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Accepting that a loved one needs outside care is one of the toughest decisions any of us face. It’s so tricky, in fact, that you might switch off to the signs. It’s not unusual to ignore symptoms of memory loss or increased dependence in someone you’re close to. But, over time, this turning away from problems can become a problem in itself.

We all want the best possible for the people we care about, after all, and when your loved one starts to experience trouble caring for themselves, the care services offered by Home Care Ryde are your best option. We provide everything from aged care to disability care, and we do it all with your loved one’s needs in mind. If you’ve been ignoring the warning signs for too long, then, it’s past time you contacted us on 1300 875 377 for a complimentary consultation today.

What can in-home care Ryde do for your loved one?

In-home care is a fantastic compromise for families who are reluctant to seek outside help when caring for loved ones. That’s because this is a non-invasive care option which helps  independent living, rather than limiting it like other care options.

We have decades of experience in providing home-based care for a variety of needs, and we could help your loved one to get back the quality of life which they’re losing. Our team members are each extensively screened and trained to ensure that we are always able to live by our mission of providing professional and reliable care and support services to all clients.

We will tailor every single package to your needs and those of your loved one, starting with our complimentary consultations. Here, you’ll meet with our care specialist who will talk you through the most economical and suitable care plans for your needs. We also provide government funding options like NDIS and Home Care Packages to ensure your in-home care doesn’t break the bank.

During that first consultation, our care specialist will talk you through the main benefits of our in-home service, including –

  • Medication management
  • Overnight care
  • Help with showering and washing
  • Assistance with mobility
  • General help at home
  • Companionship and conversation
  • Continence aids
  • Assistance getting to and from appointments
  • And much more

Why Home Care?

Of course, Home Care aren’t the only providers of in-home services across the Sydney area. As such, you may be wondering why exactly you should turn to us over other companies on the market. The truth is, though, that whether you’re looking for respite care or palliative care in Ryde or surrounding areas, we do things differently.

Too often, care providers become so focused on targets that they forget what really matters – the clients. But, we haven’t made that mistake and we never will. We pride ourselves in offering reliable and professional support which suits you and your loved one’s needs, not those of some big boss who has never even met you.

Xuyen Tang, our company CEO, has twenty years of experience within senior care roles, and she’s made it her priority to ensure a team which offers excellent service in everything that they do. We achieve that goal in a few ways, including –

Relying on client input

We may have the professional experience, but we understand that we’re in no ways more qualified than you to decide what’s best for your loved one. That’s why we make consultation a focus and speak with both patient and family members at every stage of the care journey.

For this reason, we’re contactable 24-hours a day, as well as providing various contact options on our online contact page. Once you turn to Home Care, you’ll never need to worry about long response times or ignored wishes. We’ll go above and beyond to guarantee the care you want at all times.

The best team on the market

We didn’t get to be the best domiciliary care providers in Ryde and Sydney without the best team. Our over 250 members of staff have to undergo a rigorous screening and employment process before they become part of our team. We select only colleagues with the right personality traits to fit into our company. We then offer extensive training and work hard to match each client with the ideal carer for them. All the better for ensuring a productive and ongoing relationship which leads to that all-important quality of life.

Flexibility which you won’t find elsewhere

We also offer unrivalled flexibility within the care that we provide. Too often, caregivers get caught on long-winded processes every time a client wants to make a change to their care package. But, we promise never to do the same.

We want to make sure that the care your loved one receives is right 100% of the time. That’s why we do away with templates and aim to adjust care plans regularly. We understand that changes in health and even finances can mean drastic differences in the care your loved one will want. And, we promise to roll with every change while never compromising the quality of our care.

The best domiciliary care in Ryde

Seeing your loved one struggle in their day-to-day life is never pleasant. It may be that they don’t get out as much as they used to. Or, perhaps you notice that they’re having trouble with mobility. Either way, our domiciliary care is the best in Ryde and surrounding Sydney areas, and it could hold the answer.

Our domiciliary team can visit your loved in their home as little or as often as you deem necessary. While there, they can take care of basic tasks around the house, be they little or large. They can assist with meal prep, or even take your loved one out to the grocery store if necessary. They can also help with personal matters, such as getting dressed or personal grooming.

Sometimes, we even find that the best service our domiciliary care team offer is that of companionship. We focus so much on physical health that we often forget just how isolated our loved ones can feel. Yet, loneliness is terrible news for ongoing health. That’s why, sometimes, the best thing our domiciliary care team can do is provide conversation or community outings which get your loved back out there and meeting new people.

Dementia care in Ryde

Few of us can imagine a fate worse than seeing a loved one with dementia. It can be upsetting and difficult for family members to cope with memory lapses or violent outbursts. Not to mention that individuals living with dementia are at risk of all manner of accidents if left alone for extended periods. That’s a pressure which you don’t need. And, it’s one which you won’t have to cope with if you contact Home Care today.

That’s because we’re partnered with Dementia Caring to ensure that we can provide specialist dementia care to help you all at this difficult time. Dementia Caring specialises in offering support to individuals living with dementia, meaning that they have the necessary experience to complement our dementia plans, which include help with therapy and memory skills. We’ll also work closely with your loved one to ensure that they can keep track of things like appointments and personal care.

As you can tell from our other services, we also put a great deal of focus on family involvement. This is why our team also work to ensure that family members are involved in dementia care plans. This includes attending appointments with your loved one, where you can develop basic therapy skills which you can then use to help them at home in the future.

Respite care in Ryde

It may even be that full-time care isn’t necessary for your loved one. You might have the time to spend on caring for them yourself. Or, perhaps they’re still able to retain a decent quality of life independently. That’s fantastic news, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t still benefit from contacting Home Care.

That’s because we also offer respite care packages, which provide one-time care opportunities when you or your loved one need them. These are the ultimate in flexible care, and they can be a huge help. They can provide you with a chance to take a break, or give your loved one a chance to embark on tasks which are out of their reach in day-to-day life.

Our respite services include anything from live-in dementia care to overnight stays. During these times, our trained carers can provide anything from general home support to transport or pet sitting services.

In short; our respite services are about suiting any needs which you or your loved one have on a short-term basis. And, they could become lifesavers if you’re attempting to take on care yourself.

Palliative care in Ryde

Of all available care options, you could say that palliative care has the most riding on it. It’s difficult to let someone else in at the best of times, let alone after you find that a loved one has a life-limiting illness. But, this is often the time when the right care becomes more critical than ever. Even worse, you don’t have the knowledge which you might need to ensure your loved one’s comfort. That’s where our palliative care team come in.

We have a team of select and experienced individuals who work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure the right end of life care. This expert palliative team can provide anything from emotional support for you your loved one, to pain relief and spiritual guidance. The extensive training they receive also ensures that they do this while providing the utmost dignity at all times.

As you might have guessed by now, we also know how important it is to care for you at these difficult times. That’s why our palliative team will also work to ensure that your emotional needs are met throughout the end of life process. They’ll also be able to assist you at the most challenging and unclear stages of the entire experience.

Disability care in Ryde

We don’t only offer aged care, either. We at Home Care also provide extensive support for individuals living with disabilities in Ryde and other locations around Sydney. In fact, we’re an approved NDIS care provider with many years of experience in providing care packages for clients with disabilities.

As well as the in-home care benefits mentioned earlier, our disability care also includes benefits such as –

  • Assistance with personal activities
  • Community participation
  • Development of life skills
  • Therapeutic support
  • Early childhood support
  • Transport assistance

Our team can also lead the way with home modification to ensure that your loved one can remain self-sufficient in their space.

Supported Independent Living

Our disability care team also understand that, sometimes, it isn’t safe or possible for an individual living with a disability to stay in their home, Yet, full-time care options can seem extreme and intrusive. That’s why we launched our first Supported Independent Living home mid-way through last year.

Here, we provide 24-hour care and support to individuals living in shared accommodation. Such homes are adapted for anything for wheelchair use and ease of access and can see your loved one gaining much higher levels of care and community.

Even better, this is a scheme which we plan to extend in the coming years. The hope is that we will soon be able to offer supported living like this to any clients who could benefit.

Contact us today

Even if you’re unsure which care option would be best for your loved one, contacting us on 1300 875 377 for your complimentary consultation today is the best thing you can do. This is a no-pressure meeting, which ensures that we know precisely which care package would best suit your loved one’s needs.

During this casual chat, we’ll be able to advise you on which course of action would be best to ensure ongoing quality of life for everyone involved, including yourself.

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Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.