As a responsible care agency, HomeCaring strives to be a leading solutions provider. We always check the services we offer to ensure they are fit for purpose, giving our clients added peace of mind.

One of the welcome benefits of choose HomeCaring is that our home care packages in Doolandella are bespoke to your needs. Unlike some of our competitors, everything that we offer can get tweaked so that it’s a perfect fit.

Here at HomeCaring, we aren’t believers in compromising care quality. As such, we can tailor all packages to suit any needs, regardless of budget. With such flexibility, it’s no wonder that HomeCaring is one of Australia’s best home care providers!

What home care packages are on offer?

As mentioned above, we provide a truly bespoke solution for the needs of your loved one.  With a team of qualified and experienced carers, HomeCaring can offer the following:

Aged care in Doolandella

At HomeCaring, we recognise that everyone should lead as independent a life as possible. As we all begin to age, there will come a time where we need some help with our daily lives. HomeCaring is a leading provider of aged in-home care in Queensland.

Respite care in Doolandella

It’s not uncommon for family members to care for loved ones when they become unable to do so for themselves. Of course, those family members will need an opportunity to rest and relax sometimes.

Our respite care packages are flexible. Whether you need an overnight break or want us to help on a regular basis, we’re ready to support you when you need us.

Dementia care in Doolandella

If your loved one is living with dementia, HomeCaring provide a range of support packages to help. Whether it’s only a helping hand with some basic household chores or the need for a dedicated live-in carer, you can count on HomeCaring.

Disability care in Doolandella

It’s no secret that disabled people in Australia have different health conditions and challenges. That is why we only offer tailor-made care packages for clients with mobility issues.

HomeCaring is also an NDIS provider. NDIS allows qualified people the opportunity to access funded support. NDIS support coordination includes things like daily living, social interaction, and mobility equipment.

Examples of conditions that we can care for include:

  • Respiratory conditions;
  • Special communication needs;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS).

In fact, that is just a small subset of conditions we can cover.

Domiciliary care in Doolandella

The great thing about domiciliary care is that it allows clients to maintain their independence and quality of life. HomeCaring can provide a carer for your loved one once or twice a week, or even every day.

Some clients may need a live-in carer. Each person has a different set of requirements. Here at HomeCaring, we can create a unique care package to suit the needs of your loved one. It’s also important to note that your care package can get adapted to evolve with your loved one’s needs.

Palliative care in Doolandella

It’s always an emotional time and distressing to see how a terminal illness can affect a loved one. HomeCaring can help by providing specialist support, taking care of day-to-day tasks. That way, your family can make the most of your time together.

The assistance of a compassionate and experienced carer means that you have specialist support whenever you need it. Our aim is to ensure your loved one has an improved quality of life in familiar surroundings.

Personal care in Doolandella

For some people, there is a real need to have help with personal care at home. Examples of the types of assistance sometimes needed by clients include:

  • Showering;
  • Toileting;
  • Personal grooming;
  • Getting dressed and undressed.

Personal care also includes tasks such as mobility, housekeeping, meal preparation and transport. HomeCaring can work with your loved one to create a schedule best suited to their needs. You can choose how often your loved one receives personal care help from us.

You can even decide whether it should be a permanent arrangement or an infrequent one. An example of the latter might be where an elderly person has recently come out of hospital.

What is the process for getting a home package?

When you decide to get help from HomeCaring for your loved one, we will work with you to create a bespoke home package. But, what are the steps involved for setting it all up?

The good news is that the setup and actioning of a home package is only a four-step process:

Step One: Assessment

Before anything can get put in place, it is important to carry out an assessment. Doing so ensures that an in-home care package is suitable for your loved one’s needs.

While almost everyone would prefer to receive care in the confines of their home, that cannot always be the case. There may be times where assistance in a specialist centre would be more beneficial. That is usually the case where adaptations to the home cannot get made, thus making home living an unsafe option.

Step Two: Registration with My Aged Care

Assuming that in-home care is a viable option for your loved one, the next stage is to register with My Aged Care. You can visit their website at myagedcare.gov.au or call them on 1800 200 422. Doing so is crucial to getting approved for a home care package.

My Aged Care enables you to access government-funded services. It’s always the starting point for any aged care support.

Step Three: ACAT assessment

ACAT is a type of assessment that gets carried out by My Aged Care. The reason for needing an assessment is simple: to approve the level of care needed for your loved one.

The assessment involves a home visit by a small team of medical professionals. The people visiting your loved one are usually a nurse and occupational therapist. A physiotherapist may also be in attendance.

Step Four: Decide on a care provider

Assuming you want to choose HomeCaring, you can contact us by telephone or email. We will then run through the care packages suitable for your loved one.

Once everything between My Aged Care and HomeCaring gets agreed, the package will begin in 14 days. It makes sense to discuss with HomeCaring how best to make use of the funding for your loved one’s care package.

In-home care package levels

There are four funding levels for home care that get approved by the Australian government.

The first, Level One, is the most basic of all four packages. It’s ideal for clients that only need help with domestic support, such as washing or gardening.

Level Two is the same as Level One but with extra domestic support. Examples include shopping, transport, and personal care. Both levels are ideal for clients that wish to remain independent but only need minimal help at home.

People requiring an intermediate level of support will usually get Level Three funding. It covers things like medication and treatment support and modifications to the home. Other costs covered include social support.

The highest level according to My Aged Care is Level Four. It’s a perfect fit for loved ones needing a high level of in-home support. It includes a twice-daily visit from a care professional, and is suitable for people living with conditions like dementia.

Next steps

Selecting the right care option for a loved one is a decision that must not get taken lightly. If you are unsure of how you should proceed, or need advice on what to do next, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss your loved one’s requirements.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.